Glass panels each side of the Great War Cenotaph.
(Any names in red were added to the listing when the wall was created in 2013and were not originally listed on the Cenotaph.)

First panel.

GREAT WAR 1914 - 1918

Aaron John Joseph
Abbott William Henry
Abery Ernest Sidney F
Abraham Alfred L P
Abraham Felix
Adams Ernest Geo.
Adams John George
Adams Leonard
Adams William George
Adamson Edwin Thirlwell
Adderley Walter J
Ahern Richard
Ahern Rodney
Ahier Clarence John
Aitken Alexander Y B
Akerman Arthur W
Aldis Owen Basil
Aldridge N
Alexander Leonard G
Allan James
Allan Thomas
Allcock Horatio
Allen Albert F
Allen Alexander
Allen Frank Albert
Allen G
Allen George Grieg
Allen Henry Albert
Allen John Briar
Allen William
Allen William James
Ames Frank
Anderson Albert Mark
Anderson James
Anderson John Aitken
Anderson William
Anderson William Christian
Andrews A J
Andrews Arthur Charles
Andrews George Arthur
Andrews Harold Edward
Andrews Leonard Gordon
Andrews Reuben
Andrews W
Andrews William Joseph
Angel James William
Annett George Leo
Anscombe Fred
Applin Richard
Argyle William Frederick
Armishaw George
Armstrong Albert H
Armstrong Leonard
Arney Ernest William
Arnold Ernest Albert
Arrondeau George
Arthur Albert Edward

Arthur Harry
Ashbolt Herbert Henry
Ashby Raymond
Asher Frederick Victor
Asher Henry Albert
Ashford Sidney John
Ashlett Charles James ??Aslett Charles J
Ashton William Charles
Atkinson Harry
Attwater Keith Falconer
Attwood George Henry
Attwood Harold A
Austin Frank
Aveson Walter
Axtell Henry
Ayles John
Ayles John Henry

Bacon Francis Hugh
Baggott Thomas
Bagley William Henry
Bagshaw Frank Vivian
Bailey A E
Bailey Ernest
Bailey Frank Alfred
Bailey George Ernest
Bailey Herbert
Bailey J J
Bailey William G
Bailey William James Percy
Baines Ernest James
Baines Lawrence
Baird Joseph
Baker Frederick
Baker Frederick Charles
Baker Godfrey Ernest
Baker John James
Baker Percy
Baker Walter
Baker William
Ball Albert Victor
Ball Frank Aylward
Ball Henry Leslie
Ball W
Balls Ernest
Bampton Henry
Banger Alfred William
Banks Alfred Charles
Banks G
Banks George
Banks William Francis
Barber George
Barclay John Oliver Wallace
Barge A A
Barker Philip John
Barling Alfred
Barlow William Stegar

Barnes Albert Edward
Barnes Edward John
Barnes Ernest James
Barnes Francis Frederick
Barnes George Henry
Barnes Reginald John
Barnes Richard
Barnes William James
Barnes William Joseph
Barnes William Robert
Barrrow Frederick Henry
Barrow Hector H
Barrow Joseph Bernard
Barry John
Barter Arthur Sydney James
Barter Harry
Bartholomew Bertie
Bartholomew Harold
Bartholomew Henry James
Bartholomew William J H
Bartlett Archibald Frank
Bartlett Ernest Sydney
Bartlett F T
Bartlett Herbert George
Bartley Arthur C
Bartley Thomas
Barton George
Barton Victor
Bassett Thomas Arthur
Bastable Cecil James
Batchelor Frank
Batchelor Maurice David
Bath Harold F
Batt C Edward Ernest
Batten Fred
Baudains Albert
Bayley Albert Edward
Beadle George Whitmore
Beale Albert Edward
Bessant William Edward
Beavis Albert
Beavis Edward
Beazley Sidney
Beck John Charles
Beckley Arthur
Bedford Percy Ashton
Beecher William John
Bell George
Bell George Alford
Bell J
Bell Reginald Victor
Bellenie Raphael
Beller Lucien Charles
Bench James George
Benlow Frederick Henry
Benner Edward
Benner Edwin

Bennett A J
Bennett F C B P
Bennett George Edward
Bennett George Ernest
Bennett Percy
Bennion Edwin
Benson Henry Walker
Bentham James Hiram
Bentley Charles
Berry Frank Thomas
Berry Godfery C
Bertram L H
Besant W E
Best William Frederick
Betts Cecil Albert
Bickers Edward Coulson
Biddlecombe Edward
Biddlecombe Frank
Biddlecombe George T
Biggs H C W
Biles Albert E
Biles John C
Biles Samuel
Biles William Frederick
Binney Albert Henry
Binney Alfred Edward
Birch Ernest Arthur
Birch H
Bishop Alfred George
Bishop Arthur Edward
Bishop James Alfred
Bisson Harold Charles
Blachford Arthur
Black Bryce
Black William Hugh
Blair L
Blake Albert Henry
Blake Charles Edmund
Blake Ernest Frederick
Blake George Henry
Blake Percival Leonard
Blandford Thomas
Blanford James Herbert
Blanford Thomas
Board Richard Frank
Bond Frederic Percy
Bone Albert
Bone George
Bone Thomas J
Boniface Arthur Sparshott
Boniface Frank
Bonk Frederick
Bonk Robert Ernest
Booth Robert Ernest
Bornett Jules
Boss Albert Edward
Bosworthick Francis

Bosworthick William Ernest
Botterill Stuart
Botting Reginald Allan
Bougourd William Henry
Boulter Charles H
Bourne Albert Edward
Boursnell Augustus John
Boursnell John
Bowden F J
Bowditch Arthur R
Bowen George Wilton
Bowers Frederick
Bowers George
Bowers Henry James
Bowers Percy
Bowles John
Bowles Percy Reginald
Bowyer Seymour ??Bowyer William R S
Boyce Cresswell Edward
Boyce George Edwin
Boyes Arthur William
Boyes William Henry
Brackstone William
Braham Paul
Brannon Bertram R U
Bray Samuel George
Braye Bertram
Brett George Ernest
Brewer Bert
Brewer Frederick George
Brice Arthur
Bridgen Walter Sidney
Bridger Ernest Edward
Brierley George Henry
Bright Howard
Brine Frederick
Brisland James
Brixey Fred
Brixley Albert
Brookman James
Broom Thomas
Broomfield Alfred H
Broomfield Bertram Douglas
Broomfield George H
Broomfield Henry
Brown Albert
Brown Alfred James
Brown Alexander Henry
Brown Arthur E
Brown Benjamin A
Brown Cecil Leslie
Brown Charles
Brown Frank Frederick
Brown Frederick Hyde
Brown George
Brown Hugh
Brown James Edward

Brown James Frederick Walter
Brown John B
Brown Joseph
Brown Norman William
Brown Reginald Thomas
Brown William
Brown William James
Brown William Norman
Browne Oswald Claude
Browne Sidney John
Brownrigg Thomas
Brundritt Norman
Bryant John Yearworth
Buchan Douglas
Buckett Edgar L
Buckle G
Buckle George W
Buckle John (Jack)
Bucknill John Charles
Bucknill Llewellyn Morris
Budd Thomas
Budden Frank F
Budden Frederick J
Budden Henry
Budden Reginald
Buley Edward
Bull Arthur Henry
Bullock William
Bulpett Bertram
Bulpitt Joseph Henry
Bulstrode George Frank Robert Oliver
Bundy Albert Arthur
Bundy Alfred William
Bungay Albert Frank
Bungey S T
Bunn Albert Victor
Bunney William Augustus
Burden Charles Edward
Burley William Ernest
Burlinson W
Burns Daniel
Burridge Albert Henry
Burrington Percival Charles
Burroughs Bernard Prendergast
Burroughs Henry
Burt Frank William
Burt Frederick Charles ??Burt Charles
Burt John O
Burt Leonard Robert
Burton Harold George
Burton Wilhelmina
Bush Joseph Henry
Butler Henry
Butler William
Butt Arthur
Butt F
Buxey Francis William

Buxey George Francis Frederick
Bynam Arthur C
Byrch A W
Byrne W E

Camfield Walter
Camfield William
Campbell Robert
Candy Archibald H
Carden Robert
Cardy Frank
Carey Frank
Carey Percy G
Carmichel F
Carpenter Albert Edwin
Carpenter Ronald Percy
Carr William Herbert
Carroll Albert Ernest
Carroll C Daniel
Carroll William
Carroll William C
Carter Edward George
Carter George
Carter John Arthur
Carter Walter William
Carter William
Carter William Henery
Carver Edward James
Castle Charles
Castle Frank
Cavill Reginald
Cawte William George
Chainey Frederick
Chamberlain Arthur
Chandler William Thomas
Chaplin Frederick Hardress
Chaplow William
Chapman Harold John
Chapman Herbert
Chapman William Henry
Chappel Charles Edward
Chappell Arthur Lionel
Charman Albert Henry
Charnell George Edward
Charnock Singleton
Chase Henry
Cheetham John
Chenoweth James
Cherrett Bertram Walter
Cherrett Charles F
Chester Alfred Nelson
Chick Harry
Child Albert Ernest
Childs George
Chipp Stanley White
Chiswell Filmer
Chiswell Harry Lons

Christmas Cecil
Christopher Alfred George
Chubb Frederick George
Church Henry
Churcher E
Clanchy Harold
Clark Albert Thomas
Clark Ernest
Clark Frederick
Clark Henry
Clark J W E
Clark Jack Stanley
Clark James
Clark John E
Clark Thomas H
Clark Tom
Clark Walter James
Clark William
Clark William T R
Clarke Arthur William
Clarke Harry Hamilton
Clarke William J
Clasby George Wilfred
Clasby Stephen Charles
Claude O
Clements Eric
Clements John Trenry
Cleverley George Dorson
Clifford Montague
Clifford William Henry
Clift Sydney Frank
Clitheroe Frederick Arthur
Clotheier Ernest F
Clotheier Frank
Clow William
Clulee Cyril Shakespeare
Coakley W P
Coffin Cecil James
Colbern Frank Hugh
Colbern Herbert George
Colcomb E W
Cole Cecil
Cole Charles Henry
Cole George
Cole George Ernest
Cole Harry
Coles Frederick William
Collet Charles H
Collins Alexander
Collins Charles Frederick
Collins Harry Osborn
Collins Martyn
Collis Ernest Arthur
Collis Percy Harold
Collyer Edward Ernest
Comley J
Comport Charles John

Second panel.

Comrie Alexander Peter
Constable Frederick Horace
Cook Alexander Ernest
Cook Ernest C
Cook Everett
Cook Henry
Cook John
Cook Thomas
Cook Victor George
Cook William
Cook William Henry
Cooke Everek William
Cool Edward George
Coombs Fred
Coombs Reggie
Cooms Walter John
Cooper Edwin J
Cooper Francis John
Cooper George Arthur
Cooper Reginald John
Copp Harold Gordon
Copp William Bernard
Coppin F E H
Coppin N D
Cotrel Agustus
Cotterall William
Cotton Albert Ernest
Cotton Frederick John
Cotton William
Cotton William Frank
Couper Reginald Maxwell
Courtney Alfred Henry
Courtney William Robert
Cousins Arthur Henry
Cousons Arthur Henry
Cox Albert Henry
Cox Albert Thwaites
Cox Clemens Leslie
Cox Frederick James
Cox Harry
Cox John William
Coxwell W S G
Craddock William
Craddock William Thomas
Crease Jesse P
Crease Thomas McBeath
Creswell John
Critchell Samuel
Croft Oscar Reginald
Crook Ernest H
Crook Ernest Percival
Crook Ernest Richard
Crook W
Crook William H
Crook William Henry
Croop Ernest Albert
Cross Arthur Reginald

Cross McArthur M
Cross Stanley
Cross Stanley Henry
Croucher Charles
Croucher William ??Croucher Henry J W
Cull Robert
Cullen William Charles
Culley Sidney
Culver Frank Horace
Cummins Dudley Day
Cummins J
Cummins Leonard Day
Cummins Leonard Dixon
Cummins William
Cunningham Andrew
Cunningham John
Cunningham Martin
Curran Stanley Arthur
Curry William John
Curtis Alfred David
Curtis C F
Curtis C H
Curtis Percival James
Cutler Harry
Cutler William

Dack William H H
Dacre Gerald Charles
Dagnell William James
Dale Victor
Dallas William Frederick
Danes William Charles
Daniel William
Daniels William Frederick
Darby John William
D'Arcy John Henry
Dark William George
Dashwood Ronald Philimore
Davey Washington ?? Davey Gerald W
Davie Archibald C
Davies F H
Davies Henry Jenkins
Davis Albert B
Davis Henry Edward
Davis Walter John
Daw Henry James
Dawkins Alfred V A
Dawkins Charles James
Dawkins Frank
Dawkins Frederick George
Dawkins James
Dawkins Wilfred Thomas
Dawkins W
Day Lionel Victor
Day Owen Heathcote Lacy
Day Sidney Edwin
Day W

Day William G
Day William Robert Medway
Deagon Henry James
Deagon Henry John
Deahl Reginald
Dean David George
Dear William Thomas
Deathe Bert
Deem William Henry Thomas
Denham Edward
Denham James William
Dewey William
Dibben Alfred Herbert
Dibben E
Dibben George
Dibden Arthur William
Dibden Edwin Thomas
Dibden William Harry
Dickson J A
Dimmock Walter Harry Montague
Dinsdale Francis
Dixey Cecil Arthur
Dixon Arthur Augustus
Dixon John Henry
Dixon Leonard Stanesby
Dodridge William James
Doe George Henry John
Doling Arthur Charles
Dolphin David
Dominy Leonard Preston
Doncom Edward Thomas Baden
Doncom Montague Albert
Donelly William Michael
Dooley S B
Doran Joseph
Dore Harold Frank
Dorrington Thomas Charles
Doswell Wilfred Henry
Douglas Ernest Gordon
Douglas William
Dove Donald Clapman
Dow Thomas Mitchell
Dowding M C
Downer Walter
Downer Walter Charles
Dowrick Robert Cecil
Dowsett William R C
Doyle Walter
Doyle William
Drake George
Draper Ernest Frederick
Draper Sidney George
Drew Frederick James
Drew Frederick John
Drew Frederick William Eldridge
Duffin Andrew Joe
Duffy James

Duggan William Douglas
Dumaresq Alfred
Duncan John Wilson
Duncan Leonard George
Duncom Edward Thomas B
Dunning Francis Henry
Dunnings G
Dunsford Reginald Martin
Dunster W T
Durant Reginald Charles
Durbin William W
Durdle Reginald William
Durham James Francis
Durham William
Dyer Herbert Frank
Dymott Herbert Edward

Eacott John
Earl James
Earley Egbert Edward
Earley Francis Joseph
Early Cecil Dean
Earney A G A
Easter William
Eastham George Henry
Eaton Charles John
Ebborn George Albert
Ebborn Harold Herbert
Ebling Bertie
Edgar Samuel
Edkins Philip E
Edmonds William
Edmunds John
Edwards H
Edwards Henry
Edwards J R
Edwards W
Edwards William Tomas
Egremont Godfrey Llewellyn Mortimer
Egremont Herbert Reginald U
Eldridge Frederick
Elkington Walter Henry
Elkins Samuel
Ellaway Frank
Elliott Frederick Sidney
Elliott Harry
Elliott John
Ellis Oliver W
Elton Frederick John
Elton George Kenward
Emanuel Frederick Charles
Embers Charles Wm
Emery George
Emm Thomas
Ensor Charles Edward
Ensor James
Enwright William Frederick

Epps George ?? Epps Alan Edward G
Etheridge Fitz John
Etheridge George Watson
Etheridge Leonard Wilfred
Evans Edgar Henry
Evans George Stanley
Evans Thomas Henry
Everett Alfred
Extance Caleb
Eyers Bertie
Eyers Ernest
Eyers Ernest Harold
Eyres Walter

Fallowfield Robert Goodwin
Fargher Albert Edward
Farnan John William
Farr Percival W K
Farrant George H S
Farrow Charles
Faulkner Richard Thomas
Fawcus Walter
Fay Edgar
Fellow James
Felton James
Felton S T
Felton Tom James
Ferry G
Ferry George Henry
Few William T
Field William Samuel
Fielder Charles Robert
Finch Alfred George
Finch Arthur
Finch Arthur Herbert
Findlay William
Finney Edwin Newland
Fisher Alfred Gilbert
Fisher James Charles
Fitzgerald John Henery
Fitz-John Charles Henry
Fletcher John
Fletcher Reginald Percy
Fletcher Thomas
Flood William
Flood William George
Flower Arthur Ernest
Flux Henry Charles
Foot Frederick
Foot Percy Ernest
Ford Alfred Marnie
Ford Charles
Ford Charles Thomas
Ford Edward
Ford Frederick Bertie
Ford George
Ford George Edward Alexander

Ford John Michael
Ford Leonard George
Forrester John Arthur
Foskett Harry
Foster L
Foster V
Found John
Fowler George
Fox Arthur
Foy William Archibald
Frailey William James
Frampton Albert H
Frampton William Frederick
Francis Charles
Francis S W
Fransham Agnes Mary
Fraser Bert W
Frederick Charles
Frederick Frank William
Freeborn Charles James
Freeborn Fredrederick George
Freeman Arthur Tiller
French Arthur William
French Cyril E
Fripp Ernest John
Fry E
Fry George Henry
Fry Harold Robert
Fudge Walter George
Fuidge Jack Henry
Fulford William
Fulgoney Dominic
Fuller Frederick
Furley Ernest Herbert

Gaffney Charles Dawson
Gaichino Joseph
Gaiger Keith ?? Gaiges Ernest E K
Gaines Alfred John
Gale Arthur Thomas ?? Gale Alfred Thomas
Gale Frank George
Gale George Ralph
Gale Tom
Galsworthy Ernest Charles
Gandy Cyril
Gannaway Arthur
Gannaway Robert N
Gannaway William George
Gardner Harry Raymond
Garland Claude
Garland Francis Gerard
Garry Kenneth
Gates A
Gates T
Gay Hubert Lee
Gay Robert J
Gear Cecil Dudley
Gear Oscar

Gentles Thomas
George Leonard
German Frank John
German Walter Frederick
German William Peters
Gibb Frank Moray
Gibbard Charles
Gibbons John Thomas
Gibbs F J
Gibbs G H
Gibbs Stanley Gordon
Gibbs William
Gibson Charles G
Giffard Thomas
Gifford William J
Gilbert W
Giles Charles Frederick
Gilfoy Albert Henry
Gill Frederick
Gillard William George
Gillen James
Gillespie Charles John
Gilliam Henry James
Gillibrand Roy Harold
Gilmore Frank Stewart
Ginn H J
Ginn Stanley
Giorgis Giovanni
Glasspool Edwin Alexander
Goanes J A
Goddard Charles
Goddard Frederick James
Goddard William
Godwin George William
Gomes Joseph
Good Alfred Ernest
Good George William
Goodall Benjamin
Goodall Bertram
Goodall Frederick George
Goodall Sidney
Goodbold James
Goodchild Charles Henry
Goodchild William Frederick
Goodridge M H
Goodwin Leonard James
Gookey George Victor
Gookey John George
Gordon Alfred
Gordon James Douglas
Gordon Sidney

Goree Walter Charles
Gosling Albert Edward
Gosney Thomas Henry
Goulden Frank
Goulding William
Gover L C

Gradidge Albert Fred
Gradidge Joseph Percival
Grant Arthur
Grant John Edward
Grant John Emmanuel
Grant Robert Harry
Gravett Victor
Green Albert Edward
Green Charles
Green Charles Ernest
Green Charles James
Green Charlie Frank
Green Don
Green F C
Green Orlando William
Green William
Greenaway Francis
Gregory Bert Albert
Gregory Frank
Gregory Thomas James
Gregson George
Grey William
Griffen Sidney George
Grist Fred Henry
Grist Frederick
Gritt James Alfred
Groves Alfred Edward
Groves Charles W
Groves Ernest Fred
Groves Ronald Jack
Gubbins George
Gubbins Harold
Guest Albert
Gurd William Edwin
Gurr Harry Leslie
Gurr Stanley ?? Gurr Edward George S
Gutteridge Eric Lancelot
Guy Albert
Guy Charles Edward

Habgood Walter Joseph
Hackett Ernest Frank
Hackett Henry
Hacking C H
Haddican Edward
Haddock Godfrey
Haddon Arthur Albert
Haidingham Samuel
Haines George E
Haines Leonard
Hainsworth Samuel William
Hale L E
Hale Wilfred
Hales James G
Hales W
Hales Wilfred L
Haley Charles Thomas

Third Panel

Halford Walter Norman
Hall Cecil
Hall Charles Henry
Hallett Walter
Hallett F T
Hallett Frank
Hallium Howard George
Hamilton Michael James
Hamm Bertie
Hammond A
Hammond Frank
Hammond Patrick
Hammond Thomas Patrick
Hammond William T
Hampton Archibald
Hampton Bernard Cecil ?? Hamton Bernard Cecil
Hampton Charles Henry
Hampton Frederick William
Hampton Henry
Hampton Richard
Hancock W
Handley Charles
Harbut Richard
Hardie F
Harding Arthur George
Harding George Charles
Harding Henry James
Hardy A
Hardy Charles William
Harison Charles William
Harland William
Harman Cecil Rochfort
Harper G
Harper Harry
Harper Richard Henry
Harrington John Herbert
Harris A
Harris Bertie Edward
Harris Charles Victor
Harris Courtney Thomas
Harris Edward E
Harris Edwin John
Harris Ephraim Edward
Harris Frederick
Harris George William
Harris John C
Harris S H
Harris Thomas Victor
Harris Victor Augustus
Harrison C W
Harrison James
Harrison W
Hart S
Hartley Norman Curtis
Hartley Reginald
Harvey George B
Harvey Jesse

Harvey William Edward
Harwood Henry Harold
Haskins William Henry
Hatch Arthur Cecil
Hatch Frank
Hatcher Albert Edward
Hatcher Sidney James
Hawkes Gilbert Edward
Hawkins Harold
Hawkins Harry
Hawton Bernard Cecil
Hayball Arthur Ernest
Hayden Frank Arthur Harold
Hayes Charles Stanley
Haynes Harry Edgar
Hayter Henry (Jack)
Hayter Hugh H
Hayter Jack Ballard
Hayward George
Hayward George Heath
Hayward George Henry
Hayward Stanley G Heath
Hayward T Frank
Hayward Walter Hubert
Hazell Reginald
Head Ernest
Head Ernest Arthur
Head William
Heath Edwin Lewis
Heath James
Heath Louis
Heath William
Hebdige William
Hedges William
Heller Edgar John
Hellier George
Hellier George H A
Hellyar Henry Elbro
Hendin Harold P
Hendrickson John William
Henwood Charles John
Herbert Albert E
Herring A
Hesterman H
Hewitt George Samuel
Hewlett Reginald H C
Hibberd E E
Hickman Frederick James
Hill Cecil Henry
Hill L A
Hill William Kenneth
Hillier Thomas
Hillier William
Hills L Clifford
Hilton Allen Percy
Hilton William James
Hindmarsh Michael Johnson

Hinsley Reginald John
Hinves Albert V
Hirst Ernest
Hiscock Frederick Charles
Hiscock Harry Albert
Hiscock John Thomas
Hobbs Owen Jardine
Hodder Albert E
Hodder Sam
Hodder Thomas George

Hodges Norman
Holbech Gilbert Stuart
Holdaway William C T
Holes Norton
Holley Alfred
Holloway Bertie John
Holloway Frank
Holloway Percy
Holly F G
Holly Herbert Sydney
Holmes Albert Edward
Holoford Walter George
Honeycott George de Lara
Hood Charles Mansell
Hood George William
Hooker William R
Hooper Albert Bert
Hooper Albert Lawson
Hooper Frank George
Hopkins Wilfred James
Horley Edwin Ernest
Horne Bramwell
Horner Charles
Horner Charles Henry
Horsey Walter George
Horton Albert Frederick
Horton Archibald
Hounsome Albert
Hounsome Thomas Edward
House Albert Edward
House Alfred Ernest
House Percy
Howard E
Howard James William
Howden Leonard Knowles
Huckwell H J
Hudson C
Huggins George Frederick ??Huggins George E
Hughes Henry Clavell
Hughes John
Hughes Leonard
Humber William
Humby Alfred Bert
Humby Arthur Edward
Humby George
Humby J W
Humby Sidney Wilfred

Hume Walter
Humphreys David Arthur
Humphreys William Frank
Hunt Arthur Cecil
Hunt Benjamin Harry
Hunt E C
Hunt Ernest Reginald
Hunt George Henry
Hunt Sidney Frank ??Hunt Sidney
Hunt Walter B
Hunt William Richard
Hurley Henry Lewis
Hurlock Henry
Hurst Albert Henry
Hutchinson G H

Ingram Frederick Charles
Ingram George Thomas
Ingram Henry
Ingram Henry Walter
Ingram James Samuel Burt
Ingram Percival St John
Ingram William
Ings James
Ireland Charles George
Ireland Joseph
Ithell William Edward ??Itchell William Edward

Jackson Arthur
Jackson Sidney John
James Archibald
James Harold
James Thomas
James Wilfred George
Janaway Leonard Rodney
Jarvis Arthur
Jary Edgar
Jasper Henry Charles
Jay Henry Albert
Jeans William John
Jeffries Lemuel
Jellett William
Jenvey Percy
Jerome Charles William
Jerram Fred
Jerram John Edward
Jeski R
Jesson R Wilfred F
Jewell Bertram
Jewell Ronald Millard
Johnson Charles
Johnson Frederick Charles
Johnson H E
Johnson Henry
Johnson W
Jones Arthur
Jones Arthur James

Jones Cyril Frank
Jones E Pitcairn
Jones Frank
Jones Frederick John
Jones George Robert
Jones Jack
Jones John Albert
Jones Rowland Hugh
Jones Vavasor
Jones Victor Hugo
Jones W C
Jopling Albert Edward
Jopling Tom Victor
Jordan Edward
Jordan Edwin
Jordan John Archibald
Jouquet Harold Wilfred
Jurd Harry

Kavanagh John
Kearley Hartford Harmon
Keele Charles Acland
Keen F
Keeping William Charles
Keleher Joseph D
Kellaway Albert
Kelly Arthur J
Kemp Frank Edwin
Kenchen William ??Kentchen William
Kendall Frederick Arthur
Kendall M C W
Kendle William C T
Kenmire Arthur
Kennedy Charles Seccombe Cranford
Kenny Bernard W
Kerley Alfred
Kerley Arthur
Kernan H E
Kiddle S A J
Kilburn Charlie Edwards
Killby William Watson
Kimber Arthur
Kimber Herbert George
Kinchenton William
King Alexander Caplen
King Charles Stanley
King Edmund Walter
King Frederick George
King George Edward
King George Thomas
King Henry
King Leonard
King Sydney John
Kingswell David
Kinnard Alfred John
Kinnard Frank Edgar
Kinnard John

Kirby Cecil E
Kirby James Henry
Kirton J H
Kitcher Alfred Arthur
Kitcher George
Kittow E S
Knee Frederick Lowman
Kneller Albert
Kneller William L
Knight Arthur William
Knight Charles Henry
Knight George Thomas
Knight Harry
Knight Henery
Knight Sidney Malyan
Knights Frederick
Knowles Sidney Marsh
Knowles Stanley Thomas Marsh

Labdon Sidney
Lacey C A
Lacy William James
Laidlaw James
Lake Bertie
Lake William John
Lambert Richard J A
Lamont George Ernest
Lampard Albert Edward
Lampard Percy
Lander J H
Landridge Thomas D ??Langridge Thomas D
Lane Alfred
Lane Frederick W
Lane Herbert J
Lane Reginald
Lane Rex
Langdown Charles Frederick
Langrish Arthur Charles
Lanklater James
Lanning Edward James
Larbelestier William John
Large Percy Francis
Large Raymond Albert
Lauder Albert Alexander
Laurence Frederick George
Law Arnold
Lawes Randolph B
Lawrence Edgar Ernest
Lawrence George Dibden
Le Feuvre George P
Le Grose Ernest
Le Huquet John
Le Marechal Alfred W
Le Page Edward J
Le Ruez Francis Harold
Leberin Evlyn George
Lee William Charles

Legg Edgar
Legg William
Lemon Frederick Joseph
Lennon Hugh Charles
Leonard Henry James
Leopold A H H
Levene Mendel Emanuel
Lewington Alfred Victor
Lewington Bertram George
Lewington Harry James
Lewington Neville Frank
Lewington William Arthur
Lewis Bert
Lewis Charles Henry
Lewis Harold
Lewis Leonard
Lewis William M
Light Charles Alfred
Light John James
Lindsay J
Lindsay W
Linney Henry
Lisby Leslie Norman
Lisby Stanley William
Lisle J M
Lister Frederick Ernest
Littler Frederick Charles
Lock Charles Henry
Lock Roland
Lock Sidney
Locke Rowland John
Lockett Ernest
Long Jon Charles
Longland Charles Alfred
Longman Cecil R
Longman Stephen W H
Lott Edward Victor
Lovejoy Edward
Lovejoy Wilfred Henry
Lovell Christopher Stephen K
Lovell John Bawden
Lovell Sidney James
Lovell William George
Lowe Albert Arthur
Lowe Reginald Charles
Lowry Patrick
Lowther A
Lucas Reginald Bernard
Luck Reginald
Luke Sidney T
Lukis Charles Pardy
Lunn Frank Victor
Lunn Ralph William
Lunn Rupert Hugh
Lyle Maurice Goldney
Lyne Leonard George
Lyne Norman J
Lyons Patrick John

Mabbett Frank Edward
Mabey Cyril Edward
Macdonald Charles
Macey Charles Edward
Macey Frederick William
Macey Reginald E E
Macey Walter Reginald
Macklin Henry Charles
Mackrell Henry George
Maclaughlan Alan Stewart
Maffey Percy George
Maiden Frederick Alfred
Maidment Charles Walter
Malcolm John
Malony Arthur
Manger Charles Robert
Manger S
Mankelow Albert George
Manktelow Henry
Manley Rodney Hugh
Manners Albert Edward
Mantle Edward
Marchant Reginald Ernest
Marett Joe
Markham Charles
Marler F
Marlow Albert Bertie
Marriott Charles Henry
Marriott Eli
Marshall Charles Frederick
Marshall Harold
Marxhall Henry Percy
Marshall William Henry
Marsland John Albert
Martin A H
Martin Albert James
Martin Albert John
Martin Cyril
Martin Frederick George
Martin George Edward
Martin Henry A
Martin Henry Thomas
Martin Herbert Henry
Martin John Godfrey
Martin Leonard
Martin Leslie James
Martin William
Martin William Henry
Marvin William
Mason Albert Ernest
Masters J A
Matcham Cecil Arthur
Matcham Harold George
Matthewman Albert Charles
Matthews James T
Matthews Walter John
Matthews William Edward

Fourth panel.

Matthews William H
Maule George Henry
Maule Henry George
Maule Herbert
May C H
May William Charles
Maynard Aubrey Smith
Maynard Robert George
McAllen George Daniel
McAllen Harry Walter
McAllen Sidney
McArthur Louis John
McCormack Frederic ??McCormick Frederick
McDonald Duncan
McDonald William Begg
McFarlane George D
McFeat John
McFee Douglas G
McGregor Thomas W
McGuirk W ??McQuirk William
McInulty James Edward
McIver James Murdock
McKellar James Alexander
McLaren William
McLeod Ian
McQuirk William see above!!!
McWilliams Alfred Arthur
Meacher William Edward
Meadus Charles F
Meadus Charles Henry
Meaney Norman W
Medley Harold Charles Dyett
Medley James W
Medley William
Meering William Edward
Mercer Arthur James
Mernin Thomas John
Merritt Edward
Metters Wilfred
Mewett Walter
Middlewick William Thomas
Miell George William
Miles Leonard
Miller Alfred Ian ??Millar Andrew Ian
Miller Andrew
Millard Harold Austin
Miller Albert Gilbert
Miller Charles Matthew
Miller Frank Christopher
Miller George Henry James
Miller Hilton George
Miller O
Millman Albert Ronald
Mills Henry Couper
Milne James
Milne John

Minter John
Minter Percy W
Mintram Alfred George
Missing A E
Mitchell B E
Mitchener Charles Louis
Mitchener Eric Joseph
Moger Walter Richard
Mollet Frederick Norman
Moloney Arthur
Molyneaux Edward Joseph
Moody Edwin James
Moody William Morris
Moon Jack Frederick
Moors John Charles ??Moore John Charles
Morant David ??? Morant Walter Henry D
Morant Harold Percival
Morant Lionel L
Morey Herbert Joseph
Morfee Percival Edward
Morgan Edward
Morgan F George
Morgan William Edward
Morin Fritz R
Morley Ernest
Morris Alfred Leonard
Morris Thomas Ernest
Morton Robert Norman
Mosley Frank
Mowat Duglad ??? Mowat Robert James D
Muir Robert James
Mulgrave E
Munday Alfred Frederick
Munday James
Munson James George
Murphy Patrick
Murray John ??? Murray James

Napier Walter
Nash G
Nash J
Nash William
Needle Francis
Needle Frank Lionel
Needs Ernest
Neely Hugh B
Neil Arthur ??? Neil Stanley T A
Nelthorpe Harold Alfred
Neve Frederick David
New Alfred J
New Charles Henry
New Percy S
Newbolt Charles Ethelbert
Newell E C
Newis Lord Frank
Newman Eric Charlton
Newman George

Newman John James
Newman Leonard
Newman William George
Newnham Bernard George
Newton Charles Thomas Kemp
Nicholas Victor
Nicholl T B
Nicholson Henry W
Nightingale William Albert
Nixon Thomas William
Noble Sidney George
Norgate Walter
Norgate William Harold
Norman Leonard Charles
Norman Leonard Thomas
Norman Oliver
North Leonard
North Sidney Arthur
Northover Herbert Claud
Noyce Francis C R
Noyce Frank Ernest
Noyce Frederick Arthur
Noyce Frederick William Arthur
Noyce George
Noyce Henry Edward
Noyce Henry George
Nutbeam C
Nye Henry Walter
Nye Reginald

Oakley Charlie Jon
O'Dell Frederick William
O'Hara Tom
Oliver Albert
Oliver John Goodridge
Oliver Robert Norman
Oliver Thomas
Olliver Guy Lancelot
Olphert Percival F
Orchard Charles
Orchard Harry
Orchard James
Orchard Thomas
Orchard Wilfred
Orman Victor Charles Mafeking
Orman William H T
Orme Athol Backhouse
Osborne Reginald Harry
Osman Christopher W
Osman George
Osman H H G
Osman Robert J
Oswald William Digby
Othen William
Owen John Henry
Owen William H

Oxford Bernard Fred
Oxford George
Oxford Harold George
Oxford Howard G

Pack Frederick Herbert
Pack Walter
Page Arthur
Page Blanche Amelia
Page Cyril
Page Dudley A
Page Ernest
Page Percy
Page W
Pagella Francis
Pain Charles William
Palmer Henry Walter
Palmer William
Parham Henry
Paris Harold Graham
Parker Basil Stewart
Parker Frederick Warren
Parker Harry R
Parker William George ??Parkes William G
Parkes James
Parkhurst William Charles
Parkinson Arthur James
Parkman William
Parr Albert
Parsons Frank
Parsons Henry George
Parsons Robert
Parsons Willie
Passells Alexander Cavander
Paterson Andrew
Paul Walter
Payne Albert
Payne Archibald Mark
Payne George
Payne Henry Cecil
Payne Joseph Webber
Payne Norris Frank
Payne Reginald George
Payne Thomas
Peacock Charles
Peacock Frank
Pearce Arthur
Pearce G
Pearce Henry J
Pearce John Henry
Pearce William Ernest Prewett
Pearcy Alfred S ??Pearcey Alfred S
Pearcy Ernest Alfred ??Pearcey Ernest Alfred
Pearcy William John ??Pearcey William John
Peares Arthur Charles ??Pearce Arthur Charles
Peckham John Dean

Peckham Owen Thomas
Peckham William
Peerman Henry
Pelley Cecil Gerald
Penfold Edward
Penney E A L
Penney Herbert Alfred Leopold
Pennicott William James
Penny Frederick ??Penney Frederick
Penny P F
Penrose Frank Reginald
Penrose Reginald
Perren Victor John
Perrin Victor
Perry Edmund
Perry Edward William
Persse Edward Aubrey
Persse Henry Wilfred
Pescod William F
Petley Frederick William
Petley Lionel Arthur
Pettenger Harry
Petty William James
Philips Abraham Z ??Philips Abrahman Z
Phillips Albert George
Phillips Garnet
Phillips George Edwin
Phillips George Nelson
Phillips George Reuben
Phillips Gordon Broughton
Phillips James
Phillips Sidney William
Phillips Sydney
Phillips William R
Philpott Edward William
Philps A C
Philps George Bradbury
Phippard Dudley
Pickering William G
Pickett Albert Edward
Pickett Owen Reginald
Pickett Wilfred
Pilkington George
Pinhorn Leonard Walter
Pinkney William Henry
Pipe Horace
Pipe Joseph Thomas
Piper Herbert Arthur ??Pipes Herbert Arthur
Piper James William
Pitman Charles
Pitman Edward
Pitman Frederick
Pitman William
Pitt Samuel Alfred
Pitt Walter Thomas
Pitt William T
Pittard Albert James

Pitters Charles H
Platt John C
Pleace Thomas Edwin
Plimsole Reginald
Ploughman James Alfred
Poil John Reginald
Pointer H W
Pollon Maxwell Cyril
Ponsford Claude
Poole George Harold
Poole J Evered
Poole Robert
Pope Harry Reginald
Pope Leonard George
Popplestone Archibald
Porch Henry
Porter Edgar Roland
Porter Frank
Porter W
Potter Reginald
Poulten Ernest Edward
Poulten Sidney Archibald
Poulten Sidney
Poulter Archibald
Poulter Ernest Edward
Powell A H
Powell Bartram
Powell Bertram
Powell Edgar A
Powell Horace F
Poynter Alfred James
Pragnell George Fredrick
Pratley Joseph Edward
Pratt George Frederick
Price Eric William Manning
Prideaux George Harold
Primmer Alfred
Primmer F
Prince Percival William
Prince Reginald Charles
Prince Thomas Joseph
Prince William George
Prior H
Proudley Richard Charles
Prout Albert
Prowting George Gilbert Victor
Puckett Richard
Purchase Harry
Perdew Henry John William
Purkis G W
Purkiss Arthur W
Purse George E
Pyne Herbert Cecil
Pyne William James

Quenault Charles
Quinton Bertram F

Quinton Ernest W
Quinton Frank B
Quinton Henry
Quinton James George
Quinton William Edward

Ragless Edward W
Randall A E
Randell Alfred William ??Randall Alfred
Randell Arthur ??Randall Arthur
Rangecroft Harry
Rapson R
Rastin Harry
Ratcliff William Charles
Ratcliffe Ernest
Ravenscroft Charles
Rawe Charles Henry
Rawlings Charles
Rea A L
Read Arthur Reginald
Read Edwin
Read George
Read Henry Arthur Charles
Reddell Frederic Robert
Reddell Percy George
Redfern Charles William
Redman Ernest Gordon
Redman Frederick
Reed Ernest George
Reed George Harold
Reed Horace William
Reed Reginald R
Reed William H
Reeves Arthur Harry
Reeves Edward Alec
Reeves Ernest Henry
Reeves Ernest James Benjamin
Reeves Frank H
Reid A W
Remy Augustus
Rendell Frederick
Rentowl Charles Henry Ware
Reynolds A
Reynolds Charles William J
Reynolds Louis Victor
Reynolds William Arthur
Richards Charles Harry
Richards Ernest Walter
Richards Frederick
Richards Louis John
Richards Robert
Richards Robert C
Richards Samuel
Richards W M
Richards William Alfred
Richardson John Henry
Ricketts Joseph C

Rickman Frederick Charles
Riddett William George
Ridge Edward James
Ridges Harold Vincent
Rigby Ernest Aylwin
Riggs Joseph J
Rigsby Harold Henry
Riley Ernest Walter
Risden Lawrence
Risden Michael
Rixon George Penfold
Robbins Charles
Roberts Reginald
Robertson Barrie Dow
Robertson Henry Arthur
Robertson Wellwood Maxwell
Robins Charles Albert
Robins Henry George
Robinson Edward Frank
Robinson Joseph Peter
Robinson Robert
Rock Thomas
Rodda John Forbes
Rogers Basil
Rogers Edward G
Rogers Ernest Henry
Rogers H C
Rogers Harry
Rogers Henry James
Rogers James Wilfred
Rogers Percy
Rogers William
Roland George
Rollins Frank Ernest
Rolls Edward Alfred
Rose Charles R
Rose Edward William
Rossiter Albert William
Rouse Reginald
Rowe Harold
Rudd William
Ruddle Francis
Ruddock Fred A G
Ruddock William Thomas
Rudge A
Russell Albert
Russell George Frederick
Russell George Henry
Russell H W
Rustell Charles ??? Russell Charles
Rustell J
Ryley Benjamin
Ryman James

Saint William George C
Salmon Frank Edward
Salt Harold Henry

Fifth panel.

Great War 1914 - 1918

Salter Frederick
Salter Gilbert
Samways E G
Sanders Charles Phillips
Sandford John Thomas
Sands Alfred Edwin
Sanger Sydney A
Saunders Frederick George K
Saunders John
Saunders John William H
Saunders Reginald
Saunders Robert Stratford H
Saunders Samuel
Saunders Samuel John
Savage Henry George
Scammell Frederick William ??Scammell Frederk K W
Scammell R V
Scanlon John Francis
Scannell Reginald
Scarlett Harold Ernest
Scholefield John James
Scholtz Johannes Marais
Scorey Albert
Scorey Arthur Leonard
Scorey Arthur W
Scorey John Randolph
Scorey Leonard Henry
Scott A
Scott Frederick C
Scully Joseph Thomas
Seaborn George
Sears Richard Justin
Sellwood Thomas
Senior Frederick
Senior Frederick William James
Sharland William Wellington
Sharp Edward James
Sharpe G
Sharpe George H
Shave Charles H
Shave Herbert Walter
Shave Victor Samson
Shearing Harold Sidney
Sheath E J J
Sheath Edward
Sheath Edwin
Sheath Fred
Sheath William
Shefferd Charles W ??Sheffield Charles W
Sheperd William James ??Shepherd William James
Shergold Henry John
Sherin George
Sherriff George Frederick
Shields Hyam Abraham
Shilling Theodorius John
Shinn H C
Shore Harry E G

Short Alexander C
Short John A D
Short William James
Short William Thomas
Shrimpton William Thomas
Sibley Archibald Charles H
Sibley Edward
Sibley John Robert
Sidaway Jim
Sidaway Morris
Silk William
Sillence Walter E
Sillence William Edward
Silverlock Arthur F
Sims Harold Heber
Sims William Albert
Sinclair Robert Tofield
Sissa Giulio
Skelton Percy
Skipp A
Skipp E A J
Slade Denis
Slade Frank Gardener
Slaughter Gordon Henry
Sleep Cyril Henry
Small Bertram
Smee Clarence William
Smith A
Smith Albert
Smith Albert Edwin
Smith Albert James
Smith Albert Sydney
Smith Albert Victor
Smith Alfred Sydney
Smith Arthur Herbert
Smith Charles David
Smith Clarence George
Smith Clement Edward George
Smith Edward
Smith Edward George
Smith Ernest Graham
Smith Reginald
Smith Reginald William ???Smith Reginald R
Smith Snowden Stephen Clarke
Smith W E
Smith Walter
Smith Walter Joseph
Smith William
Smith William Gilbert
Smith William Percival
Smoker James William
Snell Frank
Snook Arthur James
Snook Harold
Snow Luke James
Soffe B
Soffe Henry James

Soffee Alfred A
Soffee Arthur
Soffee Henry Joseph
Solley Harold George
Somerville Fred
Sonley Bertie Robert
Soper Frank George Victor
Soper Frederick George
Sothcott Leopold G
Southwell Enos
Southwell H P
Southwell William
Spain Frederick
Spanner Robert
Sparkes Edward
Spearing Charles
Spears Herbert William
Spencer J
Spender Joseph George
Spender Reginald
Spilman Frederick William
Spratt Percy
Squire Alfred Gerald
Squire William George
Stagg Albert George
Stanbrook Charles Samuel
Stanley Patrick J
Stanley Samuel
Stanley William Thomas
Stapleton James
Stapley Townsend ???Stapley Reginald T
State Albert Charles
Steed William Wilkins
Steele John William
Stelling Ernest
Stent Thomas Richard
Stephens F
Stephens Frederick Albert Victor
Stephens William Thomas
Sterry John Joshua
Stevens Albert Edward
Stevens Ernest Edward
Stevens Henry
Stevens Mark
Stevens William
Stevens William J
Stevenson James
Stewart George Thompson
Stickland William Thomas
Stiggants Walter William
Still Arthur E
Still Edward James
Stockdale Cecil
Stocker Louis
Stonadge Frederick
Stone Albert George

Stone Albert J
Stone Cecil Sydney
Stone Frederick William
Stone Harry
Stone James
Stone Reginald Charles
Stone Robert
Stone Stanley Percival
Stoneage J
Stoneage James
Stoneham E A
Stoneman Alfred George
Stoner Alfred
Stote Ernest W
Strange Harry Tom
Stratton Alfred Charles
Stratton George Edward
Street Charles Henry George
Stride Harry
Stride Henry
Stride Herbert Henry Percival
Stride Leslie Caleb
Stride Percy
Stride William Henry
Strong James
Stroud Raymond Daryll
Stroud William George
Strowson Arthur H
Strugnall George Eastman ??Strugnell George E
Strugnell Cecil Frank
Stubbington Ernest E
Stubbs George Edward
Stubbs John
Such George Henry
Sully J
Summers Arthur Jack
Summerton Stephen Frederick George
Swanton Robert
Swanton Robert (Senior)
Sworder Fred
Sydenham Albert George
Sydenham P
Symes Arthur
Symonds Frederick E
Symonds Oscar B K

Tabor William
Tagg Ernest
Tampen Alfred James
Tanner Arthur Percival
Tanner Frederick Thomas
Tarrant Arthur Ralph
Tarrant Sidney A
Taylor Edgar Charles
Taylor Francis Thomas
Taylor Frederick William
Taylor Reginald Charles

Taylor William Edward
Taylor William James Levy
Taylor William T
Teague G E
Temple George Faulkner
Tench Albert Edward
Terrell Frank
Terrell William George
Terrill William George
Terry Frederick William
Thackray Reginald Wilson
Thomas A
Thomas Alfred Charles
Thomas Cecil
Thomas Charles William
Thomas Henry Evan
Thomas John James
Thomas Owen Richard
Thomas William Charles S
Thompson Cyril
Thompson Walter
Thomson Peter Boyd
Thorn Alfred Edward
Thorn Frederick Arthur
Thornback Leonard Thomas
Thorne Ernest Nelson
Thorne Herbert George
Thorne John
Thorne Percy Charles
Thorne W J
Thorpe Gordon
Tibbey Benjamin James
Tickle Frederick Ralph
Tidridge Ernest Alfred
Tilbury Augustus
Tiller A
Tiller Henry
Tillier F G T
Tilling Percival Arthur
Tilling Walter Randall
Tillot Arthur Edward Howe
Tillyer James John
Timson Joseph John
Tizard Ernest A
Tolfree Charles
Tollemache Victor C
Tompkins Frank Edward
Toms Charles William
Toms Frank Herbert
Tongs Charles
Toogood Albert Henry James
Toogood F E
Toomer Harry
Toomer John Pyle
Topliffe Thomas Henry
Townsend Charles H
Townsend T H

Townsend William Charles
Tracy John O M
Tracy Robert William ???Travers Robert W
Trayhorn Victor ???Trayhorn Albert E V
Treffry William
Trenchard Hugh
Trenerry Mrs ?Trennery Mrs
Trescothie Henry Owen
Trimmer George Ernest
Trodd Edgar
Trodd John George Seager
Trodd K
Trodd Reginald Frederick
Tubb Percy Newton
Tubbs Charles H
Tucker Sydney G
Turner Edward
Turner George Perrier
Turner Herbert
Turner Humphrey Sherwell
Turner Nelson Frederick
Turner Robert
Turner Robert Henry
Turner William A
Turner William Reginald
Twort Robert Henry

Underwood Edward James
Unwin Albert Arthur

Valentine Frederick William
Van Bernard William
Van Santen Seymour Stanley
Vaughan A H
Vaugham Cyril Travers
Vear Arthur E
Verge Thomas John
Verrall Augustus
Vibert Percy Herbert
Viel Charles F
Vincent Christopher
Vincent Harry John
Vincent Walter Henry
Vine John
Voisey F S

Wadmore Ernest Wyatt
Wain Charles Lancelot
Waite Alfred
Wakeford Albert Alexander
Wakeford Arthur John
Wakeham William Hilary
Walker George
Walker James ??Walker George H J
Walker Robert
Walker Sidney

Walker Sidney Leonard
Wall John Cecil
Wallace John William
Wallbridge Frederick
Wallbridge George
Wallbridge Harold James
Wallbridge William Baker
Wallen John David
Wallen John William
Waller Edward C
Wallis John Edwin
Wallis William James
Wallis William Thomas Kerval
Walsh W
Walters E W
Walters J F
Walters William
Walters William H
Walton George Henry
Wansbrough J E
Ward Cecil Leonard
Ward Reginald George
Ward William Frederick
Wareham Charles
Warland Edward H
Warland William
Warn Lancelot Rodney
Warner Alfred
Warner Edward
Warren Alfred
Warren John E
Warwick Henry Lancelot
Wateridge Harry P
Waterman Edwin
Waterman Reginald E
Waters Edgar
Watkins Jack Eric
Watridge Frederick
Watson Frederick Mark
Watson Henry
Watts Charles
Watts Harold Slade
Watts John
Waugh Wallace Helier
Wawman Albert
Weaver Alfred Henry
Weaver Walter George
Weaver William R
Weavers Albert Edward
Weavers George Frederick
Webb Arthur George S
Webb Fred J
Webb Frederick
Webb George Edward
Webb Sydney James
Webb Theodore J D
Webb Wallace Ernest

Webb Walter Thomas
Webb William Frederick
Webb William Robert
Webb William Wise
Webber William T
Wedderburn George Herbert
Weir Ronald J
Welch Frederick
Welch William
Weldon Leonard B
Wellington Norman M
Wellman Gilbert James
Wells William Henry
Wescott William Armstrong
West Sidney
West Sidney Francis
West Sydney
West William
West William Walter
Westbrook Frederick
Westbrook Frederick Harry ???Westbrook F W
Westerman Frederick James
Weston Ronald Jon
Wharton Guy Fitz-Gerald
Wheeler Laurence Edward
Whettingsteel Frederick James
Whitcombe Walter James
White A
White Alfred James
White Arthur
White Arthur Charles
White Charles
White Ernest T
White F G
White F R
White Francis James
White Frank Richard
White Frederick C G
White George Ernest
White Henry
White Henry William
White Jesse
White John A
White Percival William
White Percy
White Percy Albert
White Robert Courtney
White Walter James
White William Charles
White William Henry
Whitehorn Walter
Whitfield Albert
Whitfield Daniel
Whitfield Sidney James
Whiting Charles A
Whitlock William John

Wiggins Edward John
Wilde Francis Edgar
Wilde Ivor
Wilkes Edward
Wilkins Albert Blake
Wilkins Arthur James John
Wilkins F
Wilkins Harry
Wilkins William F
Wilkinson Arthur Patrick
Wilkinson Henry
Willcox Eli Leonard Leopold
Wilcox J
Willcox Leonard
Williams Harry Sidney
Williams James
Williams William Joseph
Williamson William Percy
Willis Herbert Edward
Willsteed Edward
Wilson Arthur Seymour
Wilson F
Wilson Frederick Bernard
Wilson Henry
Wilson Joseph
Wilson Percy James
Wilson Thomas James
Wilson William Charles ??Wilson William C A C
Wilton Henry
Wiltshire Albert E
Wiltshire George
Wiltshire Jesse F
Wiltshire John Hughes
Windust Albert
Wing Albert Victor
Wingham Ernest George
Winkworth Alfred Charles
Winkworth Albert
Winter Ernest Edward ??Winter Ernest D
Winter William Dan
Winwood Albert
Wiseman Morris John
Wiseman Sidney Francis
Withey Edward
Witt Frederick Charles
Wolfe Arthur Frederick
Wood Charles
Woodford Sydney L
Woodford Walter
Woodman Herbert Edmund
Woods William H
Woodsford Walter Frank
Woodward Roland Robert
Woodyer John
Woolgar John
Woollett Ralph
Word Edward

Word William
Wort William Horace ??Wort William
Wosskowski Joseph Henry
Wray Percy Albert Harold
Wren Alfred
Wren Frederick Edward
Wrenn Albert Edward
Wright G
Wright Henry
Wright John
Wright John Henry
Wright John Lawrence
Wright T W
Wright Thomas
Wright Thomas Henry
Wright Tom
Wyard Frederick Michael
Wyatt Albert
Wyatt Ernest Peter
Wyatt William
Wykes E P
Wyles Alfred

Yaldren Charles
Yeates Henry
Yeates Walter
Yeates William
Yorke W J
Young Albert Edward
Young Archibald Charles
Young Benjamin
Young Bertie James
Young Charles Edward
Young Christopher
Young Ernest
Young F
Young G
Young George Henry
Young John J
Young John Willis
Young Leslie
Young P H
Young Percy John
Young R
Young Reginald Henry
Young Sidney C
Young Stanley James
Young Walter
Young Walter Cyril
Young Walter John James
Young William

?? panel. Extra names added

Great War 1914 - 1918

Brown Frank Frederick
Davis William Albert
Dennis Arthur
Dennis Edwin
Eastham George Henry
Hallum Howard George
Harvey Alexander James
Lebourne Charles Henry
Morant Henry Walter David

Names on Cenotaph but not on new glass panels

Barton Arthur C
Black Donald W B
Croft William Henry
Croop Ernest Albert also on as Cropp
Gaffney Charles D on twice!
Hardingham Samuel
Hodge Percy
King Will David
Linklater James
Smith Edward
Wort Edward