Choir stalls in All Saints Church, inscription and names on front of two panels.

In honoured memory
of the men and women
of this parish who gave
their lives in the World
War of 1939-1945
Kate Bilke
Harry Ball
Dennis Battrick
Cecil T. Bartlett
Roger J. Beck
Clive C. Branson
Sidney G. Brinsley
Charles Burgoyne
Thomas Chambers
Augustus Chubb
John P. Coulthard
Ronald G. Cleeve
John Creek
Frederick Damon
Maggie Dewland
Philip Duffield
Frederick Dyde
Hector Edmunds
Charles Elliott
Edwin L. Harris
Brian M. Hawkes
Arthur Hector
Norman Hirst
Norman C. Holmes
Margaret E. Holmes
Adrian A. Huxtable
Maurice Fookes

Frederick W. Ironside
Eric Jackson
Susanna Jolliffe
Alfred F. Jolly
John Jones
William Kelly
James E. Leighton
Louis Limm
John W. Manning
Alfred E. Marshall
John B. Murray
Eric G. Nethercott
Wilfred A. O'Brien
Philip H. Parrott
Albert M. Pearcey
William E. Perrett
John E. Pye
Edwin G. Randall
Jonathan R. Reeves
James F. Robinson
Edward W. Rogers
Charles Rogers
Cecil Suggate
William H. Sumsion
Kenneth Shepstone
Leslie Smith
Brian W. Swaffield
Alfred Taylor
Percival J. Thorner
Robert H. Treadwell
Frederick Walbrin
John L. Woodcock