Stone cross outside village hall, inscription at bottom of cross and names on front of plinth.

Great War


Adams W.H.
Babey C.
Babey F.
Buxey A.G.
Careless F.A.
Gordon R.
Gosling H.
Godwin W.C.T.
Griffiths A.R.
Harfield A.H.
Hatchard F.G.
Hawkins W.J.
Jupe T.L.
McDonald W.

McQuade J.J.
Merritt W.H.
Mott L.
Murton M.R.A.
Palmer E.A.G.
Philipps C.
Samways F.
Simmonds C.
Spencer O.C.
Spinks C.
Turner B.
Tutton J.H.
Wetteren H.
Woods A.

Wooden Shrine on wall in St Mary's Church.

(Left hand door)

Adams, W.H., Pte, 1917
Babey, C., 1916, M.M.
Babey, F., 1917, R.N.
Buxey, A., Pte, 1917.
Careless, F.A., (R.N.A.S.)1916.
McDonald, W., (R.N.) 1916.
Gosling, H., Pte, 1917.
Gordon, R., Capt, 1916.
Griffiths, A.R.,Capt, 1915.
Hawkins W., Gnr.
Harfield, J.A., (R.N.) 1918
Hatchard, F.G., Pte, 1918.
Jupe, T.L., Pte, 1918.
Merritt, W.H., 1916, R.N.
Murton, M.R.A., Pte, 1915.
Mott, L., Pte, 1915.
Palmer, E.A.G., Pte, 1915.
Samways, F., Sergt, 1917.
Simmons, C., Sergt, 1917.
Spencer, O.C., Pte, 1916.
Spinks, C., Pte, 1917.
Turner, B., 1916, R.N.
Tutton, J.H., 1918, R.N.
Wettren, H, 1916, R.N.
Phillips, C., 1916, K.R.R.
Names of those who have served in the Great War.
Arnold, F.W., 1915.
.. , K., 1914.
.. , G.A., 1915, R.N.A.S.
.. , C.J., 1914, R.N.A.S.
.. , H.C., 1916, R.N.A.S.
.. , S.A., Sergt, 1917.
Adams, T., Gnr, 1917.
Adams, A.E., Pte, 1916.
Bartholomew, W.E.,1915, R.N.
Bartholomew, A.H.,1917, R.N.
Bartholomew, W.E.,1916, R.N.
Babey, T., 1914, R.N.
Babey, F., Pte. 1916.
Babey, W., Pte, 1915.
Butt, H.T., Gnr, 1916.
Bull, F.A., Sig, 1914.
Bull, P.V., 1914, R.N.R.
Bull, G.E., Pte, 1915.
Bowman, F.G., 1914, R.N.
Bowman, W.J., Lc-Cpl, 1917.
Buckett, G.H., Sig, 1916.
Buckett, A., 1915, H.M.H.S.
Buckett, W.A., (R.N.)
Burridge, F.S., (R.N.)
Butchers, T., Dvr.
Button, J., 1914, R.N.
Careless, E.A., Sig, 1915.
Careless, G.W., Sergt, 1914.
Clanchy, W.F., Cpl.
Cawte, R, Pte, R.A.F.
Cox, R.C., (R.N.)
Cozens, W.T., 1916, H.M.T.
Grahame-White, M.R.,Lt.Comdr. (R.N.V.R.) 1914.

God, King

(Left hand centre column)

no man

Chapman, L.T., (R.A.F.)
Croke, L.G.., Lieut, (R.A.F.)
Cross, J.D., Dvr, R.G.A.
Dilke, F.W., Capt.
Distin, W.J., Cpl, R.A.F.
Doe, M., Pte.
Dimmick, W., Rfle.
Edwards, G.H., (R.A.F.)
Edwards, B.F., (M.M.)
Edwards, C.R., (M.M.)
Fantini, F., 1914. R.A.F., D.S.M.
Foy, W., H.M.H.S.
Foy, W.G., Dvr, 1916.
Foy, F.W., (R.N.A.S.)
Freeman, G.C., Gnr.
Fuger, T., (M.M.)
Fuger, W., Col, R.A.F.
Futcher, H.F., Pte, L.B.
Gale, C.A., gnr, R.G.A., 1916.
Gale, C.J., (M.M.)
Gale, E.A., (H.M.H.S.)
Gale, H.G.J., Sergt, R.A.F., 1914.
Gale, S., Cpl, 1915.
Gale, C., Pte, 1915.
Godwin, W.G.T., Pte, (Mil.Med.)
Green, A., Pte, R.A.F.
Green, H.E., Pte, (Mil.Med.)
Green, C.R., (R.N.)
Grant, W.H.S., Capt, G.H.
Greenhill, C.W., Lc-Cpl, 1916.
Greenhill, W.W., Dvr, R.A.F., 1917.
Griffiths, D.H., Lieut, R.N.
Gregory, C.W., Gnr, 1915.
Haines, W.G., Eng-Lieut, R.N.
Harfield, A.H., (R.N.)
Harfield, E.F., (R.N.)
Harfield, G.W., Pte, Can, Batt.
Harding, T. (C.P.O.) R.N.
Hewett, A.J., Cpl, 1914.
Herbert, E.T., Pte.
Herbert, H.G., Sergt.
Pain, J.H. Bndsman. Hants.1917

The Her

& Country.

(Right hand centre column)

love hath
than this

Hillier, T.W.H., (R.N.R.) 1914.
Houghlin, E.F., (R.E.)
Hudson, E.A., Lc-Cpl.
Hunt, W.J., 1917, M.M.
Huntriss, R., Lieut, R.N.V.R.
Hatchard, A.J., Pte.
Jupe, C.W., Pte.
Jupe, A.E., (H.M.T.)
Jupe, C.G. (H.M.T.) 1914.
Kemish, W.J., Sergt, (Wounded)
Kiln, S., Sap, R.E.
King, H.A., Pte, R.A.F.
Knapp, S.T., Bom, R.G.A.
Leney, C., Major, R.G.A.
Littlejohn, N., Capt, R.A.F.
Lush, H.W.C., Sergt, R.A.F.
Locke, O., Cpl, R.A.F. 1917.
Locke, A.C., Pte, A.S.C.
Locke, W.T., Pte.
McEveley, D.A., (R.N.)
McColl, P., Cpl, R.B.
McDonald, A., R.M.L.I.
Mott, A.G., 1914, M.M.
Mills, A., 1915, R.N.
Murton, B.W., 1914, H.M.T.
Murton, A.S., Pte,M.G.C.Mil.Med.&Bar.
Murton, S., M.L.
Moody, C.H., Sergt, R.A.F.
Murray, B.T.J., (R.N.)
Newbury, A., 2nd Lieut, R.A.F.,1915.
Newbury, S., R.A.F.
Olden, W.H., Gnr. R.F.A.
Osman, A.H., Pte, D.C.L.I.
Packman, J., C.P.O., R.A.F.
Pain, C., Q.-M.Sergt, Hants. 1914.
Payne, W., Sergt-Maj, R.A.F.
Pannell, E., H.M.T.
Pope, F.J., Lieut, R.A.F.
Price, H.T., Hos.Ship.
Price, W.H., Cpl, R.A.F.
Tubb, C., Pte, 1916. (Wounded)

oic Dead

(Right hand door)

Putt, S.A., Dvr, R.F.A.
Rogers, R.J., Fl-Cadet R.A.F.1914.
Rogers, A.G., 1917, R.A.F.
Rowe, W.M., Pte, Lancs.
Samways, Pte, Hants.
Sandy, C.D., Gnr, R.G.A.
Searle, C.F., Lce-Cpl, Hants.
Searle, F., Pte, R.E.
Silvester, A.W., Pte, 1917, R.A.F.
Silvester, T.W., 1915, R.N.
Simmons, F.A., Pte, R.A.F.
Skidmore, P.A., R.A.F.
Smart, E.G., Pte, 1918.
Slater, J.A., R.A.F.
Spencer, O., H.M.T.
Spencer, W.H.G., Sergt-Pilot, R.A.F.
Spencer, C., M.M.
Spencer, S.P., Hos.Ship.
Spinks, E.E., H.M.T.
Stickland, A.J.,
Stunell, G.W., R.N.
Sullivan, M.J., P.O.R.A.F.
Swatridge, W.G., 1916, Dr. R.G.A.
Talbot, B.C., R.N.
Talbot, S.H., Toms, W.H. 1914. RN.
Tarry, F.B., Pte 1916.
Trubridge, J., 1914. R.N.
Trubridge, F.T., 1918.
Turner, G.E., R.N.A.S.
Warwick, T., Lce-Cpl, R.E.
Waters, W., Pte, R.E.
Watson, H.J., Sig, Hants.
Way, W., Hos.Ship.
White, G.H., 1914, R.N.
Webb, L.C., Pte, hants.
Webb, R.A., Pte.
Webb, T.H., Lce-Cpl, Hants.
Webb, V.C., Pte, Q.W.S.
West, E.C., R.N.
West, F.H., Gnr, R.F.A.
West, J.W., R.N.
Whitear, H. Qu-Mas. H.S.
Withers, C.P., M.T.
Williams, P., R.N.
Wills, G., Sergt, 1914, R.A.F.
Wills, J.W., Gnr, 1915, R.G.A.
Wills, R.S., Sergt, 1915, R.A.F.
Wood, J.W.A., R.N.
Wood, R.E.M., Lce-Cpl, Hants.
Woods, A., Pte, Hants.
Woodford, H.D., Gnr,1915,R.M.A.
V.T.C. 1915.
Bowman, F.J.,
Boys, W.,
Cutt, S., Collins, E.A.,
Sweetingham, G.,
Wills, F.J.,
Wilkins, T.J.,
V.T.C. 1917.
Boyes, C.,
Pike, G.,
Randall, E.,

Commonwealth War Graves in churchyard.

9343 Drummer
J.J. McQuade
E. Kent Regt. (The Buffs)
4th December 1915 Age 32

Until the day breaks

A.H. Harfield
Leading Stoker. RN. 307209
H.M.S. "Glatton"
18th September 1918

23641 Private
W.H. Adams
Royal Berkshire Regiment
16th June 1917 Age 23

He is not dead but sleepeth