Stone tablet added to base plinth of William Bingham Baring which is on grass area just outside St John the Evangelist churchyard - added 2015.


This memorial is further dedicated to the memory of all those who have given their lives in defence of the realm from the parish of Northington

First World War


14. 07. 1915
06. 08. 1915
08. 08. 1916
31. 08. 1916
15. 09. 1916

26. 09. 1916

19. 04. 1917
31. 07. 1917
01. 08. 1917
25. 10. 1918

Lieutenant Colonel

Lance Sergeant


Albury, Charles Herbert
Mills, Henry James
Cook, William
Maton, Ernest John
Baring, The Hon. Guy Victor MP

Andrews, Herbert Francis MM

Maton, Frederick George
Cotterell, George
Kirby, Frank
Hale, Wilfred

Rifle Brigade
Hampshire Regiment
Rifle Brigade
Royal Sussex Regiment
Coldstream Guards
(Member of Parliament for
Middlesex Regiment
(Military Medal)
Hampshire Regiment
Hampshire Regiment
Hampshire Regiment
Royal Navy, HMS Glory

(Now WW2 name)

and any others not mentioned here but known to God

Commissioned by the 7th Baron Ashburton to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War dedicated by HM Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire 14th July 2015

Brass tablet on wall in St John the Evangelist Church.

This tablet is erected by
the parishioners in memory
of those who fell in the
Great War 1914 - 1918.

Baring, The Hon. Guy Victor Lieut. Col.

Andrews, Herbert Francis Sergt.

Mills, Henry James Corporal.

Albury, Charles Herbert Private.

Cook, William ..

Maton, Ernest John ..

Maton, Frederick George ..

Kirby, Frank ..

Cotterell, George ..

Hale, Wilfred Stoker.

"Their name liveth for evermore."

Framed and glazed list on wall in church.


Below are the names of those
who served their King and
Country in the Great War 1914 - 1918

Baring, The Hon Alex F.

+Baring, The Hon Guy V.

+Andrews, Herbert Francis.

Andrews, Edwin Charles.

Angless, James Newman.

+Albury, Charles Hubert.

Basset, John.

Blackmore, Herbert Frank.

Blake, Albert George.

Brown, William.

Benham, Ernest.

Burgess, William Geo.

Bright, Herbert.

Carter, George.

Cook, (Rifleman).

+Cook, William.

Chant, Walter.

Cornish, Frederick.

Cornish, Alex.

Cotterell, Frederick.

Cotterell, Guy.

Cotterell, Alfred.

Cotterell, William.

+Cotterell, George.

Cross, William.

Cross, Arthur.

Cross, Albert.

Dollery, Frederick Chas.

Dollery, George Alfred.

Edmonds, Edward John.

Green, Henry James.

Gibson, George Harold.

Hunt, Walter James.

Hunt, Victor Sidney.

+Hale, Wilfred.

Hale, Walter.

Hale, Sidney.

Hale, Harry.

Hale, Charles.

Hall, Arthur.

Hall, Harry.

Hall, William.

Hall, Herbert.

Hall, Charles.

Harfield, Charles.

Kendall, Bert.

Kendall, Frederick John.

Knott, William.

+Kirby, Frank.

Maton, Alfred.

+Maton, Frederick.

+Maton, John.

Maton, Herbert.

Marlow, Frederick.

Marlow, Edward.

+Mills, Henry James.

Phillips, Albert James.

Pethen, Frederick.

Prangle, Percy James.

Pepler, Frederick.

Rose, Henry.

Stone, James.

Taylor, Charles Percy.

Tilbury, Arthur.

White, Edward A.C.

Wilks, Frederick Ernest.

Wilks, Alfred.

In St John's Church on wall.

Most of the "In memory" is missing and is a guess, it could be "In Memoriam" or ??

On cross.

Lieut. Col. Hon. G.V. Baring
1st Battn. Coldstream Guards
killed in action 15th September 1916

On plaque.

Hon. Guy Victor Baring 4th son of
the 4th Baron Ashburton Major
Tempy. Lt. Col. Coldstream Guards
M.P. for Winchester 1906 - 1916
Killed in action Sept. 15th 1916.
This cross was brought from his
grave at Fricourt and placed
in the church of the beloved
home of his childhood by his
Mother, Brothers & Sister 1923.

Stone plaque on wall in church.

Virtus in Ardue

In loving memory of the
Hon. Guy Victor Baring
1873 - 1916
Lt.Col. Member of Parliament
Also of Olive Alethea
his wife
1877 - 1964
& three of their children
Oliver Hugh
1904 - 1908
Simon Alexander
1905 - 1962
Esmond Charles
Lt.Col. O.B.E. Croix de Guerre
1914 - 1963