Wooden shields/plaques on wall by choir pews in St Mary's Church.

Shields/plaques starting on left, going to altar and then right.
(Regimental badges on plaque listed in (...) below)

Frederick Gordon Cooper
(Royal Corps of Signals)
November 17th

Henry William Bullock
(Royal Marines)
May 24th 1941

Arthur E. Strange
(Fleet Air Arm)
5th April 1942

Leslie Cannons
(Royal Marines)
25th November 1941

Alfred H. Clarke
(Grenadier Guards)
2nd June 1940

A.W.H. Kirby
(Army Education Corps)
11th July 1944

Kathleen E. Read
(British Red Cross)
25th October 1942

T. Neville Townley
(Hampshire Regiment)
June 16th 1940

Rodney M. Brewer
(Grenadier Guards)
2nd June 1940

Sidney T.G. Brown
(Royal Marines)
1st June 1941

Edwin C. Bishop
(Royal Air Force)
24th June 1943

Christopher Gough
(Royal Navy)
28th March 1942

Philip S. Williams
(Royal Air Force)
12th August 1942

Edward A.W. Chalkley
(National Fire Service)
23rd November 1940


Arthur T. Burgess
(Merchant Navy)
2nd December 1940

Norman Pyke
(Royal Air Force)
21st January 1944


Richard C. Blake
(Civil Defence)
August 19th 1942

Three more plaques added around 2013.

Stanley Stuart Woodley
30th May 1940
(Grenadier Guards)


Herbert Berkeley Harrison
27th May 1940
(Royal Welch Fusiliers)


Robert Frederick Bunney
23rd May 1940
(Royal Welch Fusiliers)

Commonwealth war graves in churchyard.


A.W.H. Kirby

Army Education Corps

11th July 1944 Age 37

We thank God

upon every remembrance

of him.

1336529 Sergeant

P.S. Williams


Royal Air Force

12th August 1942 Age 23

Rest Eternal

Grant unto him O Lord


Kathleen Elsie Read

Voluntary Aid Detachment

25th October 1942 Age 25

Not just today

but everyday

in sillence we remember

In sweet and perpetual
memory of
Kathleen Elsie Read. V.A.D.
Beloved wife of Capt. W.A. Read
and elder daughter of
Claude & Elsie Fitzgerald,
killed by enemy action
Oct. 25th 1942. Aged 25 years.
Always in our thoughts