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Stone obelisk in centre of wall with bronze tablets on wall on pavement on St Mary's church boundary, two to the left of WW1 plaques and two to the right, (Nothing in St Mary's Church).

The two left plaques.

1939 - 1945
Service Casualties
Bertram Percy Alner
George C. Armstrong
Alexander George Barnby
Reginald Bartlett
Alfred Henry Budden
Harry Regimald D. Burt
Harold B. Brailsford
Joseph Henry Challis
John William Challis
Cyril George Challis
Edward John Chick
Harold George Collins
Ronald J.J. Clifford
Harold Leslie Cook
Edward J.A. Coombs
Kenneth G. Dyer Davey
Leslie Edwards
V. Gunning

1939 - 1945
Service Casualties
Clifford Richard Fenwick
Frederick John Fooks
Douglas Harold Gill
Fred Hansford
Frederick Joseph Hawkins
F. George Loosmore Hecks
George Byron Hodges
Albert John Hoskins
David Seth Hunt
Robert George Hussey
Edward John Hussey
David Victor Joy
Geoffrey George Lane
Edgar Roy Latham
Donald Roger Bagg Legg
Frank Legg
David W.J.L. Loving
J.C. Leach

The two right plaques.

1939 - 1945
Service Casualties
William H.P. Morey
George Leonard Neale
Robert L. Cleeves Palmer
James Arthur Perkins
Samuel Playfair
Charles Hubert Pomeroy
Kenneth Richard Potts
Trevor G. Price
Leslie Donald Rowsell
Edwin Searle Sansome
Percy Scott
Harold John Sharood
Joseph Henry Silvester
Albert David Spiller
T.W. Clifford Staples
Ernest F.A. Tattershall
Ronald F. Tompkins

1939 - 1945
Service Casualties
Kenneth Mervyn Tompkins
Robert Wallis Tucker
William Henry Varndell
Frederick John Walkey
James Arthur Ward
Harold Eli White
Douglas Frederick White
John M.M. Yeo

1939 - 1945
Civilian Casualties
F. Catherine Bowerman
Alice Maud Cast
William Arthur Creek
Elizabeth Jane Norman
Emily Jane Trevett
Maureen Ann Wilcox

Stone base with bronze plaque in St Mary's churchyard.

1939 - 1945
In remembrance of
all who served in HM Forces
the Burman Campaign

When you go home
tell them of us and say
for your tomorrow
we gave our today.