(See also Winchester - St Matthew's Church)

Two Wooden screens in Lady Chapel moved from original position

(Originally used to divide off the Lady Chapel from the rest of the church.)

First screen.

To the Glory of God and in memory of the men who gave

Bignell, J.
Bishop, L.N.
Bogie, A.W.
Breadmore, P.G.
Buck, J.H.
Burgess, F.
Chapman, F.J.
Churcher, H.T.
Clark, R.J.
Coles, S.J.
Coles, F.

Dawkins, F.
Dennistown, J.R.
Dobson, F.W.
Douglas, C.E.G.
Dowse, C.T.
Drake, T.H.
Edwards, F.
Fifield, B.J.
Forbes, J.
Forder, F.J.
Forster, H.T.

        Francis, A.E.
Fraser, F.A.
Gambling, A.V.
Goodridge, G.
Goodyear, G.
Goodwin, C.F.F.
Gould, H.C.H.
Gye, D.A.
Halls, H.C.
Hammond, C.W.
Hawker, C.W.S.

Hawkins, S.M.
Head, F.J.
Hill, A.S.
Hill, N.W.
Hounslow, G.H.
Illingworth, T.
Inge, S.G.
Jacob, L.J.
Johnson, A.L.
Ketley, C.W.
Lawrance, A.E.

Second screen.

their lives 1914 - 1918. Their name liveth for evermore.

Lever, G.T.
Lovelock, G.A.
Maclachlan, R.C.
Maidment, H.S.
Male, R.H.
Middleton, B.C.
Mitchell, W.J.
Morrah, J.H.
Morrison, A.
Muldowney, J.
Newby, W.E.

Newton, A.H.
Norgate, P.D.
Payne, H.J.
Powell, C.
Powney, W.B.
Prior, G.
Richards, F.C.
Rule, E.G.
Scadden, A.
Seward, J.W.
Shears, S.


Shefford, C.
Simmons, J.
Smith, A.C.
Smith, E.A.
Smith, H.
Soffe, H.J.
Soffe, G.
Sothcott, L.G.
Stevens, E.
Stroud, B.
Stroud, G.

Tetley, C.E.W.
Thompson, R.J.
Tong, H.L.
Tunks, E.J.A.
Vandeleur, J.
Vokes, B.
Wake, F.W.
Ward, D.C.H.
Wedge, C.
Wedge, J.C.T.
Whitcher, E.W.
White, F.A.
White, W.F.
Winter, C.J.

In Lady Chapel brass plaque on wall.

The East window
is dedicated to the Glory
of God and in memory of
Charles Hamerton Gould
Priest Rector of Weeke
1900 - 1915
Mary his wife
Henry Charles Hamerton
their son 2nd Lieutenant
Royal Field Artillery
Died of wounds April 15 1917
Monica Margaret
their youngest daughter and of
Lorraine MacDonald Gould
wife of
Sir Basil Gould G.M.G. C.I.E.
and their son
Charles Robert Lieutenant
4/7 Dragoon Guards died on
active service April 4 1944