Wooden plaque on wall in St Peter & St Paul's Church.

In Memoriam
The Great War 1914 18

William Holloway A.B. H.M.S. Malaya - - - Age 20
Walter W. Wisewell A.B. H.M.S. Black Prince - - Age 21 - - - Jutland May 1916 - - -
Reginald B. Lambourne Lieut. 2nd Hants Regt, - - Age 21 - - - Gallipoli Jan. 1916 - - -
Youth Alderman Pte. 1st Dorset Regt. - - Age 26 - - - Hill 60 May 1915 - - -
Harry Matthews L.Corp 1st Wilts. Regt. - - Age 25 - - - Loos Nov. 1914 - - -
Faithful unto death

Brass plaque on marble on wall in St Peter & St Paul's Church.

To the Glory of God
and in proud and loving memory of
Roger Dyke Baker, Major East Lancashire Regt.
youngest son of
the late Revd. Henry De Foe Baker, Rector of this Parish.
Waziristan 1901: Somaliland 1904: medals with clasps: Dardanelles 1915:
Brigade Major 38th Brigade 13th Division: mentioned in despatches for gallantry.
On the 10th August in Gallipoli, though wounded at dawn, he led his
men all day, until at night he fell mortally wounded, aged 36.
He is buried at Lemos.
A just man that feareth God.
Requiescat in Pace.

Marble plaque on wall in St Peter & St Paul's Church. Recently a plaque of him was found in the village hall and placed below.

+ To the Glory of God
and the dear memory of
Charles Edward Hack
of this Parish, Captain
88th The Connaught Rangers.

He served with distinction in the South African War
and was killed in action near Laventie, France,
on the night of November 4th 5th 1914,
aged 37 years.
Death is swallowed up in victory

Wooden plaque on wall in War Memorial Hall.

Naught shall make us rue

Youth Alderman,Pte. William Holloway,AB.
Frank Bennett,Gunner Charles Edward Hack,Capt.
Henry Crouch,Rifleman Reginald B Lambourne,Lieut.
William Geo Crouch,Pte. Harry Matthews,LCorp.
Walter Wisewell,AB.
who gave their lives 1914 -18

If England to itself do rest but true