July 1993


Stone cross outside church in green area.

To the Glory of God
and in thankful memory
of the men of this parish
who laid down their lives
in the Great Wars
1914 - 1919
Their names are inscribed on a tablet
within this church

1939 - 1945

Brass plaque found behind chairs in tower - originally on wall in church.

To the Glory of God
and in proud and grateful memory
of the men of this parish who gave
their lives in the Great War.


Boy Artr. B.D. Jupe. H.M.S. Good Hope. Chili 1914

Ldg. Str. F.G. Cox. H.M.S. Queen Mary. Jutland 1916

1st Cls P.O. B.C. Dumper. Naval Brigade. France 1917


Lieut. W.E. Hill. N. Staffs Regt. France 1914

Sergt. J. Jeffery. Hants Regt. .. ..

Corp. O. Muddiman. Coldstream Guards. .. ..

Pte. F.S. Chandler. R.B. .. ..

Pte. E.C. Chandler. R.B. .. 1915

Pte. H.F. Shergold. Hants Regt. .. ..

Sergt. C.H. Offer. .. .. Mesopotamia 1916

Corp. F. Mason. R.B. France ..

Pte. C.W. Avery. Hants Regt. Mesopotamia ..

Pte. T. Cox. R.A.M.C. France ..

Pte. J.W. Mariner. Hants Regt. Baghdad ..

Gunr. W.S. Smith. R.G.A. Plymouth ..

Major. G.M. Bell. D.S.O. Hants Regt. France 1917

Lieut. H.E. Germain. Canad. Inf. .. ..

L. Corp. A.E. Jellatt. Hants Regt. Mesopotamia ..

L. Corp. J.E. Mariner. .. .. Constantinople ..

Pte. J. Bull. .. .. France ..

Pte. F. Cox. Northumb. Fusil. Belgium ..

Sergt. Maj. F. Adams. Canad. Cav. France 1918

Sergt. Maj. F.J. Croft. R.E. Chatham ..

Pte. V. Bennett. M.M. Hants Regt. France ..

Pte. E. Jupe. Dorest Regt. India ..

Pte. A. Offer. Hants Regt. Salonica ..

Pte. H. Southcott. R.A.F. Blandford ..

"Greater love hath no man than this that a man
lay doen his life for his friends"