Stone memorial in village centre.

First Side

In grateful
of the men
of Wherwell
who gave their lives
in the
Great Wars.


1914 1918

C.F. Adams

C. Brown

H. Carter

W. Faithfull

W.G. Goddard

W.J. Hand

G.W. Hawkins

A.G. Neal

W.S. Newberry

W.J. Nutley

F. Nutley

E.J. Olliff

W. Read

R. Read

S. Renyard

A.E. Smith

F.H. Topp

W. Tubb

G.H. Willshire

G. Windless

C.W. Windless

W.J. Windless

E. Hawkins

F. Smith

W.G. Fidler A.G. Witts

Second Side

of the men
of Wherwell
who served
their King
and Country
in the
Great War
1914 1918

Colonel A.E. Jenkins

2nd Lieut L. Carter

2nd Lieut A.C. Smith

S. Aitken

A.E. Alexander

F.W. Annell

C. Batchelor

R. Bishop

F. Blackall

H.T. Blackall

* L. Blackall

A.E. Broad

R. Bunce

G. Butcher

A.E. Chamberlain

J. Churchill

W. Collins

T. Cook

W. Cox

G. Curtis

J. Dowdall

J. Eastman

A.C. Fells

F.A. Fells

F.D. Goddard

T. Golding

E. Goodall

C. Goodfellow

A. Goodyer

W. Harding

D. Hawkins

R. Hawkins

W. Hawkins

# G.M. Hayward

# W. Hill

# J. Humbey

$ A.G. Burden

W. Cook

* Thought inital was I when collected in 1986 not L

# These names were on the memorial in 1986 but not now

$ Thought initals were W G when collected in 1986 not A G

Third Side

of the men
of Wherwell
who served
their King
and Country
in the
Great War
1914 1918

W.W. Ingham

H. Knight

J. Knight.

W. Knight.

L. Lewis.

W. Lickman.

P. Mitchell.

W. Mitchell.

G. Moss.

A.H. Olliff.

C.W. Padwick.

A.J. Parker.

W. Parker.

H. Purver.

J.R. Read.

W. Riggs.

H. Robinson.

G. Rose.

F. Rowles.

W. Rowles.

H. Rumbold.

C. Smith.

F. Smith.

H.J. Smith.

V. Smith.

V.R. Smith.

W. Smith.

G.A. Spratt.

T.W. Spratt.

H. Taylor.

W.S. Taylor.

R. Vearncombe.

L. Whitmore.

H. Young.

F.B. Gates.

A.G. Prangley.

Names on wooden panelling on wall by altar in St Peter and Holy Cross Church.

To the Glory
of God and
in memory
of the men of
this parish
who fought
and died for
Liberty and
Justice in the
Great War
1914 - 1918

Chas.F. Adams. Alfred G. Neal. Frank Smith.

Charles Brown. W.S. Newberry. Frank H. Topp.

Harold Carter. Wm.J. Nutley. Walter Tubb.

Wm. Faithfull. Fredk. Nutley. H.G. Willshire.

Wm.Geo. Fidler. Edwin J. Olliff. Chas.H. Windless.

W.G. Goddard. Reginald Read. Geo. Windless.

Wm.James Hand. Walter Read. W.J. Windless.

Edward Hawkins. Sidney Renyard. Albert G. Witts.

Wm.J. Hawkins. Albert E. Smith.

Brass plaque on wall in church.

To the Glory of God
and in memory of
Pte. Edwin J. Olliff.
1st/6th Gloucester Reg.
who was killed in action, in France
on March 30th 1917.
Buried in Saulcourt.

The panels in the chancel Screen
were placed by
his sorrowing parents.


Glass case with roll of honour book inside by organ.

To the Glory of God
and in memory of the men
of this parish who fought
& died in the two world wars
1914 - 1918
Charles F. Adams
Charles Brown
Harold Carter
William Faithfull
William Geo. Goddard
William James Hand
Edward Hawkins
William J. Hawkins
Alfred G. Neal

William S. Newberry
William J. Nutley
Frederick Nutley
Edwin J. Olliff
Reginald Read
Walter Read
Sidney Renyard
Albert E. Smith
Frank Smith
Frank H. Topp
Walter Tubb
H. George Willshire
Charles W. Windless
George Windless

W.J. Windless
A.G. Witts

Private war grave in St Peter and Holy Cross Churchyard.

In loving memory of
Harold (Jack) Carter.
Died July 17th 1917 aged 28 years.
Also of Edwin Percy Carter
died December 3rd 1918 aged 35.

Private grave in churchyard.

In loving memory of Alfred G. Neal,
died February 28th 1929 aged 69 years.
Also of A. George Neal son of the above
died in France August 24th 1918 aged 22 years.
Also Susan Mary wife and mother of the above
died March 29th 1931 in her 75th year.