Stone cross on octagonal base outside the church of St John the Evangelist.
Names on sides of base listed below anticlockwise.

1986 2005

Side 1.

In memory of
those who fell
in the Great War
1914 - 1918

"For us the glorious
dead have striven
they battled that we
might be free."
"Their name liveth
for evermore."

Side 2.

Hon. G.H. Douglas-Pennant Capt. Grenadier Guards.
Hon. charles Douglas-Pennant Lieut. Coldstream Guards.
Frederick Buffey L/Cpl. Warwick Regt.
Frederick Newell Warwick Regt.
Edwin Smith Leicester Regt.

Side 3.

Sidney Bond Gloucester Regt.
Frank Smith Sussex Regt.
Samuel Aslett Hants Regt.
David Birch Hants Regt.
Reginald B. Hadley Lieut. Sth. Wales Bordrs.

Side 4.

David Collis Hants Regt.
William Grant Hants Regt.
Fred Gregory Hants Regt.
Wilfred Gregory Hants Regt.

Side 5.

William Kelly Hants Regt.
John Triggs Sergt. Hants Regt.
James Windebank Hants Regt.
William Yates C.S.M. Hants Regt.

Side 6.

Albert Kelly Middlesex Regt.
Josiah Appleton Rifle Brigade.
George Grant Berkshire Regt.
Frederick Green M.G.C.

Side 7.

Arthur Privett London Regt.
William Lester London Regt.
Alfred Tull R.A.S.C.
Horace Simmonds R.A.F.

Side 8.

Albert Toms R.N.
Gilbert Dennis 9th Lancers.
Fred Ford Sergt. R.G.A.
David Gedge R.E.

Brass plaque on wall in St John the Evangelist Church.

Dedicated to
the memory of
these men of West Meon
who fell in the
Great War 1914 - 1918

Hon. George Douglas-Pennant Capt. Gren. Guards.
Hon. Charles Douglas-Pennant Lt. Cold. Guards.
Reginald B. Hadley Lt. S.W. Bords.
William Yates C/Sgt. Hampshire Regt.
John Triggs Sgt. .. ..
Fred Ford Sgt. R.G.A.
Fred Buffey L/Cpl. R. Warwick Regt.
Albert Toms A.B. R.N.
Gilbert Dennis Tpr. 9th Lancers
David Gedge Spr. R.E.
Fred Newell Pte. R. Warwick Regt.
Edwin Smith Pte. Leicester Regt.
Sidney Bond Pte. Gloster Regt.
Frank Smith .. R. Sussex Regt.
Samuel Aslett .. Hampshire Regt.
David Birch .. .. ..
David Collis .. .. ..
Fred Gregory .. .. ..
Wilfred Gregory .. .. ..
William Grant .. .. ..
William Kelly .. .. ..
James Windebank .. .. ..
George Grant .. R. Berks. Regt.
Albert Kelly .. Middlesex Regt.
Josiah Appleton Rfm. Rifle Brigade
William Lester Pte. London Regt.
Arthur Privett .. .. ..
Fred Green .. M.G.C.
Alfred Tull Dr. R.A.S.C.
Horace Simmonds A/C R.A.F.

We will remember them