Stone obelisk on roadside, names on the sides.

1986 2005

Side 1.

memory of
those of this parish
who fell
in the Great War
1914 - 1918.

Side 2.

R.V. Bessant, A.B. R.N.

F.A. Bessant, A.B. R.N.

S. Boyce, A.B. R.N.

N.G. Hounsome, A.B. R.N.

C. Kilford, A.B. R.N.R.

R.S. Effemy, Pte. R.M.L.I.

F. Wilton, Gun. R.F.A.

C.R. Waters, Gun. R.F.A.

R. Broomfield, Gun. R.G.A.

S. Lester, Pte. R. War. Regt.

F. Blake, Pte. Glos. Regt.

R.D. Frowd, Pte. Hants. Regt.

Side 3.

A.R. Hinvest, Pte. Glos. Regt.

F. Etheridge, Pte. Worc. Regt.

A.C. Hunt, Pte. Worc. Regt.

Hon. L.C. Palk, C.M.G., D.S.O. Lt.Col. Hants. Regt.

F. Purkiss, Pte. Hants. Regt.

T. Whiting, Pte. Hants. Regt.

E. Silverthorne, Pte. R. Berks. Regt.

F.G. Purkiss, Pte. Wilts. Regt.

A. Avery, Pte. R.A.S.C.

F.G. Collinson, V.D. Col. Lond. Regt.

A.W. Avery, Pte. N.Z. Regt.

Side 4.

C. Effemy, A.B. R.N.

E. Smith, Pte. Gren. Gds.

T. Whitmarsh, Pte. R. Innis. Fus.

F. Blake, Pte. Hants. Regt.

H. Bulpitt, Pte. Hants. Regt.

B. Chandler, Pte. Hants. Regt.

W. Osman, Pte. Dorset. Regt.

Hand written roll in wooden frame on wall in St Matthew's Church.

The names of the men of this parish
who gave their lives in the
two Great Wars.

1914 - 1918

R.V. Bessant F.C. Collinson William Osman

Alfred Avery Charles Effemy The Hon. C. Palk

A.W. Every Rupert S. Effemy Frank Purkiss

F.A. Bessant Frank E. Etheridge F.G. Purkiss

Fred Blake R.D. Frowd E. Silverthorne

F. Blake A.R. Hinvest Ernest Smith

Sydney Boyce Norman Hounsome C.B. Waters

Robert Broomfield A.C. Hunt Thomas Whiting

Henry Bulpitt Charles Kilford Thomas Whitmarsh

Bertram Chandler Sydney Lester Frank Wilson

(1939 - 1945 there is now a list of WW2 names.)

They shall not grow old: as we
that are left grow old: age shall
not weary them, nor the years condem.
At the going down of the sun and in
the morning we will remember them.

White marble tablet to the Stoney family

.......and of their eldest son
Lt. Col. George Butler Stoney, D.S.O.
K.O.S. Borderers,
killed in action in Gallipoli, 15th Oct. 1915, aged 38.

.......and of their fourth son,
2nd Lieut. Thomas Ramsay Stoney,
K.O.S. Borderers,
killed in action near Kemmel, Flanders, 10th April 1918, aged 35.
Buried at La Clytte British Cemetery.