Stone plaque placed on ground just in front of stone cross on roadside opposite the old school, now the parish centre.

1939 - 1945
Bertram John Ames
Richard Stafford Candy
Bertram Walter Munday
Edgar Trevor Oliver
Douglas Henry James Rogers
Edward Bert Snook
Charles Herbert Stride
John Farrar Sutcliffe

Stone plaque with marble surround on wall in Holy Rood Church.

To the Glory of God & in loving memory of those from this parish who gave their lives that we might live

Bertram Walter Munday, Able Seaman, Royal Navy. lost at sea from H.M.S. Gloucester, Battle of Crete 21 May 1941
Edgar Trevor Oliver, Corporal, Royal Engineers. Died of fever, Palestine, 29 Septwmber 1941
Bertram John Ames, Yeoman of Signals, Royal Navy. Lost at sea from H.M.S. Airedale, On convoy to Malta, June 1942
John Farrar Sutcliffe, Chaplain, Royal Air Force. Killed in an Air crash, North Africa, 18 September 1942
Richard Stafford Candy, Cadet, Royal Air Force. Lost at Sea off West Africa, 30 October 1942
Douglas Henry James Rogers, Staff Sergeant, Jersey Militia. Died of wounds from a gun accident, Woolacombe Devon, 3 November 1942
Charles Herbert Stride, Lieutenant, British South African Police. Died of wounds recieved in action, Libya, 18 January 1943
Edward Bert Snook, Corporal, Dorset Regiment. Killed in action, Caen, Normandy, 2 August 1944