Wooden screen at back of St Mary's Church


Chas. Frederick Mussel.
Pte. Hants Regt. 1914

William Light.
Pte. Manchester Regt. 1914

Lennox Dutton Shrimpton.
Cpl. Grenadier Gds. 1914

Frederick Robert Brown.
Pte. Hants Regt. 1915

Walter George Webb.
Sergt. Wilts Regt. 1915

Marx Webb.
Stoker 1st C. Torpedo Boat no 96. 1915

Leonard H.A. Herridge.
Cpl. Ontario Regt. 1915

Frank Henry J. Dumper.
Pte. Hants Regt. 1915

Geo Rainier Crawford, CB.
Colonel Duke of Wellingtons Reg 1915

Jack Stanley Powell.
Pte. Hants Regt. 1915

Thomas Mostyn Field.
Midshipman. HMS. Queen Mary.

Walter Chas. C. Cox.
Pte. Hants Regt. 1916

Geo William Hadley.
L-Cpl. Hants Regt. 1917

Edwin Platt.
Captain Winnipeg Rifles 1917

This screen was placed here
by Twyford People
in Gratitude
for God's mercies through
the war 1914 - 1918
and in memory
of Twyford men
who gave their lives for
their country.

George Mansell.
Pte. Dorset Regt. 1917

Walter Chas. H. Feltham.
Sergt. Hants Regt. 1917

Wm James Barnes.
Pte. Dorset Regt. 1917

George Collins.
Pte. Royal Irish Fusiliers. 1917

Walter Shave.
Pte. Worcestershire Regt. 1917

Bruce Hutchinson Campbell.
Lieut. Gordon Highlanders. 1918

Herbert Tring Sapsed.
Cpl. R.N.A.S. 1918

Albert Chas. Hickman.
Cpl. R.A.S.C. M.T.

Sydney A. Mussell.
Sergt. Hants Regt. 1918

Henry P. Parrott.
Pte. Lincolnshire Regt. 1918

William Eades.
Pte. M.G.C. 1918

Thomas Wm. Knight.
Pte. Devon Regt. 1918

Percy F.J. Allen.
Gunner R.H.A. 1919

Ernest Reason.
Staff Sergt. R.A.S.C. 1919

Alfred J. Higgins. 10th Hants.

Wooden plaque on wall in St Mary's Church

In loving memory of
Bruce Hutchinson Campbell.
Lieut. Gordon Highlanders of this parish
killed in action in Salonica Sept. 18 1918 aged 39.
Well done thou good and faithful servant.

Framed hand written scroll on wall in vestry.

St Mary's Bible Class.

Roll of honour.

Tell them, O guns, that we have heard their call,
That we have sworn and will not turn aside,
That we will onward till we win or fall,
That we will keep the faith for which they died.

William Price, A.S.C. Ex. .Force

Alfred Mansbridge, .. ..

Sydney Mussell 2/4 Hants. R.I.P.

Ernest Hadley, .. ..

Jack Powell, .. .. R.I.P.

George Collins, 1st R.I. Fusiliers. R.I.P.

Frederick Found, 2/4 Hants.

Frank Dumper, 2/4 Hants. R.I.P.

Harold Watts, .. ..

Ernest Drew, .. ..

Charles Cawte, .. ..

Walter Cook, Royal Navy.

William Harrison, A.S.C. M.T.

Charles Cox, 11th Hants. R.I.P.

Thomas Oxford, 13th Hants.

Lewis Walker, Royal Engineers

Frank Hunt, Hants. R.I.P.

William Sapsed, 3rd Hants.

Sydney Boyes, Royal Navy.

Peter Parrott, Hants. Carabineers. R.I.P.

Arthur Stratton, .. ..

Arthur Smith, T.Res.Batt.

E. Sawkins, Royal Engineers.

Cyril Laishly, T.Res.Batt.

R. Hickman, Royal Air Force.

T.W. Knight, Devons. R.I.P.

R.A. Miles, Royal Air Force.

F.R. Unsworth, .. .. ..

F. Hadley, Royal Marines.

A.H. Stratton, Hants.Reg.

Charles Wateridge, 6th Worcestershire.

Geoffrey Stevens, Royal Air Force.

A.B. Jannaway, R.Warwicks.

Percy Allen, R.H.A. R.I.P.

W. Watkins, Dorset Reg.

Percy Parrott, Gloucester Reg.

In Twyford Parish Hall two wooden plaques on the wall listing those who served abroad.

First Tablet.

1914 Men of Twyford who served abroad in the Great War 1918

W.R. Annals F. Abraham. A.E. Drew. F. Dumper. C. Harvey J. Hadley

A. Allen. J.W.H. Ambrose. W. Day. S. Day. E. Hadley. F. Hadley.

H.E. Drake-Brockman A. Day. H. Dangerfield. H. Hadley. J. Hickman

G.P.L. Drake-Brockman J. Dowse. F. Dicks. W. Herridge. L. Herage.

W. Brighman. F. Burfitt. T. Dicks. G. Edmonds. W. Hawkins. W. Harrison.

W. Bundy. R.L. Baker. J.J. Elliott. J.T. Elkins. E. Howells. H. Herage.

J.C. Bull. F. Budd. H. Eaton. F.W. Found. A. Hickman. C. Haines.

J. Barnard. A. Berner. M. Fabian. W. Fancy. C. Hobbs. H. Hodgson.

W. Baker. J. Cloke. W. Foard. F.E. Found. G. Hamilton. C. Hubbard.

W. Cook. C.E. Cawte. C.G. Found. J. Fraser. A. Ings. A. Jannaway.

W. Cousins. F. Cousins. J. Froud. F. Fidler. F. Johnson. A. Johnson.

W. Conduct. F. Coleman. H. Garratt. G.H. Gilbey. B. Jetton. H. Jetton.

R. Coleman. W.S. Cowland. O.S. Gilbey. H.V. Gillett. S. Jetton. F. Josland.

W. Cavell. F. Cannings. G. Guile. S.J. Guppy.

E. Cobb. L.W. Gilbert.

Second tablet.

1914 Men of Twyford who served abroad in the Great War 1918

H. Laishley. A. Laishley. F. Passingham. H. Page. G. Sharp. A. Stewart.

P. Long. B. Longman. P. Parrott. J. Padwick. J. Sawkins. G. Sawkins.

A. Lawrence. A. Lampard. J. Peadon. W. Pearcy. A. Sapsed. W. Sapsed.

L. Lampard. L. Light. G. Page. J.R. Poune. A. Talmage. H. Trent.

W. Light. L. Marriner. F.J. Parker. J. Plummer. A. Unsworth. R. West.

A. Mansbridge. F. Money. A. Reynolds. F. Reynolds. R. Watts. C. Wateridge.

W. Mansbridge. F. Mansell. R. Redman. H. Redman. H. Watts. E. Wateridge.

F. Matthews. H. Matthews. G. Ruby. G.M. Roberts. C. Wallis. W. Wateridge.

A. Matthews. G. Mansell. W. Shadwell. H. Smith. A. Wakely. G. Wakely.

A. Morriss. G.S. Morris. F.T. Smith. E. Smith. R. Walker. W. Webb.

L. Martin. S. Martin. A.J. Smith. B. Smith. R. Walker. A. White.

W. Newell. J. Neville. S. Smith. R. Sherfield. L. Walker. F. White.

W. Neville. C. Oxford. A. Steele. A. Stratton. G. White. G. White.

T. Oxford. F. Oxenbury. J. Steele. A.H. Stratton. P. White. R. White.

W. Saywell. D. Saywell. W. White. F.A. Yorke.jr.

Commonwealth War Graves in churchyard.

62913 Private
W. Eades.
Machine Gun Corps (Inf)
19th May 1918 Age 36

282864 Driver
P.F. Allen.
Royal Horse Artillery
10th April 1919 Aged 19.

Gone but not forgotten.

T/424781 Lance Cpl.
A. Carpenter.
Royal Army Service Corps
20th February 1921 Aged 33.

Safe in the arms of Jesus

4479 Private
W.G. Dale.
P.W.O. Civil Service Rifles
4th July 1916 Aged 42.

Private War Graves in churchyard.

Albert Charles Hickman 1890 - 1918
and his wife
Florence Grace 1886 - 1967.

In ever loving memory of
Private John Douglas Small
London Regiment Kensingtons,
Son of Albert and Emmie Small of "Elfords", Hastings,
who passed away at Hazeley Down Camp on September 29th 1916. Aged 18 years.
"Thy will be done."

To the memory of
Gerald Fortescue Longhurst
Commander D.S.O. Royal Navy
Died 8th Jan 1921. Aged 38.