Stone cross and memorial outside west front of cathedral.
There is no central memorial with all the names of Winchester people, only memorials in the churches etc.

Inscriptions on side furthest from cathedral.



1914 - 1919 He shall deliver their souls fron falsehood and wrong:and dear shall their blood be in his sight

To the Glory of God and in
proud and grateful memory
of four hundred and sixty
citzens of Winchester
who upheld under King
George V the traditions
of service and sacrifice
handed down from the
days of King Alfred

In the sight of the unwise
they seemed to die....
Yet is their hope full if

Inscriptions on side nearest cathedral.

To the Glory of God and
in proud and grateful
memory of the uncounted
host from Hampshire and the
Isle of Wight who died for
England in the Great War
when serving in the Navy
the mMercantile Marine, the
Army and the Air Force
Be mindful of them O Lord
and grant to their children
the same faithfulness

1914 - 1919
To seven thousand five
hundred and fourty one of the
Regular, Militia, Territorial
& Service battalions of the
who died in Flanders, France
Italy, Russia, Macedonia
Palestine, Egypt, Mesopotamia
Persia, India and Siberia
or by the Dardanelles or were
lost at sea in the Mediterranean

To seventy four
of the Hampshire
Yeomanry Carbineers


To Three hundred
and eighty six of the
Royal Engineers
and the Hampshire
Royal Artillery


To fourty eight
of the
Royal Army Medical Corps
and Hampshire
Royal Army Service Corps


To seven hundred
and thirty seven of
H.M.S. Hampshire sunk by
a mine off the Orkney
Islands June 5th 1916