Stone cairn with stone plaques on the sides in recreation ground near the sea front.

Stone plaque on front of cairn

In memory of the Swanage men and women who lost their lives in the World 1939-1945

Stone plaque on right side of cairn.

Addicott J.J.
Albin F.E.
Ballard L.
Barrow F.C.
Bending H.A.
Best A.R.
Best H.E.

Bradford H.
Bridle E.G.
Bruton Niss N.
Bruton A.S.
Chinchen H.J.
Cockbaine M.W.
Colomb R.

Coombes E.W.
Corben E.H.
Denness B.
Diffey R.
Draper E.A.
Ellis J.L.
Errington J.

Stone plaque on Back of cairn.

Foot W.H.
Gatehouse P.E.
Grant P.F.
Grant R.W.
Hawkins Miss K W
Hixson F.H.
Holt R.H.J.
Inight H.D.

Holland C.E.
Homer J.W.
Homer M.G.
Hunt F.J.
Lewington A.F.J.
Lloyd A.C.B.
Mansfield L.

Marsh K.
Marsh R.A.
McKevitt A.T.W.
Morgan F.W.
Newman H.
Newman L.
Notley H.

Stone plaque on Left side of cairn.

Outram K.D.
Parker F.F.
Parker R.C.
Patch J.W.
Pearce F.J.
Peever C.W.R.
Pragnell R.F.
Read G.W.J.

Revell J.L.
Richards F.C.
Roberts G.F.
Russell J.A.P.
Russell J.L.
Samways R.H.
Smith F.

Tatchell K.R.
Thomas C.H.
Watson R.G.
West B.
Wheelwright G.
Wheelwright W.B.
Wise B.J.C.
Woodger G.T.