Stone wall on right before choir stalls.


Walter Ash
L/Cpl. Hants Regt.

Albert Aslet
Pte. A.C.C.

Peter Bray
Capt. R.A.

Martin Bull
Lieut. The Buffs.

Samuel Bulmer
Captain M.N.

Reginald Cary-Grey
Major I.A.


Charles Furness
L/Cpl. K.R.R.

Arthur Gillibrand
Flt/Eng. R.A.F.

Georges Leblanc
R/Gnr. R.A.F.

Desmond Hill
Flt/Lieut. R.A.F.

Kenneth Horne
Sgt. R.A.F.

William Loring
Major R.E.


Gerald Loring
Capt. R.A.

Gordon Page
Ch/Engr. M.N.

Malcolm Sharland
Capt. R.E.

Harold Sillence
Sgt. R.A.F.V.R.

Peter Stevens
W/O. R.A.F.

Maurice Taylor
Sqd.Ldr. R.A.F.

Wooden seat in side chapel, wording on top rail of back.

In loving memory of Flt.Lt. Douglas G. Redman RAF seconded from R.T.R. killed on operations 2 June 1942

Framed hand written scroll on wall in vestry.

Twyford St Mary's Bible Class and Club


Roll of Honour

Names of those from this Club on Active Service
for their King and Country


R. Found.
L. Brockway.
M. Jetton.
J. Passingham.
G. Hammerton.
F. Brown.
Roy. Smith.
Dennis. Smith.
K. Smith.
K. Cotton.
E. Found.
H. Smith.
Roy. Brockway.
L. Burner.
H. Laishley.
A. Mansbridge.
C. Richardson.
P. Stratton.
Rex: Smith.
H. Reynold.

F. Sapsed.
F. Wilson.



M. Risbridger. PofW
W. Thompsett.
C. Passingham.
A. Ansell. R.I.P.
C. Mason.
L. Eades.
D. Unsworth.
E. Gilbert.
J. Jetton.
I. Brockway. PofW
G. Peadon.
W. Padwick.
P. Lawrence.
L. Lampard.
A. Passingham.
G. Passingham.
J. Brown.
R. Wateridge.
W. White.
W. Mansell.
J. Aslett.
H. Drew.
A. Holloway.
S. Risbridger.
B. Osborn.
Don: Osborn.
D. Osborn.
H. Thompsett.
S. Day.
R. Morgan.
G. Musslewhite.
W. Shadwell.
F. Morris.
R. Morris.
K. Sharp.
T. Bateman.


R. Surry.
J. White.
R. Mundy.
D. Bundy.
R. Hadley.
C. White.
C. Laishley.
H. Simpson.
W. Laishley.
A. Gillibrand.
J. Nightingale. R.I.P.
D. Hill. R.I.P.
K. Horne. R.I.P.
V. Evans.
T. Osborne.
L. Laishley.
W. Pearce.
R. Lampard.
L. Watts.
B. Dumper.
W. Taylor.
L. White.
G. Taylor.
P. Eades.
R. Sherrin.
L. Hicks.
R. Mansell.
A.E.L. Hill.
D. Mundy.

ARMY Cont:

J. Bateman.
S. Mansell. R.I.P.
S. Bartrop. Missing POW
T. Scorey. R.I.P.
T. Mansell.
Reg. Smith.
C. Brockway.
P. Brockway.
Reg: Laishley.
S. Dumper.
H. Miller.
R. Conduct.
R. Roberts.
J. Woodson.
G. Gotto.
O. De-Moolpied.
H. Sellwood.
B. Found.
C. Burner.
G. Young.
J. Smith.
W. Roberts.
C.A. Aslett. R.I.P.
F. Wilson.
W. Freemantle.
R. Daish.

'Brethren, pray for us'