March 97


Panels around edge on wall in old chapel with three panels removed and placed in small chapel on floor.

to the glory of God & in memory of
those members of this college who
gave their lives in the Great War
1914 - 1918. This panelwork is placed
by masters & students past & present.

Henry S. Purkis 1914

Charles L. Ross William A.E. Wrenn

Joseph Pett Frederick W. Woods

Percival S.H. Grice Albert E. Beaumont

Major R. Smith Andrew Bogie

Sydney J. Wade Harry J. Payne

Stephen R. Wright Wm. R. Parsons

Christopher S. Burt Chas F. Singleton

Henry J. Eason Richard J.C. Ferguson

Henry J. Hotten George W. Stockwell

Albert R. Moore Ernest J. Harland

Fredk. G. Penney Basil Vokes

Cecil F. Wilson George S. Hewitt

Godfrey N. Wootton William Hicks

Frederick W. Cook Sydney R. Slidel

Francis Chalmers Geo. T. Springbett

Cyril J. Fairweather Herbert G. Baker

Robert A. Fulford Wallace H. Davis

Edwd. C.F. Hart William F. Harden

Harold W. Rose Arthur G. Osborn

Harold F. Perry Fredk. Bishop

Ambrose H. Warne Edwd. W. Hatcher

Merton A. Rose Alan O. Bartlett

Fredk. W.J. Bolwell William F. Leach

Henry S. Gwynne William H. Carr

Arthur Woodfield Chas M.W. Erwood

Albert V. Lewis Edwd. F. Holmes

Dick Pickstone Tom H. Rowson

Joseph M. Sharp Sidney H. Seeviour

Alfred Tarrant George Follett

Melville G. Woodrow Cecil Dobson


These men died, leaving their
deaths for an example of a
noble courage and a memorial
of virtue, not only unto young
men but unto all their nation.

Edward Beale

Frederick J.S. Davis

Cyril A. Homan-Berry

Barton Chadwick

Esmond E. Browne

William W. Garrett

Ernest Wakefield

Edward G. Burt

Harold G.E. Deverill

Peter V.S. Hayward

Vincent E. Jack

Cyril R. Baldwin

Small black plastic plaque on wall.

'B' (College) Co.
4th Hants Regt T.A. 1914 - 18
Veterans club 1954

T.E. Adlam VC T.R. Grimsdick

A.H. Austin MC E.R. Oakley

O.D.W. Berry F.A. Poulter

T.C. Blandford A.A. Rogers

H.G. Brown T.U. Silcox

C.N. Crouch A.J. Spooner

C.E. Gay E.W. Wilkins