Stone cross on roadside, by drive to church and manor.

Names/inscription on panels at base of cross.

Front Panel.

In honoured memory of the
brave men of Newton Valence
who gave their lives for God
King and Country in the
Great War -A-D 1914-1918.
"So they passed over & all the trumpets
sounded for them on the other side."

Left side Panel.

F. Beagley, Pte. R.Warwick Regt.
A.P.M. Chawner, Lieut. Essex Regt.
M.A. Chawner, Capt. Essex Regt.
H. Gostelow, Pte. Somerset L.I.
A.E. Hawkins, Pte. Hants Regt.
G. Hunt, Corpl. Canadian Infy.
H.G. Legg, Lieut. Durham L.I.

Right side Panel.

H.A. Lempriere, D.S.O. Lt.Col. 7th D.G.
H.G. Levinge, Lt.Col. Norfolk. Regt.
R.C. Maclachlan, D.S.O. Brig.Gen. R.B.
A.F.C. Maclachlan, D.S.O. Lt.Col. K.R.R.
J. Rustell, Rfn. Rifle Brigade.
L. White, Pte. Hants Regt.

Wooden plaque on wall in St Mary's Church.

Newton Valence
In honoured memory of the men
of this Parish
who laid down their lives
in the Great War
1914 - 1918

Beagley. F. Pte. Royal. Warwick. Regt
Chawner. A.P.M. Lieut. 1st. Essex. Regt
Chawner. M.A. Capt. 2nd. Essex. Regt
Gostelow. H. Pte. Somerset. Light. Inf
Hawkins. A.E. Pte. Hampshire. Regt
Hunt. G. Corpl. Canadian Regt
Legg. H.G. Lieut. Durham. Light. Inf
Lempriere. H.A. Lt-Col. D.S.O. Dragoon. Gds
Levinge. H.G. Lt-Col. Norfolk. Regt
Maclachlan. R.C. Brig-Gen. D.S.O. Rifle. Bgde
Maclachlan. A.F.C. Lt-Col. D.S.O. K.R.R
Rustell. J. Rfln. Rifle. Brigade
White. L. Pte. Hampshire. Regt

Brass plaque with wooden surround on wall in St Mary's Church.

Henry * George * Levinge
Lt * Colonel * Norfolk * Regt.
fell * in * action * while
commanding * 6th * Battn.
Loyal * North * Lancashire
Regt. * on * the * heights * of
Chunuk-Bair * Gallipoli
10th * August * 1915

In * fond

from * his * wife

Brass plaque on wall by side of organ in St Mary's Church.

To the Glory of God
and in most high honour of
Lt. Colonel A.F.C. Maclachlan, D.S.O.
60th Rifles
killed in action near Fluquieres in March 1918.
This tablet is dedicated by his officers of the
13th (S) Battalion the Manchester Regiment
in grateful record of his command of the
Battalion fron Nov. 1916 to Nov. 1917.

Silver plaque on organ in St Mary's Church.

This Organ
is placed by his wife in honoured memory of
Ronald Campbell Maclachlan, DSO
Rifle Brigade
Brigadier General
killed in action August 11th 1917.

Marble plaque on wall in St Mary's Church.

In honour of the warrior Saints George & Martin
& in thankful remembrance of three soldier brothers
Neil, Major Seaforth Highlanders who fell in India
May 24th 1908 & Ronald, Brigadier Gemeral Rifle
Brigade D.S.O. killed in action in France Aug. 11th 1917
and Alexander Fraser, Lieutenant Colonel King's
Royal Rifles D.S.O. killed in action in France March
22nd 1918 these two windows are dedicated by their
brother Archibald Campbell Maclachlan and his
sisters Mary Abigail & Evelene. Anno Domini 1919
"fortis et fidus"

Brass plaque on wall in St Mary's Church.

In loving memory of
Frank Beagley
Private 10th Royal Warwickshire Regiment
only son of Herbert and Kate Beagley
who died of wounds recieved in action
in France, June 18th 1918. Aged 19 years.
Buried in a cemetery at Suzanne.
"Greater love hath no man than this
that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Marble plaque on wall in St Mary's Church.

For King and Country in the Great War
Alain Percy Mark Chawner
Lieutenant 1st Bn. Essex Regt. killed in action
near Montauban, France, Oct 21 1916 aged 22
Meredith Andre Chawner
Captain 2nd Bn. Essex Regt. killed in action
near Roeux, France, May 21 1917 age 21
the second and third son of
Major William Hampden Chawner, the Essex Regt
"Lovely and pleasant in their lives
and in their death they were not divided"