New memorial in formica framed on pillar in church.

St John the Baptist
1914 - 1918

Douglas Alexander Arthur Gardiner Reginald Newman

Ernest Alexander William Gardiner Albert Offer

Thomas Alexander Charles Gardner Cecil Offer

William J. Andrews Frederick Gardner John Pack

William Andrews Albert Gibson Benjamin Parr

John Ball George Goodchild Richard Parrack

Albert Beckingham Percy Gouldby Alfred Perrin

Alfred Bell Athol Gudgeon Albert Prangle

Percy Bell Robert Gudgeon Albert Single

Frederick Bishop Charles Haines Alfred Smith

Archie Blandford William Hatt Charles Smith

William Bright George Hewlett Frederick Smith

Albert Brooks Ernest Judd Albert Spencer

William Browning Thomas Judd Joseph Spencer

George Carter Walter Langridge Tom Stainer

Gerald Cassidy William Lansley John Stanley

James Cobb Reginald Lucas Walter Steele

Ernest Cross Albert Mariner Alfred Stripp

Francis Davis Sidney Martin Dennis Swayne

Douglas Dear Thomas Martin Charles Tollman

John Duffin William Martin Thomas Tollman

William Duffin Edwin Meacher George Ward

Frederick Elkins William Miles Thomas Ward

Frederick Elkins Arthur Miller William Ward

Herbert Elkins Reuben Mills Alfred Webb

Arthur Eyles Charles Morris Edwin Willis

William Facey John Mould William Wright

Arthur Newman

'....In his love he will give you new life....'

Original memorial handwritten, framed stored in cupboard in church.

The following men from this Parish
gave their lives in the Great War. 1914 - 1918

Alexander, Ernest H. Hants Yeomanry. Mould, John A.S. Hants Regt.

Alexander, Thos. A. H.M.S. "Good Hope." Norris, William F. Rifle Brigade.

Andrews, William J. R.H.A. Offer, Albert Hants Regt.

Bell, Alfred G. Rifle Brigade. Perrin, Alfred J. Rifle Brigade.

Bell, Percy R.G.A. Prangle, Albert Hants Yeomanry.

Browning, William J. R.Warwicks. Single, Albert E. Rifle Brigade.

Cross, Ernest Hants Regt. Smith, Alfred J. Hants Regt.

Dear, Douglas G. Hants Regt. Spencer, Albert Hants Regt.

Elkins, Frederick A. Hants Regt. Spencer, Joseph Hants Regt.

Facey, William H. R.Engineers. Stainer, Tom R.A.S.C.

Gardiner, Arthur Hants Regt. Stanley, John H. H.M.S. "Negro."

Gardiner, W. Percy Wilts Regt. Stripp, Alfred Hants Regt.

Gibson, Albert E. H.L.I. Swayne, A. Dennis Royal Sussex

Goodchild, George J. Hants Regt. Tollman, Charles V. H.M.S. "Queen Mary."

Gouldby, Percy Hants Yeomanry. Tollman, Thomas J. Middlesex.

Lansley, William H.M.S. "Good Hope." Ward, George W. Hants Regt.

Lucas, Reginald D of W. West Riding. Ward, Thomas Dorset Regt.

Mariner, Albert E Gloucestershires. Ward, William G. Devonshires.

Martin, Sidney J. Hants Regt. Webb, Alfred Dorset Regt.

Martin, William R.F.A. Willis, Edwin G. H.M.S. "Invincible."

Miles, William Hants Regt. Wright, William C. Hants Regt.

Miller, Arthur E. Hants Regt. Pack, John Thos. H.M.S. "Opal."

Martin, Thomas G. London Regt. Cooke, Alfred H.M.S. "St. Seiriol."

Joyce, Thomas H. Rifle Brigade.