Person Memorial

HIBBERD, E Eastleigh - All Saints Church

HIBBERD, John Southampton - Main Memorial

HIBBERD, P E Copythorne

HIBBERD, Violet Southampton - Main Memorial

HIBBERT, F Horndean

HIBBS, R Hordle

HIBDIGE, Albert Edward Southampton - Main Memorial

HICHENS, J Winchester - West Downs School

HICKEY, A F Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HICKEY, E W J Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HICKLEY, J J Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HICKLEY, Phillip Frank Southampton - Main Memorial

HICKMAN, Alfred E Andover

HICKMAN, F J Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HICKMOTT, W J Basingstoke - Main Memorial; Basingstoke - St Mary's Church (Eastrop)

HICKS, Arthur W Andover; Upper Clatford (just W on Upper Clatford)

HICKS, H G Swaythling

HICKS, Richard H Andover

HICKS, William L Andover

HIDE, G N Overton

HIDE, J W Whitchurch

HIDE, K N Overton

HIETT, R Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HIGBY, P R Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HIGGINS, H C Horndean

HIGGINSON, W Peartree Green

HIGGS, E W Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HIGGS, L Eastleigh - All Saints Church

HIGGS, Thomas Cheriton

HILL, A Eastleigh - All Saints Church

HILL, B D Emsworth

HILL, C A A Whitchurch

HILL, Carfield Roy Baughurst

HILL, Cecil George Alton - All Saints Church; Alton - Main Memorial

HILL, Cecil R Brockenhurst

HILL, Charles Locks Heath

HILL, Desmond Twyford; Twyford Prep School

HILL, E W Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HILL, H R Eversley

HILL, Horace A East Oakley; Wooton St Lawrence

HILL, J A Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HILL, K R Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HILL, Kenneth Morland Southampton - Main Memorial

HILL, M R Winchester - Hampshire County Council; Winchester - Peter Symonds School; Winchester - St Matthew's Church

HILL, Norman South Stoneham

HILL, Norman Gray Stockbridge

HILL, Oscar Buriton

HILL, P M C New Milton

HILL, R L V Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HILL, Richard Winchester - St John's Church

HILL, W C Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HILL, William H Cliddesden

HILLIER, Albert James Southampton - Main Memorial

HILLIER, Arthur Edmonds Itchen Abbas; Winchester - St Cross Chapel

HILLIER, C W Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HILLIER, Eric D Minstead

HILLIER, Leslie R Minstead

HILLIER, R Eastleigh - All Saints Church

HILLINGS, C Eastleigh - All Saints Church

HILLS, Michael Fareham - Price's School; Shedfield

HILLYER, Robert Milford-on-Sea

HILTON, Maud Florence Southampton - Main Memorial

HIND, W C H Basingstoke - Main Memorial; Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HINDE, A L Aldershot - Main Post Office

HINE, Charles A Old Basing

HINE, Patricia Southampton - Main Memorial

HINES, B J New Milton

HINES, P F W New Milton

HINDRY, John Gosport - Clarence Square Council School

HINGE, F C Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HINKINS, Edith Southampton - Main Memorial

HINKINS, G Peartree Green

HINKINS, Walter Peartree Green; Southampton - Main Memorial

HINKS, A L Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HINKS, L V Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HINTON, Thomas John Southampton - Main Memorial

HIRON, Blanche L Southampton - Main Memorial

HIRON, John Southampton - Main Memorial

HISCOCK, Albert Southampton - Main Memorial

HISCOCK, Cecil George Ecchinswell

HISCOCK, F J Portsmouth - Main Memorial

HISCOCK, Frederick James Christchurch; Mudeford

HISCOCK, James Herbert Christchurch

HISCOCK, John Buriton

HISCOCK, John Leonard Bursledon

HISCOCK, Leslie Titchfield

HITCHCOCK, R B Over Wallop

HIXON, A J Basingstoke - Main Memorial