Stone cross on roadside just outside village, names on two plaques added on wall extension each side of Great War memorial.

Left side plaque.

1939 - 1945

D.M. Barbour P.O. R.A.F.
S.C. Benwell Gnr R.A.
H.J.B. Brooks Lt Col Hamps Rgt.
E.L. Cane Pte Hamps Rgt.
G.W. Cox Sgt R.A.F.
C.G. Crumplin Cpl R.A.F.
P.C. Gregory Pte R.W.Kent Rgt.
E. Harold Gnr R.A.
A.S. Kersley Mne R.Marines.
J.E. Kersley Pte O & B.L.I.
J.A. Kimber Gnr R.A.
F.G. Mussell L/Sgt Wilts.Rgt.
C. Wagstaff W.O. R.A.F.
R.E.T. West Pte Hamps Rgt.
Kathleen Stent A.C.W. W.A.A.F.

Right side plaque.

Killed by enemy
action in Odiham
Oct. 1940

Mrs W. Bloomfield
Mrs F. Carter
Mrs A.E. Hamilton
Mrs R. Stokes
Mr A.J. Vellacott

Framed & glazed paper scroll on wall in All Saints Church.

Roll of Honour

Their name liveth for evermore

(Now 1914 - 1918 names)

1939 -:- 1945

Barbour. D.M.
Benwell. S.G.
Brooks. H.J.
Cane. E.L.

Cox. G.W.
Crumplin. C.G.
Gregory. P.C.
Harold. E.

Kersley. A.S.
Kersley. J.E.
Kimber. J.A.
Mussell. F.G.

Stent. K.
Wagstaff. C.

West. R.E.T.

Killed by enemy action in Odiham, October 1940.

Bloomfield, Mrs W. - Carter, Mrs F. Hamilton, Mrs A.E. - Stokes, Mrs E.
Villacott, Mrs A.J.