Window in St Mary's Church, Inscription at bottom of each side of the window.

(Bottom left window)

Fight the good fight of faith. 1 Tim XII.6
To the glory of God
of J.Blaikie T.Fairfax-Cookson
P.Forbes J.Hethey (?).Lushington
P.Matthews D.Minchin F.Thresher
M.Thresher T.Tibbetts E.Wedderburn

(Bottom Right window)

O all ye works of the Lord bless ye the Lord
& in grateful memory
and Alistair C.Lloyd former
pupils of Hill Crest School
Who gave their lives in the
War of 1939-45

Framed explanation on wall in St Mary's Church.

HILL CREST SCHOOL WAR MEMORIAL WINDOW This window was given by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd, the pupils and staff and parents of Hill Crest School, and friends of Alister Lloyd, as a memorial to those members ofg the School who gave their lives in the Second World War. The School was started by Mr. Lloyd in 1911. The South Lights, in special memory of Alister C. Lloyd depict two scenes from the Life of David. Above: his death (probably A.D. 601) : it represents the Saint commending his soul to God with the words "Raise me after Thee," and "on the first of March I go the way of my fathers," which can be seen in Welsh in the window. In the earliest latin life of St. David the latter words seem to have been spoken during his farewell sermon in St David's Cathedral, and the former as he died at cock- crow on the following Tuesday. Below : St David blessing the bees that Mordemnoc took to Ireland. The Northern Lights, in memory of the other Hill Crest Bays, depict two scenes from the Life of St. George : above, his martyrdom: below, his slaying of the dragon. Above the South Lights is the Lloyd Shield with the Cranstoun Arms impaled. Above the North Lights is the Shield of Wales with the R.A. Badge in the right-hand corner. Above all is the Snowwhite Dove which alighted on the shoulder of St. David as he preached. The Window was designed by Mr. Martin Travers, A.R.C.A., who took the greatest interest in finding and working out the details of the subjects depicted. His untimely death just before the window was set up was a great blow to all who knew him and his work for Church Windows. The Window was dedicated on 21st November, 1948.