Two bronze plaques added to back of cross upright of Great War memorial in high street outside church

First plaque.

To the memory of
those of this borough
who gave their lives
during the
1939-45 war

Second plaque.

W.H.S. Badcock
H.O. Berger
S.J. Bran
E. Brown
L. Brown
R.H. Bygott
F.S. Cassey
J.E.M. Chamberlain
G.H. Charles
S.W. Clark
W. Clarke
A.G. Cole
R.K. Collins
G.C. Cooke
E.C. Cowdery
S.J. Cresswell
A.E.L. Crosthwait
L.R. Croucher
R.J. Dashwood
C.R. Day
D. Dimmick
R. Dimmick
W.P. Evans
H.O. Foster
C. Freeman
R.P.W. Freeman
A.G.T. Frogley
J. Gregory
J. Gunnell
H.L.C. Hall
W.G. Hawkins
G. Hayter
E. Hayward
F.A. Hayward
V.R. Hobby
E. Holloway
G.P. Huddart
W.C. Hurst
H.R. Ireland
P.H. Isted
R.C. Isted
J.D.F. Jeans
V.H. Jones
R. Kitchener
J. Lawrence
W.C. Lewington
H. Lewis
R. Lowen
P.M. Lyon
R. Marshall
R.H. Maxted
R.C. McLeod
J.W. Napier
A.G. Payne
D.A. Pirie
G. Plumbridge
T. Race
K. Renyard
J.D.V. Rhodes
J. Seeds
T.P. Stratton
G. Thomas
E.V. Thompson
P.C. Todd
F.J.R. Walsh
J.R. Welsh
P. White
A.L.A. Whitehead
F. Whittingstall
R. Wilson
J.H.C. Wort
C.E. Young
F.A. Young

Marble plaque on wall in St Thomas the Apostle Church.

In memory of
Sir William Seeds K.C.M.G. died 1973 aged 91
and Arabella Lady Seeds died 1979 aged 96
of Fairfield Lymington
and regular worshippers in this church
after a lifetime in the diplomatic service
in tribute to their much loved youngest son
Pilot Officer Royal Air Force
killed in action 1940 before the age of 21