Glazed copper plaque mounted on a stone base in the Ordnace Survey grounds.
(Originally mounted on the side of an old building on the site.)

The two left hand columns are WW1 names & the two right columns WW2 names.

Above all columns.

In memory of those members of Ordnance Survey
who gave their lives in the World Wars

Two left columns.

1914 - 1918

Atkinson, C.
Barnes, W.J.
Bear, J.H.
Bellingham, G.
Benlow, F.H.
Bennett, G.E.
Bird, C.W.
Burrows, F.W.
Cahill, T.
Casserly, T.
Cleary, J.
Coles, A.E.
Croft, O.R.
Cronin, J.
Cusack, O.
Devonshire, J.H.
D'Hooghe, M.W.
Dixey, C.A.
Donnellan, J.
Dullea, J.
Farr, P.W.K.
Fuidge, J.H.
Gilpin, J.C.
Goddard, E.H.
Haddock, J.
Harvey, F.G.
Hayes, T.
Herlihy, J.
Horton, A.
Howard, J.W.
Jones, R.H.
Kelly, J.
Kennedy, M.J.
Kenny, D.

Killian, P.
Knowlton, L.
Lawson, C.
Lenderyou, G.H.
Lynch, T.J.
McCarthy, T.J.
McIlroy, W.
Martin, B.
Nightingale, E.A.
Parry, R.G.
Pattison, J.S.
Quinton, H.
Rimmer, J.
Rogers, E.
Rogers, O.C.
Ross, A.W.R.
Russell, H.W.
Salter, G.H.K.
Scarff, H.M.
Simmons, T.
Smith, A.E.
Stander, B.
Stevenson, J.
Stoyle, H.G.
Stride, H.
Tatum, F.S.
Thomas, F.
Thompson, G.R.
Trimmer, G.E.
Walsh, T.
Warr, F.T.
Waterman, R.E.
Wilde, I.