February 2006


Three brass plaques under windows in St Denys Church, inscription at bottom of each window.

Inscriptions on each window.

To the Glory of God
and parish who laid

Greater love hath no man

and in grateful memory
down their lives in the

than this that a man lay

of all from this church
Great War 1914 -1918

down his life for his friends

Three brass plaques with three columns of names on each under windows.

Left plaque.

Abraham, Alfred L.P. Cpl.10th Hts.
Allen, Albert Pte.L.Sct'sh.
Andrews, William Pte. 2nd Hts.
Aslett, Charles J. Pte.7thD.Gds.
Attwood, George Drv. R.F.A.
Ayles, John Pte. 1st Hts.
Ayles, John H. Cpl. 1st Hts.
Barnes, Albert E. Gnr. R.N.
Bedford, Percy A. Stkr. R.N.
Bennett, William P. Major R.E.
Botterill, Stuart Rflm. L.R.B.
Brown, James Pte. 9th Hts.

Brundritt, Norman W. Pte. 7th Lon.
Chapman, Harold J. Pte.10th M'sex.
Chester, Alfred Pte. Hants.
Church, Henry F. 1st Cl.Boy R.N.
Clanchy, Harold Pte. Gr.Gds.
Clarke, Arthur W. Pte. 20th Lon.
Cooper, Edwin J. Pte. Lab.Co.
Cropp, Ernest A. Sgt. 1st Wts.
Culley, Sidney Pte. 2nd Wts.
Cummings, Dudley D. Pte. 1st S.Gds.
Cummings, Leonard D. Gnr. R.F.A.
Curran, Stanley A. Pte. 15th Hts.

Curtis, Percival J. Ld.Stk. R.N.
Cutler, Harry A. Pte. E.Yks.
Deagon, Harry J. L.Cpl.2nd Wts.
Dibden, Arthur W. Stk.P.O., R.N.
Dimmock, Walter W. Pte. 3rd Hts.
Dixey, Cecil A. Cpl. R.E.
Downer, Walter C. Cpl. 2nd Hts.
Drew, Frederick J. 2nd Lt. R.G.A.
Durant, Reginald C. Pte. 2nd Wts.
Evans, George S. L.Cpl.1st Hts.
Evans, Edgar H. Pte. 6th Wts.
Farr, Percival W.F. Cd.I.Ct.O.T.C.

Middle plaque.

Flood, William G. Pte. S.W.Bor.
Francis, Charles L. Gnr. R.F.A.
Franklin, R.Bruce Pte. M.G.C.
Franklin, Percival G.Capt. K.O.L.R.
Freeborn, Charles J. Cpl.Hts.R.H.A.
French, Cyril E. Cpl. 2nd Wors.
Fulford, William Pte. 2nd Hts.
Gardner, Harry R. E.R.A., R.N.
Gibbard, Charles W. Pte. 1st Hts.
Gibson, Harry O.S. Lt. 11th Lon.
Gilmore, Frank S. Gnr. R.G.A.
Goree, Walter C. Pte. 2nd Hts.

Green, Charles Pte. R.M.L.I.
Grist, Fred Pte. 4th Hts.
Guest, Albert Pte. 2nd E.Su.
Harris, E.Edward Pte. 11th Hts.
Harris, Edwin J. Pte. 5th Hts.
Harris, Thomas V. Pte. 2nd Hts.
Hazell, Reginald Sgt. 9th Sux.
Hounsome, Albert Pte. 2nd Hts.
Hounsome, Thomas Pte. 5th Glo.
Howell, Maurice I.B. Lt. Q.R.W.Su.
Jeans, William J. Pte. R.A.S.C.
Jewell, Bertram Bkr. M.Mar.

Kendall, Frederick A. Cpl. Gr.Gds.
Large, Percy F. Lt. Dur.L.I.
Law, Arnold W. Pte. D.C.L.I.
Lee, William C.A. Pte. Sct.Gds.
Lyne, Leonard G. Pte. 1st So.L.I.
Marshall, Charles F. Gnr. R.G.A.
Marshall, William H. Pte. 5th R.Bks.
Metters, Wilfred Pte. E.Lan.
Nicholas, James C.Stw M.Mar.
Oxford, George W. Pte. 5th Hts.
Paul, Walter Pte. 1st Hts.
Pearce, Arthur L.Cpl. 1st Dor.

Right plaque.

Pearcey, Ernest A. Pte. 4th Wts.
Pipe, Joseph T. Stk.P.O., R.N.
Piper, Herbert A. Pte. 9th Lan.
Piper, James W. Pte. 2nd Hts.
Popplestone, A.H. 2nd Lt. Sh.For.
Read, George Gnr. R.G.A.
Reddell, Frederick R. Ld.Sig. R.N.
Reddell, Percy G. Stk.1stCl. R.N.
Richards, Frederick Gnr. R.F.A.
Saint, William G C. Pte. R.A.M.C.
Senior, Frederick W. 1stCl.Boy R.N.
Shave, Herbert Pte. 1st Hts.

Shefferd, Charles W.Pte. 10th Hus.
Smith, Arthur 2ndLt. 2nd Dvn.
Soffe, Arthur Sap. R.E.
Soper, Frank Gnr. R.G.A.
Stevens, Henry Pte. R.D.C.
Stoneman, Alfred G. Sap. R.E.
Stratton, Alfred C. Cpl. 3rd Wts.
Stride, William H. Pte. 1st S.Gds.
Strugnell, Cecil F. Pte. Gr.Gds.
Thorn, Frederick A. Stw. M.Mar.
Toms, Charles W. Ar.Sgt.R.A.O.C.
Wain, Charles L. Pte. 10th Msex.

Wallis, James L.Cpl.4th Hts.
Wallis, John E. Stw. M.Mar.
Watridge, Frederic H. Pte. 2nd Hts.
Winkworth, Albert Pte. R.D.C.
Winkworth, Alfred A.B. R.N.
Woolgar, John G. Pte. 8th Glo.
Young, Ernest Fman. M.Mar.
Marchant, Reginald E. Pte. Col.Gds.
Trodd, Kitty V.A.D., B.Red Cross.