(See also Boarhunt)

Brass plaque on wall in St James without the Priory Gate Church.

In memory of the following officers
& men of the parishes of Southwick
and Boarhunt who died gloriously
for their Country.
Lewis Stubbs M.C. Lieut. R.G.A.
Ayette. France. 29th March 1918.
Herbert C. Stubbs Gunner R.M.A.
H.M.S. Hogue. North Sea. 22nd Sept. 1914.
John Rowe Leading Seaman R.N.
H.M.S. Good Hope. Chili. 12th Nov. 1914.
George Rowe Pte. R.M.L.I.
H.M.S. Vicknor. Irish Coast. 13th Jan. 1915.
William Olding Pte. 14th Hants Regt.
Richburgh St Vaast. France. 25th July 1915.
William H. Messem Pte. 2nd Hants Regt.
Gallipoli. 8th May 1915.
William V. Blackman Pte. 10th Glos. Regt.
France. 17th April 1918.
Stephen Ware Pte. 12th Hants Regt.
Salonica. 25th April 1917.
Alfred B. Barfoot Sergt. R.M.L.I.
Arras. France. 28th April 1917.
William E. Daniels Pte. 2nd Coldstream Gds.
Ypres. France. 9th Oct. 1917
George W. Steere Pte. Canadian M.G.C.
Passchendaele. Flanders. 26th Oct. 1917.
Arthur J. Wing Sergt. Pilot 84th Sqd R.A.F.
Forest of Mormal. France. 5th Nov. 1918.
William J. Oughton Rifleman R.I.R.
Belgium. 16th Aug. 1917.
Henry Webb Sergt. 106 Siege Battery R.G.A.
France. 14th Sept. 1918.

Printed scroll with hand written names framed on wall in St James without the Priory Gate Church.

to serve
by land

those who
our King
and sea

are asked
have gone
& Country
and air

Our Roll of Honour

F. Buckley.
C.F. Bowman.
C.E.P. Long.
L.R. Stubbs. *
J. Faithful.
G. Attrill.
B. Barfoot. *
W. Goodall.
T. Pierce.
C. Stubbs. *
H. Evans.
E. Morley.
J. Bartlett.
B. Nobes.
F. Tomlin.
T. Rowe.
S. Rowe.
J. Rowe. *
W. Rowe.
G. Rowe. *
O. Tucker.
H. Bartlett.
R. Weavil.
A.H. Leppard.
A.G. Leppard.
F. Ware.
E. Leppard.
W. Olding. *
W. Ware.
H. Ware.
J. Ware.
G. Ware.
J. Ware.
C. Stubbs.
F. Stubbs.
J. Faithfull.
J. Faithfull.
F. Faithfull.
R. Colwell.
B. Colwell.
F. Gilbert.
E. Wesley.

A.G. Gilbert.
C. Ferguson.
F. Ferguson.
L. Daniels.
H. Daniels.
A. Wesley.
A. Wesley.
W. Wesley.
C. Cragg.
G. Mansbridge.
G. Barfoot.
G. Pearce.
B. Edney.
E. Carter.
B. Carter.
J. Grant.
W. Messam. *
W. Brown.
H.J. Gilbert.
J. Bedford.
W. Ainsworth.
F. Harfield.
S. Ware.
W. Ware.
A. Faithfull.
H. Faithfull.
P. Crook.
J. Daniels.
H.D. Harfield.
G. Smith.
R. Steere.
W. Faithfull.
T. Scott.
Dr. Balthasar.
C. Carter.
A. Carter.
N. Padwick.
J. Long.
J. Lashley.
Wm. Painter.
H. Crook.
A. Grayer.
1914 - 1918

J. Grayer.
W. Steere. *
G. Parrett.
F. Cragg.
W. Rogers.
H. Rogers.
G. Pearce.
T. Pearce.
H. Rowe.
C. Colwell.
C. Boulter.
F. Pearce.
A. Palmer.
Wm. Daniels. *
G. Faithfull.
Wm. Carter.
B. Crook.
W.G. Vale.
H.L. Vale.
Wm. Painter.
E. Wesley.
D.V. Blackman. *
T.H. Chiverton.
A.H. Bone.
T.L. Bone.
N.V. Bone.
C.G. Brown.
R.J. Brown.
R.T. Brown.
E. Carter.
A. Clay.
R. Fairweather.
E.A. Gregory.
G.W. Gregory.
F.A. Harfield.
A.V. Murrant.
B.F. Nobes.
A.J. Saker.
L.H. Stretten.
C. Boulter.
C. Boulter.
N.J. Oughton.
A.A. Childs.

* Killed in Action.