Names added to Great War memorial on wall in St Leonard's Church

1939 - 1945

S. Grant.

S. Loader.

B. Noble.

R. Patterson.

Framed hand written scroll on windowsill in church.

This Inscription
records the courage and endurance
with which the people of Sherfield English
faced the attacks of the enemy
in the War of 1939 - 1945.

The following served overseas.

R. Avery.
M. Bloomfield.
V. Brown.
C. Caplin.
E.G. Chafe.
L.C. Chafe.
D. Cooper.
G. Cooper.
A. Elkins.
E. Emm.
S. Grant. +
M. Greasley.
A. Hacker.
H. Kemish.
N. Kemish.
S. Kemish.
S. Loader. +
A. Light.

F. Light.
L. Moody.
R. Moody.
B. Noble. +
A. North.
S. Osgood.
N. Paddick.
J.R. Patterson. +
E.C. Perkins.
J. Pearce.
L. Pearce.
J. Philpot.
D. Roud.
C. Sillence.
S. Sillence.
A. Terry.
R. White.
G. Wallace.

+ indicates those who gave their lives
for their country.

Commonwealth War Grave in churchyard.

5510585 Private
S.R. Loader
Pioneer Corps
1st September 1945 Age 39

The shock was great
the blow severe
we little thought
that death was near

Private War Grave in churchyard.

In loving memory of
my dearly beloved husband Arthur W. North. Flight Lieut. R.A.F.
who passed away June 9th 1945
aged 45 years

"In God's keeping."