Stone slabs on ground near entrance to new cemetery in Springfield Road.

Right hand slab.

In Memoriam.

Not for the love of strife nor for the meed of fame, all in the pride of life rushed they to arms and death; but in their country's name yielding their life and breath, at simple duty's call gave they their best, their all. Not in dim silence borne nor draped in pall and shroud, from home and kindred torn sought they their last long rest, but mid wars thunders out for battle proudly dressed, as but befits the brave found they a deathless grave.

Left hand slab.

In memory of those who gave their lives in the Great War 1939-1945

William Axe
Benjamin Baring-Gould
Julian Baring-Gould
John Barnes
Robert Barnes
Arthur Challen
Cyril Clifford
Claude Dibben
Kenneth Gould
John Legg
Gordon Lovell
Duncan Menzies
William Outen
Michael Peachell
Ernest Steele
Reginald Steele
Wilfred Steele
Robert Waugh

The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath thee are the everlasting arms.

Memorial hall, two stone tablets - one each side of the entrance - and a wooden plaque on the wall in the foyer.

The two plaques.

(Left side plaque) This stone was laid by Percy Lovell esq July 16th 1955 Chairman Dr J.A. Pridham M.C. J.P. Architects Jackson & Steel L/A.R.I.B.A. Builders A.E. Whettam & Son Ltd.

(Right side plaque) Erected in memory of those of the two parishes who died in the service of their country in two World Wars 1914-1918 and 1939-1945

The wooden plaque in the foyer.
(Only the WW2 names have more information, for WW1 see Broadwey WW1)


A. Allen.
W. Andrews.
B. Baring-Gould.
J. Baring-Gould.
J. Barnes.
R. Barnes.
A. Barrett.
R. Bishop.
C. Bishop.
V. Bithrey.
G. Boggust.
J. Bowes.
H. Brake.
A. Challen.
C. Clifford.
C. Crocker.
C. Dibben.
S. Diamond.

W. Doylend.
D. Dominey.
R. Drew.
F. Durrant.
P. Fellowes.
J. Ford.
A. Godden.
C. Gordon-Steward.
K. Gould.
H. Green.
E. Gunning
H. Hanham.
H. Hounsell.
G. Hunt.
H. Hirst.
R. James.
E. Jesty.
J. Kingman

C. Legg.
J. Legg.
B. Long.
G. Lovell.
C. Lucking
J. Lugg
W. Lugg.
W. Mason.
G. Masters.
D. Menzies.
K. Morris
C. Newman.
R. Northover.
W. Outen.
M. Peachell.
N. Pegler.
H. Powell.
T. Pridham.

G. Rixton.
R. Rolls.
G. Squibb.
R. Stokes.
E. Steele.
R. Steele.
W. Steele.
G. Taylor.
H. Thorne.
J. Toms.
W. Toms.
R. Waugh.
J. Webber.
F. Weedon.
J. West
E. Wilkinson.
C. Woolfries.

This hall was erected in 1956 by the inhabitants of the parishes of Upwey and Broadwey in memory of the fallen in the two World Wars 1914-1919 and 1939-1945. presented by Mr. and Mrs Lovell. Capt. amd Mrs Menzies.

Commonwealth War Grave in the old Broadwey cemetery in Littlemoor Road.

906477 Ldg. Aircraftman
A.H. Challen
Royal Air Force
1st April 1941 age 23

"Age shall not weary them
nor the years condemn"