Stone cross outside entrance to church.

Erected to the memory
those of this parish
who fell in the wars
1914 - 1918
1939 - 1945

Marble plaque on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

Photos taken

1984 2004

To the Glorious Memory of the men
of Alresford who made the supreme
Sacrifice in the Great War 1914 - 1918.
This memorial is errected by their fellow
townsmen who acknowledge with pride
and lasting gratitude all that has been
gained by their patriotic devotion.

Left hand Column

Aslett, Thomas Henry
Pte. 1st Wiltshire Regt.

Baldwin, Henry Will
Pte. 1st Somerset Lt.Inf.

Baker, Kingsley (M.C.)
Lieut. R.F.A.

Benham, James Mac
L/Cpl. 2nd Wiltshire Regt.

Benham, Arthur Thomas
Pte. 9th Devons.

Bennett, Victor E.E.
Pte. R.M.L. Infantry.

Blake, Francis Henry
Rfn. Rifle Brigade.

Blake, William Henry
Pte. 1st Hants. Regt.

Chown, Albert Henry
Pte. 1/5th Devonshire Regt.

Clarke, Jas Oliver
Pte. 1/4th Hants. Regt.

Collister, Robert H.
Pte. Somerset L.Inf.

Cousens, George E.
2nd Lieut. Middlesex Regt.

Cromie, Maurice
Lt. 3rd Hants. (Attd 2nd Battn.)

Cromie, Henry Julian
Cpt. 3rd Hants. (Attd.2nd Battn.)

Curtis, Will J. (D.C.M.)
Sergt. 26th Field Coy. R.E.

Eacher, C.
Cpl. 1st Norfolk Regt.

Etheridge, Fred C.
Signaller R.G.A.

Etheridge, W. George
Pte. 1st East Surrey Regt.

Gardner, Leonard G.
Pte. 12th Hants. Regt.

Gardiner, Percy William
Pte. Wiltshire Regt.

Gibbs, Richard Will
Sapper R.E.

Giles, David
Rfn. 9th Rifle Brigade.

Godwin Edward
Pte. Labour Company.

Grainger, C.E.G.
L/Cpl. 2nd Wiltshire Regt.

Grinham, P.R.J.
Lieut. 4/10 Middlesex Regt.

Hazelgrove, H. Chas.
Rfn. 18th K.R.R.

Hockley, J
Rfn. Rifle Brigade.

Right hand column.

Hodgson, Edward
Midshipn. R.N. H.M.S. Invincible.

Hodgson, John
Lieut. 2nd Dorset Regt.

Jackson, W.H.
Pte. 3rd Dorset Regt.

Johnson, Ernest R.
C.Q.M.S. 7th K.R.R.

Kersley, Leonard
L/Cpl. Kings Own Scottish Bord.

Lee, Alexander C.L.
Cpl. 1st K.R.R.

Light, John
Rfn. London Rifle Brigade.

Lock, C.F.
Pte. 1st Hants. Regt.

Marriner, Edward
Pte Somerset Lt. Inf.

Marshall, Walter D.
Rfn. 1/16 Q. Westminster Rfls.

Mathias, E.M.
Pte. 17th Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Merritt, Frank
Signalman H.M.S. Vindictive.

Mitchell, N.
L/Cpl. K.R.R.

Money, Fred
Pte. 2nd Wiltshire Regt.

Money, William
Pte. 1st Gloucestershire Regt.

Munday, Jack G.
Pte. R.M.L. Infantry.

Munday, Percy V.
Pte. Durham Lt Inf.

Newman, Herbert E.
Pte. 6th Wiltshire Regt.

Pring, H.F.D.
Pte. Artists Rifles.

Shield, Clement R. (M.C.)
Capt. H.L.I., G.S.O.3, 51st Div.

Shirfield, A.R.
Gnr. 20th Res. Battery R.F.A.

Smith, Albert J.
Pte. 1st Wiltshire Regt.

Wansborough, J.E.
Sergt. 9th Field Coy. R.E.

Westbrook, Alfred T.
L/Cpl. 8th City of London Regt.

White, Wiliam Thos.
Pte. 1/5 Gloucestershire Regt.

Woodward, A.
Coy. Sergt. Major 1/4 Hants Regt.

Edwards,F. James
Pte. 2nd Hants (attd. 88th M.G.C.)

Brass Plaque on wall in St John the Baptist Church..

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of
Edward Thomas Hodgson R.N.
Midshipn. H.M.S. Invincible who was
killed in the Battle of Jutland Bank
31st may 1916 aged 17.

Pro Patria.

This brass was placed by his friends.

Brass Plaque on wall in St John the Baptist Church..

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of
John Solomon Riddell Hodgson
Lieutenant 2nd Batt. Dorsetshire Regt.
who was killed in action leading his platoon
at Jebel Hamrin in Mesopotamia
on 25th March 1917aged 20 years.

Brass Plaque on wall in St John the Baptist Church..

To the Glory of God
and in loving and devoted memory of
Hugh Frederick Denys Pring
who fell in action near Aveluy Wood France
on June 12 1918,
and is buried at Varennes.
Aged 18 years 9 months.
They shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run
and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

Wooden framed scroll on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

Old scholars of this school
who gave their lives on service
during the Great War 1914 - 1918.

Allan L.W.
Baker K.
Dollery F.H.
Grainger C.E.G.
Grinham P.R.J.
Ursell W.
Wild E.
Wild P.E.

"And some there be which have no memorial." Ecclesiasticus XLIV 9.

Wooden plaqye originally on display in Dean School, Alresford. Featured in an exhibition in 2014 (100 years) and presumably back in storage now.

Alresford Boys School In memory of *** Old Scholars *** 1914 Pro Deo Et Patria 1918

Stanley Andrews
James Benham
Arthur Benham
Victor Bennett
Albert Chown
Robert Collister
William Curtis DCM
Charles Dorey
F. Etheridge
W.G. Etheridge
Percy Gardiner
Joseph Hockley
Harold Hazelgrove

John Light
Walter Marshall
Robert Martin
Norman Mitchell
Fred Money
William Money
Jack Munday
Herbert Newman
Stanley Phillips
Jack Powell
Jack Smith
John Webb

Commonwealth war grave in churchyard.

267473 Private
W.T. White.
Gloucestershire Regiment
28th June 1918 aged 29.