Stone cross in St Paul's Churchyard, name added on step below Great War inscription.

2006 2009

Also in the World War
1939 - 1945
David Englefield,
They died that we might live.

Hand written framed scroll on wall in St Paul's Church.

In Honour of the Men and Women of
Ashford Hill
who served in the armed forces of His Majesty
in the World War
1939 - 1945

Alan R.
Herbert C. Appleton
H.John Appleton
Thomas W. Appleton
Victor W. Appleton
Vivian Bailey
Thomas Balston
Edward Bowman
Walter Bowman
Arthur Brown
Frarncis H. Brown
Edward J. Butler
Dennis Butler
Helen Butler
James Butler
John Butler
Myra Butler
Raymond Butler
Thomas Butler
Vera Butler
Violet Butler
William Butler

Winifred Butler
Alexander Catto
Edward G. Cooper
Maurice B. Dyer
Thomas Dyer
David G. Englefield
Wilfred E. Englefield
Leslie Flack
Philip Foster
Geoffrey Gundry
Sidney Gundry
Nancy Harmsworth
Raymond G. Hill
Gordon Hopkins
B. Frederick Hutchins
Douglas Hutchins
Eva Hutchins
Herbert Hutchins
Joseph Hyde
Terrence Jewell
Arthur J. Lay
Nelson W. Lovelock
"Ashford Hill Victory Fund."

Ronald J. Lovelock
T. George Lovelock
Percy Martin
Alfred Mills
Reginald Mills
Norman H. North
George Parker
Roy Parker
Leslie Pauling
Clifford Pearson
Rodney Philliss
Ernest Rampton
Frederick E. Rampton
Ashley Roberts
Robert Simpson
David J. Smith
Gwendolen Y. Smith
Joan Smith
John A. Spranger
Jean Uren
Philip Uren
N.G. Wooldridge