Person Memorial


LACEY, C Shedfield

LACEY, G H Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LACEY, George Blackmoor

LACEY, H Bishops Waltham

LACEY, H (C H) Petersfield

LACEY, R L Hambledon

LACY, William James Southampton - Main Memorial

LAGGETT, H A Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAIDLAW, James Southampton - Main Memorial

LAINSBURY, Arthur Burghclere

LAINSBURY, Frank Woolton Hill

LAKE, B Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAKE, Bertie Freemantle; Southampton - Main Memorial

LAKE, W Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

LAKE, William John Southampton - Main Memorial

LAMB, D Fareham - Main Memorial

LAMB, F G Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAMB, Raymond Wildman Worting

LAMB, T Petersfield; Romsey Abbey; Romsey - Main Memorial

LAMB, W Romsey Abbey; Romsey - Main Memorial

LAMBE, P Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

LAMBERT, Albert Christchurch - Christchurch Priory; Mudeford

LAMBERT, E V Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAMBERT, Edwin New Milton

LAMBERT, F H Rockbourne

LAMBERT, Osborne Mortimer West End

LAMBERT, Richard J A Southampton - Main Memorial

LAMBOURNE, Ernest Curdridge

LAMBOURNE, Ernest Frederick Hythe; Hythe - Memorial Hospital; Kingsclere

LAMBOURNE, Reginald B Thruxton

LAMERTON, T Southampton - Docks & Marine, LSW Railway

LAMING, J A Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAMPARD, Albert Edward Fareham - Main Memorial; Southampton - Main Memorial

LAMPARD, George Crookham

LAMPARD, J Broughton

LAMPARD, Percy Southampton - Main Memorial

LAMPARD, Thomas Broughton; Mottisfont

LAMPEY, W E Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAMPORT, Harry Ewshot

LAMPORT, J Fareham - Main Memorial

LAMPORT, Leonard Ewshot

LAMPORT, Richard Ewshot

LANCASTER, E R Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANCASTER, John H Brockenhurst

LANCASTER, T South Baddesley


LAND, Harold (C) Gosport - Clarence Square Council School; Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

LANE, Abraham Hordle

LANE, Alfred Freemantle; Southampton - Main Memorial

LANE, C H Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANE, E Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

LANE, E Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANE, Ernest Edward Dibden; Hythe; Hythe - Memorial Hospital

LANE, F Fawley

LANE, F Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANE, Frederick Eastleigh - All Saints Church

LANE, Frederick W Braishfield

LANE, Frederick W Southampton - Main Memorial

LANE, G Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANE, H Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

LANE, Herbert Chas Hook; Nately Scures; Newnahm; Rotherwick

LANE, Herbert S Freemantle; Southampton - Main Memorial

LANE, Rex Southampton - Main Memorial

LANE, W Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANE, W J Fawley

LANE, W R Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANE, William Edward Christchurch - Christchurch Priory

LANE, William George Hook; Nately Scures; Newnham; Rotherwick

LANE, William H Braishfield

LANEY, Ernest Dibden; Hythe - Memorial Hospital

LANEY, Harry B Bentley

LANEY, W Farringdon

LANEY, W Langrish

LANEY, William Dibden; Hythe - Memorial Hospital

LANFEAR, Arthur Abbots Ann; Kimpton

LANG, V Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANGDON, Ernest M Fair Oak

LANGDON, L Broughton

LANGDOWN, Charles F Southampton - Main Memorial

LANGER, W Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANGFORD, A G Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANGFORD, John Richard Havant

LANGRIDGE, A V Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANGRIDGE, C J Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANGRIDGE, G Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

LANGRIDGE, J Bramdean; Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LANGRIDGE, Thomas D Southampton - Main Memorial

LANGRIDGE, Walter Winchester - St John's Church

LANGRIDGE, William Mottisfont; Romsey Abbey; Romsey - Main Memorial

LANGRISH, Arthur Charles Southampton - Main Memorial

LANGRISH, H Portsmouth - Main Memorial


LANNING, Edward James Southampton - Main Memorial

LANNING, Thomas Gosport - Clarence Square Council School; Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

LANSLEY, A Basingstoke - Main Memorial

LANSLEY, Ernest East Woodhay

LANSLEY, William Winchester - St John's Church

LAPTHORNE, O H Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

LARBELESTIER, William J Southampton - Main Memorial

LARBY, A Headley nr Alton

LARCOMBE, F G Horndean

LARDER, Arthur Yateley

LARGE, Harold E Brockenhurst

LARGE, Herbert E Brockenhurst

LARGE, Percy Francis Southampton - Main Memorial; St Denys

LARGE, Phillip M Brockenhurst

LARGE, Raymond Albert Southampton - Main Memorial

LARKHAM, A Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

LARKHAM, A E Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LARKHAM, A P Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LARKIN, William J Chandler's Ford

LARTER, F J Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LASSAM, E J Alton - Main Memorial; Alton - St Lawrence's Church

LAST, W G Lyndhurst

LAST, W G Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LATHAM, C E Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LATHAM, W C Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LATOUCHE,Everard Digges see DIGGES-LATOUCHE, Everard

LATTIMER, H C Vernham Dean

LAUGHLAND, George T Gosport - Clarence Square Council School; Gosport - War Memorial Hospital; Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAUGHLAND, James Gosport - Clarence Square Council School; Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

LAUNDRAY, W H Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAURENCE, Frederick G Southampton - Main Memorial

LAVELL, H North Hayling; South Hayling

LAVELL, J O C (or O J) North Hayling; South Hayling

LAVERICK, Bernard Compton; Shawford

LAVERICK, Charles Edward Compton; Shawford

LAVERSUCH, Tom Colden Common

LAVERTY, Alec J Andover

LAVERTY, William Henry Winchester - St Swithun-on-Kingsgate Church

LAW, Arnold W Southampton - Main Memorial; St Denys

LAWES, Charles Basingstoke - Main Memorial; Basingstoke - St Michael the Archangel Church

LAWES, Earl D (LAWS) Aldershot - Main Post Office; Andover; Fleet

LAWES, H Charles Andover

LAWES, Harry Baughurst

LAWES, Randolph B Southampton - Main Memorial; Southampton - St Mary's Church

LAWES, S Whitchurch

LAWES, Sidney Micheldever

LAWES, W Winchester - Bell Ringers Memorial

LAWES, William Andover

LAWES, William Charles Breamore; Woodgreen

LAWRANCE, A E Winchester - St Matthew's Church; Winchester - St Paul's Church

LAWRENCE, A Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAWRENCE, Albert E Chandler's Ford

LAWRENCE, Arthur Bentley

LAWRENCE, Charles Woolton Hill

LAWRENCE, E Winchester - Holy Trinity Church; Winchester - Peter Symonds School

LAWRENCE, E F Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAWRENCE, E M Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAWRENCE, Edgar New Milton

LAWRENCE, F Fareham - Main Memorial

LAWRENCE, F W Bramdean

LAWRENCE, Frank Ecchinswell

LAWRENCE, Frederic William Fordingbridge

LAWRENCE, Frederick Ecchinswell

LAWRENCE, Frederick Hinton Ampner

LAWRENCE, George Southampton - Main Memorial

LAWRENCE, H W Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAWRENCE, J Grayshott

LAWRENCE, John Headley Common

LAWRENCE, P Fareham - Main Memorial

LAWRENCE, P O Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAWRENCE, Percy Winchester - Holy Trinity Church

LAWRENCE, R A Alton - Main Memorial; Alton - St Lawrence's Church

LAWRENCE, V A Portsmouth - Main Memorial


LAWRENCE, W H Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAWRENCE, Wesley M Copythorne

LAWRENCE, William Headley Common

LAWRENCE, William Winchester - Holy Trinity Church

LAWS, A Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAWS, F Pokesdown

LAWS, R A Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAWSON, C Southampton - Ordnance Survey

LAWTON, J W Portsmouth - Main Memorial

LAYTON, Frank Andover