Obelisk just inside the entrance of St Mary's Extra Churchyard.
(The names listed on it cover a wide area both in and outside Sholing)

Front of obelisk

To the eternal and hallowed Memory of
the men of this district who fell in the
Great War, 1914-1919.
This memorial was erected by their relatives.

Lc. Cpl. Herbert J. Beal
James Budden
Albert E. Clatworthy
John R. Gardner
Percy T. Holloway
Albert E. Jopling
Reginald Steele
William H. Rogers
Gunr. John G. Adams
Norman W. Brown
Herbert Cherry
James Foot
Arthur A. Haddon
Dvr. Frederick W. Goldsmith
Pte. Robert L. Barfoot
Sidney C.E. Brehaut
William Broadribb
Charles F. Brown
Harold S.L. Buxton
Walter Camfield
Charles Comley
Harold E. Cooper
William J. Dodridge
Alexander Derkin
Mavin Haswell
Harry C. Heath
William J. Hinton

John J. King
Albert H. Houghton
Cpl. Clifford C. Godwin D.C.M.

Right side of obelisk

Pte. James Ings
Fred H. Jerrim
Charles Knight
Cyril Lilley
Ian B. McLeod
James H. Moncton
Bert Newton
Walter Norman
John H. Perren
A. Reed
William Robson
Reginald Roberts
William Rock
James Ronald
Henry J. Rogers
Everitt Shipp
Tom Smith
Charlie Stone
Arthur G. Thompson
James Thornton
James R. Weir
George F. White
Ernest Whitehead
William G. Williams
Thomas C. Williams
A.J.J. Wilkins
Arthur G. Young

Dvr. Henry Lonnon
R.A.F. Walter F. Wishart
Cf. E.R.A. Edward Hutchinson

Left side of obelisk

Lieut. Benjamin Chaplin
Lawrence Baines
Henry Hill
George Hodgen
Tom V. Jopling
Charles H. Pook
Paymr. Albert H. Bell
W.O. James Crook
C.Amr. Walter J. Bearman
Wirels. Albert E. Hiscock
Sign. Frederick R. Reddell
A.B. Edward J. Buley
Charles L. Colenutt
Cecil R. Diaper
Walter M.G. Fisher
Arthur H. Ford
John Knight
Richard May
William J. Nosedale
Albert A. O'Connell
William Williams
Frmn. James Bennett
William Camfield
Percy G. Reddell
Gunr. Frank Davenport
Walter W. Stiggant
A.B. W.H. Merritt

Frank Scott
Bert Bendell
Stk. Tom Barnes

Back side of obelisk

Stwd. William J. McQuay
Harold T. Stone
Fred Thompson
Boy 1 Bert Crawford
Albert S. Toy
Lieut. Edwin C. Andrews
Harold W. Bamford
Norman H. Bell
Arthur R. Biggs
George Burr
Ernest R. Crook
George P. Cockburn
Eric H. Wood
Sergt.Maj. Tom S. Whibley
Sergt. William J.L. Gilchrist
Herbert Legg
George Phillips
Bert Williams
Cpl. Robert T. Charles
Cyril E. French
Eric T.H. Rennoldson
G.E. Rigelsford
A.W. Sparkman
Edward T. Williams
Lc.Cpl. Richard Austin
Pte. Ernest A. Sager
George McRill

Stk. George H.J. Hiller

Marble tablet on wall in St Mary's Church.

To the Glorious Memory of
those who gave their lives for their Country
and the cause of righteousness
in the Great War 1914 - 1919.

F.J. Andrews
T. Andrews
G. Armishaw
R. Austin
A.E. Barnes
C. Bennett
A. Bowers
G.W. Bright
R.T. Charles
C. Comley
F.H. Carter
B. Crawford

A.G. Fisher
W.M.G. Fisher
C. Green M.C.
G.H. Gibbons
J. Hayward
H.C. Heath
H.W. Hyatt
A.H. Houghton
F.C. Jemmett
F.H. Jerrim
C. Burnhard
"Their name

T. Lunnon
G. McRill
C.L. Mitchener
E.J. Mitchener
H. Moody
L.G. New
G.L. Phillips
A. Reed
H.W. Rendell
H.W. Rowden
E.R. Crook
liveth for

E. Shipp
A.W. Sparkman
F.W. Spillman
R. Steel
C. Stinton
C. Stone
H.T. Stone
A. Stride
W.S. Symonds
J. Thornton
F.A.G. Ruddock

F.G.H. Tillyer
F. Trodd
E.R. Troon
A.J. Warren
G.F. White
E.T. Williams
B. Williams
W.G. Williams
W. Williams
E.H. Wood
G. Young
H. Youlton