Stone plaques on walls each side of Great War memorial in garden of remembrance by church.

Left wall first plaque.

Robert J. Aldridge Edward W.A. Burn

Anthony Balck-Foote Alfred W. Clarke

Herbert W. Beames E. Coombes

Arthur E. Blackwell Frank R. Crosby

Herbert H. Bounds Charles Eastman

Alfred A. Bunker James Fowler

Ronald E. Burke Owen S. Gander

Wilfrid J.M. Crocker

Left wall second plaque.

Borough of Andover
To honour the memory
of those
who gave their lives in the
Second World War 1939 - 1945

Left wall third plaque.

Edward C. Goddard Richard H. Hicks

William G. Handcock William L. Hicks

Royce D.A. Harmsworth William H. Horne

Leonard C.F. Hart Raymond G. Hull

Ernest H. Hayward Ronald Hutchins

Alfred E. Hickman Rodger B. Jarvie

Arthur W. Hicks A.M. Lewington

Garnet E. Marsh

Right wall first plaque.

Victor C. Lightfoot Raymond W. Parker

Leonard J. Lynes Donald E. Pinkard

Charles E. Marchant William H. Popham

Bernard N. Matson Arthur F. Quarrier

F.G. Maynard John W. Reeve

John L. Miller Donald N.R. Richards

Vincent Palmer Eric S. Shrimpton

Crosby F. Read Edward E. Pearce

Right wall second plaque.

Borough of Andover
To honour the memory
of those
who gave their lives in the
Second World War 1939 - 1945

Right wall third plaque.

William C. Simpkins George T. Vincent

Wilfred G. Sloper Charles Warland

Henry G. Smart Arthur F. Weeks

F.T. Snook Philip I. Weeks

Reginald C. Spencer Donald Wells

Cyril G. Stevens Joan M.D. Wheeler

Maurice H. Vincent Albert H. Whitford

Percy E. Willis

Roll of honour book in glass cabinet in St Mary's Church, Andover.


In Proud & Honoured Memory of those from Andover who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914 - 1918 & in the World War of 1939 - 1945. + "Thou therefore, for whom they died, seek not thine own, but serve as they served & in peace or in war bear thyself ever as Christ's Sol- dier, gentle in all things, valliant in action, steadfast in adversity." Herbert Baker.

(Now WW1 names)

H.W. Beames
A.E. Blackwell
A.L. Bunker
E.W.A. Burn
E. Coombes
C. Eastman
J. Fowler
O.S. Gander
E.C. Goddard
W.G. Handcock
D.A. Harmsworth

L.C.F. Hart
E.H. Hayward
A.W. Hicks
W.L. Hicks
R.H. Hicks
A.E. Hickman
R.G. Hull
R. Hutchins
R.B. Jarvie
V.C. Lightfoot
L.J. Lynes
C.E. Marchant

B.N. Matson
V. Palmer
R.W. Parker
D.E. Pinkard
L H. Pocock
W.H. Popham
A.F. Quarrier
C.F. Read
J.W. Reeve
D.N.R. Richards
W.C. Simpkins
W.G. Sloper

R.C. Spencer
C.G. Stevens
G.T. Vincent
M.H. Vincent
C. Warland
A.F. Weeks
P.I. Weeks
J.M.D. Wheeler
A.H. Whitford
P.E. Willis
J.L. Miller

Written & Illuminated by C.A. Howard for Messrs. J. Wippell & Co. Ltd., at Exeter, Devon. A.D. 1951. LAUS DEO.