Stone cross on roadside just outside village on green.

Front panel.

To the Glory of God
and in grateful memory of
the men of Sway who fell
in the Great War

"Sons of this place, let this of you be said,
that you who live are worthy of your dead.
These gave their lives that you who live may reap
a richer harvest ere you fall asleep."

Right side panel.

W.R. Bowler 12th Hants
A.E. Clark H.M.S. Vanguard
J.C. Clark 19th Aus.I.F.
W. Death R.A.S.C
F. Etheridge 3rd Worcesters
B. Freeman M.G. Corps
A.J. Gates Tank Corps
G. Gates D.C.L.I
W.G. Gates H.M.S. Bayano
J.W. Goulding R.E
E.E. Hart 1/7th Hants
S.F. Hawke M.M. 2nd Hants
J.E. Hewlett 2/4th R. Berks
H.H. Hyde H.M.S. Bulwark
A.E. Jordan R.F.A

Back panel.


Left side panel.

B. Kitcher 7th Canadians
W. Kitcher 10th Hants
R.E. Knight 14th Hants
H.G. Maidment 2nd Dorsets
W.E. Nineham H.M.S. Hampshire
J. Pardy M.M. 10th Hants
C.W. Plumbly 2/4th Hants
E.E. Rickman 5th Glos
W. Rickman 2/7th Hants
B.G. Rickman 12th Hants
E.T. Rickman 4th Dorsets
B. Scott 15th London
J. Tregunna 1st Hants
P. Wright M.C. R.F.A.
S.K. Wright 8th Duke of Wellingtons

Extra tablet added below left side panel.

The following,
born in Sway, also gave their lives
in the Great War 1914 - 1918

William Bampton 15 Hamps
Henry Dowland 1/8 Hamps
Herbert Edward Hodges RFA
Joseph Arthur Rickman 2 Dorsets
Sidney Charles Rickman 1 Border
Reginald Shefford Young 10 Devons

Wooden tablet on wall in St Luke's Church, 3 columns of names.

+ As dying and behold we live +

W.R. Bowler.
A.E. Clark.
J.C. Clark.
W. Death.
F. Etheridge.
B. Freeman.
A.J. Gates.
G. Gates.
W.G. Gates.
J.W. Goulding.

E.E. Hart.
S.F. Hawke. M.M.
J.E. Hewlett.
H.H. Hyde.
A.E. Jordon.
B. Kitcher.
W. Kitcher.
R.E. Knight.
H.G. Maidment.
W.E. Nineham.

J. Pardey. M.M.
C.W. Plumbly.
E.E. Rickman.
W. Rickman.
B.G. Rickman.
E.T. Rickman.
B. Scott.
J. Tregunna.
P. Wright. M.C.
S.K. Wright.

* 1914 * All that they had they gave * 1918 *