War memorial on roadside in village.

This cross was erected
to the memory of those who fell in the
Great War 1914 - 1919.
by their fellow parishioners.

H. Baker. G. Holbrooke. J. Pescod.

W.J. Barnes. F. Hopgood E. Pike.

A.H.V. Bendle. G.E. Judge. J. Pike.

C. Benham. B.G. King. H.J. Pritchard.

F. Blake. O. King. W. Richards.

H.S. Cox. W. Kneller. W. Sims.

W.E. Cox. D.G. Mein. W.H. Thring.

F.G. Day. Miles Miley. G. Turnell.

W. Gibbons. J.R.H. McIntosh. C. Vollard.

H. Goodyear. H. Moorse. G. Wells.

H. Goodall. R.H.W. Moses. F.A. Willis.

S. Gunnell. W. Page.

H.F. Hibberd. W.J. Page.

"Their name liveth for evermore."

Hand written roll of honour in frame on wall in bell chamber in St Peter's church.

of the men who left the Parish of St Mary Bourne to serve in the
Great War 1914 - 1919

(First three columns)

A.E. Allen. Alfred Cook. F. Foster.

W. Allen. Alfred H. Cook. C. Frederick.

F. Annals. A. Cook. W.T. Freeman.

G. Baker. C.F. Cook. S. Gale.

H. Baker. Killed. F. Cook. Alfred Gibbons.

H. Baker. G.W. Cook. Arthur Gibbons.

W.J. Barnes. Killed. H. Cook. H. Gibbons.

A.H.V. Bendle. Killed. R. Cook. L. Gibbons.

H.G. Bendle. Sidney Cook. T. Gibbons.

F. Benham. S. James Cook. William Gibbons. Killed.

J. Benham. A.G. Cooper. Walter Gibbons.

W. Benham. C. Cooper. N. Golding.

C. Benham. Killed. H. Cooper. W. Golding.

H. Bevis. H.L. Cooper. G. Goodyear.

L. Bevis. P. Cooper. F.J. Goodyear.

T. Bevis. T. Cooper. H. Goodyear. Killed.

Joseph Biggs. J. Coster. W. Goodyear.

Walter Biggs. A. Cox. S.H. Goodyear.

William Biggs. E. Cox. H. Goodall. Killed.

F. Blake. Killed. H.B. Cox. L. Green.

G.V. Boys. H.S. Cox. Killed. S. Gunnell. Killed.

C. Brighfy. W.E. Cox. Killed. T. Gunnell.

T. Broad. W. Cox. C. Hatten.

A. Brown. Arthur Creighton. A. Hayward.

C.E. Brown. Albert Creighton. H. Hayward.

F. Brown. E. Culley. C. Harding.

H. Bunce. F. Cummins. G. Herde.

A. Bundy. G. Davis. H. Hibberd.

E. Burgess. R. Davis. H.F. Hibberd. Killed.

H. Burne. F. Day. W. Hibberd.

S. Burne. F.E. Day. B. Holbrooke.

A. Carey. F.G. Day. Killed. G. Holbrooke. Killed.

D. Caswell. W.J. Day. P. Holbrooke.

C. Choules. W. Dawes. A. Holloway.

G.E. Choules. W. Draron. C. Holdway.

H. Choules. F. Dyer.

W.F. Choules. F. Fidler.

E. Coffin.

(Last three columns)

H. Holdway. C.J. Nottage. W. Smith.

A.M. Holman. J.E. Nottage. F. Sims.

R.B. Holman. W. Page. Killed. S. Sims.

F. Hopgood. Killed. W.J. Page. Killed. W. Sims. Killed.

W. Hurst. N. Parker. M. Strange.

R. Jackson. R.T. Parker. F. Swatton.

E. Johnson. W. Parker. F. Tanswell.

C.E. Judge. Killed. F. Penny. R.P Theobalds.

A. Kent. J. Penny. F.G. Thring.

B.G. King. Killed. L.S. Penny. W.H. Thring. Killed.

O. King. Killed. J. Pescod. Killed. C.R. Tibble.

W. Kislingburg. E. Pike. Killed. E.J. Titt.

W. Kneller. Killed. J. Pike. Killed. E.W. Titt.

T. Langford. W.C. Piper. L.L. Tovani.

B.C. Loader. F. Poynter. W.R. Tovani.

F. Loader. W.H. Poynter. B. Trubridge.

G. Longman. H.J. Pritchard. Killed. G. Travis.

R. Longman. J. Purter. G. Turnell. Killed.

E. Lurton. S.H. Pyle. E. Vankins.

D.G. Mein. Killed. Albert E. Randall. F. Vankins.

A. Miley. Alfred W. Randall. E.A. Vine.

Miles Miley. Killed. Ernest Randall. C. Vollard. Killed.

C. Miller. G. Rainsford. H. Warwick.

J.R.H. McIntosh. Killed. A. Rawlings. J. Walters.

W. McIntosh. C. Robertson. F. Wedge.

F. Moorse. G. Royds. F.E. Wedge.

H. Moorse. Killed. W. Richards. Killed. E.C. Wedge.

Walter Moorse. F. Sandall. G. Wells. Killed.

William Moorse. W. Sandall. H. Wells.

R.H.W. Moses. Killed. J.L. Selfe. S. Whitbread.

W.J. Moy. E. Sellwood. A. Williams.

A.G. Mundy. F. Sellwood. L. Williams.

N. Neale. J. Sellwood. C.W. Willis.

R. Neale. S. Sellwood. D. Willis.

L.K. Neale. W. Sellwood. F.A. Willis. Killed.

A.G. Smith. V.J. Wiltshire.

C. Smith. C.E. Young.

J. Young.

Lest We Forget

Brass plaque on wall in church.

Erected by his Brother Officers
in memory of
Dudley Gerald Mein. M.C.
Lieut. 31st D.C.O. Lancers
and Second son of
Col. A. Lechmere Mein
R.E. Retd.
Born 1st May 1898
killed in action near Aleppo
26th October 1918
Aged 20 years.