(St Thomas is now a redundant church and used as offices etc.)

Stone cross outside church, no names on it - see book below.

Let us thank God for the men
of this parish who at the call
of duty died that we might live

1914 - 1918

Roll of Honour book, now in record office.

First page.


Second page.

The record of the
names of the men
associated with
the Parish of St Thomas
in the City and Diocese
of Winchester who died
in the Great War 1914-1918

William Attwood
George Charles Baker
Allan Owen Bartlett
Edwin Boyle
Charles William Brewer
George Leonard Clayton Briggs
Ernest Bright
Harry Charles Bright
Osbert Harold Brown
Charles Henry Buckland

Third page.

Albert Thomas Burton
Frederick Carter
Charles Dent
Sidney Dixon
Frederick Dummer
Edgar John Fielder
Frank Fielder
Arthur Witherby Gale
Alfred Percival Godsell
Arthur William Goodyear
Albert Gratton
Frederick Greenstock
Frank Joseph Head
George Robert Head
William George Jerram
Hugh Frederick Lewis

Fourth page.

Bertie William Marsh
William Scott Mathews
Alexander John Mayo
Charles Knight Miller
Harry Frank Mitchell
Albert Moore
John Henry Morrah
William Henry Pearman
Alfred George Piper
William Henry Jno. Pullinger
Leonard Stanley Read
Frederick Charles Richards
Sidney Herbert Richards
Arthur Whitlock Rogers
William George Rowell
Alfred George Shore

Fifth page.

Albert Ernest Smith
Robert William Smith
Frederick Stacey
Ernest Stevens
Herbert Charles Sticklan
Charles William Taylor
Edward Joseph Austin Tunks
Frederick John Turner
William George Turner
John Beauclerk Vandeleur
William Wade
Arthur Francis Watson
William Frederick Webb
Harry Winkworth
Albert Cecil Yaldren

Sixth page.

David Edward Gillett
William Charles Herring
John Henry Meacher
Kenneth Arthur Annesley Norris
William Charles Readings