Person Memorial

GUBBEY, R S Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GUBBEY, W E Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GUBBINS, George Southampton - Main Memorial

GUBBINS, Harold Southampton - Main Memorial

GUBBINS, R R Twyford Prep School

GUBBY, A H Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GUBBY, W (George) Hook; Nately Scures; Newnham

GUBBY, W W Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GUDGEON, Athol Winchester - St John's Church

GUDGEON, Robert Winchester - St John's Church

GUERET JONES, Walter L S see JONES, Louis Gueret Walter Southwell

GUEST, Albert Southampton - Main Memorial; St Denys

GUEST, T E Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GUILBERT, T M Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GUILLEMARD, Phyllis East Woodhay

GUILMANT, N Portsmouth - Main Memorial; Winchester - Peter Symonds School

GULL, Douglas Porchester

GULLIVER, Charles Bramshaw

GULLIVER, Edgar Old Alresford

GULLIVER, H C Nomansland

GUMBLETON, R C Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GUMBRELL, C E L Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

GUMBRELL, Charles Gosport - Clarence Square Council School; Gosport - War Memorial Hospital

GUNDRY, G G Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GUNNELL, S St Mary Bourne

GUNNER, Alfred Eastleigh - All Saints Church

GUNNER, B G Bishops Waltham

GUNNER, B G Twyford Prep School

GUNNER, E G Twyford Prep School

GUNNER, Edward G Bishops Waltham

GUNNER, John Hugh Bishops Waltham

GUNNER, T W Rotherwick

GUNNING, J W Fareham - Main Memorial

GUNNING, James W Alton - All Saints Church; Alton - Main Memorial; Alton - St Lawrence's Church


GURD, William Edwin Southampton - Main Memorial

GURNEY, A Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GURNEY, J Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GURR, Edward George S Southampton - Main Memorial

GURR, Harry Leslie Southampton - Main Memorial

GUTSELL, L Basingstoke - Queen Mary's School

GUTTERIDGE, E L Fawley; Southampton - Main Memorial


GUY, A E Ringwood

GUY, Albert Peartree Green; Southampton - Main Memorial

GUY, Charles Edward Southampton - Main Memorial

GUY, H S Ringwood

GUY, Harry G Bisterne; Ringwood

GUY, L J (or Jim L) Bisterne; Ringwood

GUY, W J Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GUYATT, C Monxton

GUYATT, Leslie Eastleigh - All Saints Church

GWYNNE, Henry S Winchester - King Alfred's College

GWYTHER, R Portsmouth - Main Memorial

GYE, D A Winchester - St Matthew's Church; Winchester - St Paul's Church