Stone plaque at bottom of front plinth underneath Great War names, memorial in recreation ground.

1939 - 1945 Killed on active service

C. Andreasen
R.J. Bascombe
G.D. Belben
D.A.J. Brown
C.A. Cotterill
C. Crumpler
D. Davies
C. D'Oyly

T. Freeston
W.J.F. Jarmain
J.R. Jay
S. Kearley
W.B. McClellan
E. McComish
R. McComish
F.W.J. Myles

J. Nelson
W. Phillips
F. Samborne
J. Samborne
J.W.T. Strange
W. Tyndale-Biscoe
J. Waterman
R. Watkins

Killed by enemy action

E.M. Bankes
J.S. Coates

T.O. Coates
V.G. Hatcher

E.G. Smith
R.A.D. Sparkes

Wooden tablet on pillar to right leading up to chancel in St John the Baptist Church.

In honoured memory of those who gave their lives. 1939 - 1945
Killed on active service

Andreasen C.
Bascombe R.
Brown D.A.J.
Cotterill C.A.
Crumpler C.
Davies D.
D'Oyly C.
Freeston T.
Jarmain W.J.F.
Jay J.R.
Kearley S.

McClellan W.B.
Myles F.W.J.
Nelson J.
Phillips W.
Samborne F.
Samborne J.
Strange J.W.T.
Tyndale-Biscoe W.
Waterman J.
Watkins R.

Killed by enemy action

Bankes E.M.
Coates J.S.
Coates T.O.

Hatcher V.G.
Smith E.G.
Sparkes R.A.D.

Lord Have Mercy