Stone tablet on wall in St Mary's Church.

The fabric of this Church
was restored in 1952 by the
prople of Porchester to the
glory of God and in memory
of those of that number who
died in the War 1939 - 1945

Framed hand written scroll on wall near to suspended pendant.

Vice: Admiral Humphrey Hugh Smith D.S.O.
This Pendant of a Commodore, Royal Naval
Reserve, hangs here in memory of an Admiral who
lived in Crown House, Castle Street from 1926 until
his death on active service in 1940
Joining the Royal Navy in 1889 the Admiral served
throughout the 1914-18 war, being awarded the Distinguished
Service Order and gaining promotion to Captain.
In command of H.M.S. Argus one of the first Aircraft
Carriers from 1918 to 1920, he retired in 1926. Re-joining for
Active Service in 1939 he served as Commodore R.N.R. in
command of Atlantic Convys until his flagship was sunk in
September 1940. His body was later recovered and buried in
County Donegal, Eire.
The Admiral played a full part in the life of this Village and
founded the R.N. and R.M. Fellowship to provide a link, in
Porchester, between serving and retired Officers and Men
of the two Services. The Fellowship has a fine record of services
to various Charities and, in 1951, organised the first Gala in
the Castle grounds, the proceeds of which were used to restore
the fabric of this Church as a memorial to the People of
Porchester who died in the 1939-45 War.

Window in St Mary's Church, with an inscription in a panel.

Alfred S. Russell
Royal Navy
1897 - 1945