Stone cross by roadside just outside parish room.

On front panel.

glorious dead
1914 - 1918

On back panel.

Renovated by
bonfire boys
* 1991 *

Stone tablet on wall in St Peter's Church.

At top of tablet.

To the Glory of God and in honour of the men who in the year 1914 and thereafter
went out from this parish and gave their lives in many widely sundered parts of
the world by sea and land and air. May God grant that whatever be the path of mankind
is destined to trace there may always in all countries be men who at the call
of that which they hold to be their duty will face death with like stedfastness

Six panels below inscription with names.

Pte.A.Biddle 2nd K.R.R.
Pte.F.Biddle 10th Hants.
Gunr.F.J.Bowers R.F.A.
Sergt.H.W.Bowers 15th Hants.
Pte.F.J.Bowers 14th Hants.
Pte.G.W.Bedford 1st East Yorks.
Cpl.E.C.Bowman 6th Hants.

Capt.F.T.D.Cade 11th Hants.
Pte.H.Couzens 1/7th Hants.
Pte.C.Chalk Austn. Infantry
Cpl.H.Edmunds 14th Hants.
G.Ford 1st class P.O.Stkr.H.M.S.Good Hope
Sergt.A.S.Fearne 1/6th Hants.
Bombdr.H.G.Fry R.F.A.

L.Cpl.J.H.Fleet 14th Hants.
Pte.E.Gamblin 6th Hants.
Pte.W.G.Gamblin R.M.L.I. H.M.S. Edgar
Sergt.W.Hatto 1st Hants.
Sergt.E.H.Heath R.A.V.C.
F.Leat Ldg.Stkr.H.M.S.Queen Mary
Pte.E.F.Light 15th Hants.

Cpl.W.T.Matthews 14th Hants.
P.G.Merritt P.O.Stkr.Submarine E.3
Cpl.R.Marriott R.E.
Pte.F.Newby 1st Hants.
Pte.A.Newby 15th Hants.
Gunr.E.E.Pharoah R.G.A.
2nd Lieut.D.Phelps 2nd Battn.R.Sussex

Pte.J.F.Price 7th Border Regt.
Pte.W.Sandy 2nd Hants.
J.Sims Ch.Stkr.H.M.S.Cressy
Pte.A.Smith 10th Hants.
Pte.W.Smith R.A.V.C.
Pte.F.Smith 10th Hants.
Pte.F.Stuart 1st D.C.L.I.

L.Cpl.V.G.Taylor 2nd Royal Berks.
Pte.D.B.E.Upshall 1st Northumberld.Fus.
F.E.Watts 1st Class P.O. Sailmaker H.M.S. Black Prince
C.L.Whittaker Mercantile Marine
Tpr.A.C.Whittaker Hants.Yeomanry
Pte.T.H.Wright 2nd Devons.

Marble plaque on wall in St Peter's Church.

In proud and loving memory of
Francis Thomas Darrel Cade,
Captain 11th Battalion Hampshire Regiment, (Pioneers)
who was killed in action near Ginchy,
Battle of the Somme, France,
September 6th 1916, aged 21 years,
only son of sidney E.P. Cade, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., Edin.,
and Ethel, his wife, of Titchfield.
His life for his country, his soul to God.