(See also Winchester - St Paul's Church)

Red book with hand written names inside kept in niche by choir pews.

Names in book page by page.

World War

1914 - 1945

Bignell J.
Bishop L.N.
Bogie A.W.
Breadmore P.G.
Buck J.H.
Burgess F.
Chapman H.T.

Churcher H.T.
Clark R.J.
Coles S.J.
Coles F.
Dawkins F.
Dennistown J.R.
Dobson F.W.

Douglas C.E.G.
Dowse C.T.
Drake T.H.
Edwards F.
Fifield B.J.
Forbes J.
Forder F.J.

Francis A.E.
Fraser F.A.
Gambling A.V.
Goodyear G.
Goodridge G.
Goodwin C.F.F.
Gould H.C.H.

Gye D.A.
Halls A.C.
Hammond C.W.
Hawker C.W.S.
Hawkins S.M.
Head F.J.
Hill A.S.

Hill N.W.
Hounslow G.H.
Illingworth T.
Inge S.G.
Jacob L.J.
Johnson A.L.
Kelly C.W.

Lawrance A.F.
Lever G.T.
Lovelock G.A.
Maclachlan R.C.
Maidment H.S.
Male R.H.
Middleton B.C.

Mitchell W.J.
Morrah J.H.
Morrison A.
Muldowney J.
Newby W.E.
Newton A.H.
Norgate P.D.

Payne H.J.
Powell C.
Powney W.B.
Prior G.
Richards F.C.
Rule E.G.
Scadden A.

Seward J.W.
Shears S.
Shefford C.
Simmons J.
Smith A.C.
Smith B.A.
Smith H.

Soffe H.
Soffe G.
Sothcott L.G.
Stevens E.
Stroud B.
Stroud G.
Tetley C.E.W.

Thompson R.J.
Tong H.L.
Tunks E.J.A.
Vandlevr J.
Vokes B.
Wake F.W.
Ward D.C.H.

Wedge C.
Wedge J.C.T.
Whitcher E.W.
White F.A.
White W.F.
Winter C.J.

Window in church

To the Glory of God and
in proud memory of
Nicholas Weatherby Hill
M.C. Capt. 52nd Lt.Inftry.
Born at Weeke
Fell in action in France
16th Jany. 1917 Aged 20.