Memorial chapel in Christchurch Priory, a panel of names each side inside the entrance to the chapel
Also additional names added under right side Great War panel on outside of chapel.

Inscription added under Great War panel outside above door to chapel.

And in the Second World War 1939-1945

Addtional names under right side Great War panel.


Alec Pardy Leonard Eric Wiseman

Eric Charles Pardy Arthur Courtney Barrett

Left panel inside chapel

Charles Victor Avery Norman Stanley Dibley
William Thomas Adams William Matthew Deakin
Thomas Adams Rodney Howard Dunn
Euart Andrews Reginald Charles Dare
Ernest E.E. Bennett Bertie Victor Dalton
Maurice Walter Bradbury Paul S. Dally
Roy Brown Marcus L. Dyson
Arthur Frederick Guy Bagshot Alan Diment
Norman Victor Bishop Sydney Henry Eyden
Ernest John Bayliss Robin Aylmer Elliott
John Thomas Bates Ronald Raymouth Elms
Reginald Clifford Bishop William George Fry
Francis John Alexander Ball Walter James Frampton
Stephen Gilbert Bryant James H. Fish
Leslie J. Bone George Alan Tom Fulford
William Brenton Peter J.N. Garrett
Henry George Bright Robert Gould
Alfred Samuel Britton William Greenhalgh
Sidney V. Beale John Edmund Arthur Gray
Walter S. Callow Frederick George Harris
Jack Francis Case James Herbert Hiscock
John Norman Chisholm Frank Hodge
Ernest Cook Hugh John Stewart Hayward
Norman George Cailes George Bibby Hartford
Henry Edwd. Lawrence Craze Frederick James Hiscock
Herbert Edward Cuff William H. Holmes
Ronald Freeman Cutler Roy William Ivamy
Eric John Arnold Jenkins

Left panel inside chapel

Trevor H. Jones Stanley Walter Ratcliffe
Kenneth Jacobs Robin Rustom
Donald Hugh King E.B. Richards
George Edward James Langer Edwin George Roberts
Edward C. Lee Browne William Herbert Alfred Snell
Leonard George Moores Eric Smith-Crockford
Edward James Medland Stanley Stride
Maurice William Molony Ian R. Saunders
James G. Macintyre Jack Simons
Michael R. Macintyre Robert Verdun Stamp
Olive L. Macfarlane James Scott
Ronald G. Mitchell Victor Sherring
Cyril J.W. Muir William Charles Taylor
William Marshall Albert John Tilley
Frederick Cecil Marsh Edward Maurice Trevett
James M. McCartney Maurice Richard Tooth
Geoffrey Noyce Charles Harris Taylor
Glyndwr James Prior Sidney C. Thomas
Stanley Pitt Norman Walter Dennis Taylor
Frank Heath Pettipher William Charles Eades Taylor
Kenneth George Pilley Eric Raymond Tarrant
Arthur Thomas Page Cyril Wentworth Venning
Cecil Ivor Parnell Maurice Beresford Venning
John Palmer Albert Henry Weeks
Geoffrey Pine Coffin John Donald Wyatt
Ronald Frank Roberts Jack Wiltshire
Ernest Reginald Victor Roberts George White
George Alfred Woolford

Roll of honour book in wooden glazed case on stand in chapel.

Case locked, will have to get information later.

Stone plaque on wall in church under an older plaque.

Also to the memory of
Major-General Neville John Gordon Cameron C.B.,C.M.G.
3rd son of General Sir William Gordon Cameron. G.C.B.
9.October.1873 - 5.December.1955
and of his only son
William Neville Cameron
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
17.September 1923 - 2.October.1944
killed in action in Italy

Stone monument with plaque on roadside in Christchurch.

This stone was laid by
the Mayor of Christchurch
Councillor Michael J. Peirce
to commemorate the 50th anniversary
of the end of World War II
3rd September 1939 to 15th August 1945