Brass plaque on wall in St Leonard's church.

Pro Deo et Patria
This tablet is erected by the
parishioners of Sherfield English to
the honoured memory of the men
who fell in the Great War 1914 - 1918.

Leonard Dowling Pte. 4th Hants.

Ralph Moody Pte. 2nd Hants.

S. Montague Olden 2nd Lt. 1st Border Regt.

Herbert Olden Dvr. R.F.A.

Godfrey Philpot Capt. R.G.A.

Albert Roud Pte. 8th Devons.

Edgar J. Runyeard Sgt. R.E. Mentioned in despatches.

Arthur Thornton L/Cpl. 15th Hants.

G. Warren Whidborne Pte. Artists' Rifles.

John T Willmott L/Cpl. Coldstream Guards

"They died the noblest death that men may die
fighting for God, and Right, and Liberty, and
such a death is immortality."

Glazed frame on wall in St Leonard's church.

First row:

Private Ralph Moody
2nd Hampshire
at Gallipoli
April 28th 1915

Private Leonard Dowling
4th Hampshire
at Kut-El-Almara
January 21st 1916

Private George Warren Whidborne
City of London Artists Rifles
at Etaples
March 6th 1916

Sergeant Edgar Runyeard R.A.
Mentioned in despatches
at Poperinghe
March 20th 1916

Captain Godfrey Philpot R.G.A.
the Somme
September 1st 1916

Second row:

Private Albert Roud
8th Devonshired
Killed in action
May 7th 1917

Lance Corporal John T. Willmott
Coldstream Guards
Killed in action
November 30th 1917

Second Lieutenant
S. Montague Olden
1st Border Regiment
Vieux Becquien - France
May 14th 1918

Lance Corporal Arthur Thornton
15th Hampshires
Killed in action
2nd October 1918

Herbert Olden R.F.A.
Killed in action
3rd October 1918

Hand written paper in frame by window 1986. (On vestry wall 2004)
(Becoming difficult/impossible to read parts 2004)

Photo taken: 1986 2004

August 1914 -

Roll of Honour

William Bailey Lewis Pearce

Frederick Billett Tom Petty

Reginald Billett William Petty

Leonard Dowling Walter Petty Corpl.

Frederick Fielder Godfrey Philpot Capt.

Arthur Fisher Reginald Philpot Capt. MC.

Maurice Hacker Percy Roud

Lawrence Hacker Ernest Roud

Charles Hunter Sergt. Albert Roud

Charles Kemish Sergt. Harold Roud

Alfred Loader Arthur Roud

Arthur Loader Edgar Runeyard Sergt.

James Miller Charles Southwell

Herbert Molyneux Harry Thornton

Tom Molyneux MC. 2nd Lieut: Arthur Thornton

Lewis Moody Jack Thornton

Ralph Moody Matthew Walkeley

Henry Mond Lieut: George Whidborne

George Morgan John Willmott

Montague Olden 2nd Lieut: Herbert Roud

Stanley Olden 2nd Lieut: Allan Brown

Edmund Olden Walter Roud

Herbert Olden Wilfrid Clipstone

Alfred Pearce Alfred Morgan Arthur Moody Donald Roud

Albert Rogers Herald Olden Wilfred Kemish

Albert Loader William Thornton

Our Heroic Dead

Arthur Thornton, Lance Corporal, 15th Hants, killed in action, Oct. 2nd 1918.

Edgar Runeyard, Sergeant, killed in action March 20th - 1916. (mentioned in despatches)

Ralph Moody, 2nd Hants, killed in action April 28th 1915.

Leonard Dowling, 4th Hants, killed in action at the siege of Kut Jan 21st 1916.

Godfrey Philpot, Captain R.G.A., killed in action, Sept 1st 1916.

George Whidborne, City of London, Artists' Rifles, died March 5th 1916.

Albert Roud, 8th Devons, killed in action, May 7th 1917.

John Willmott, Lance Corporal, Coldstream Guards, killed in action, Nov: 30th 1917.

Montague Olden, 2nd Lieu: killed in action, May 4th 1918 (Border Regt.)

Herbert Olden, R.F.A. killed in action, Oct. 3rd 1918.

Brass plaque on Wall in church.

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of
Captain Godfrey Philpot
Royal Artillery
of the Manor of Sherfield-English.
Killed in action at the battle of the Somme
1st Sept. 1916 aged 25.
"Who stands if Freedom fall?
Who dies if England live?"

Priests wooden kneeler/table, inscription on top of table.

Graciously hear us O Christ!
In memory of Eric Flint,
killed in the Battle of the Somme,
Nov 5th 1916.

Pictures on Wall in church with inscription.

Picture of Christ holding a young girl.

Jesus said "whosoever shall not recieve the kingdom of
heaven as a little child, he shall in no wise enter therein."
"And he took them in his arms and blessed them."

A Thankoffering placed in the Parish Church Sherfield English
by George and Rhoda Kemish for the safe return of thier sons Charles and Wilfred, from the War
1914 - 1919

Picture of Christ in a manger (Der Engel Freude) with angels and parents looking on.

"The host of heaven worship thee" Neh: 9.10
"He is thy God, Worship thou him." Is: 45.11

Presented to the Church of St Leonard's Sherfield English by Harry and Naomi Loader
In thankfulness for the safe return oftheir sons, Alfred Harry and Ernest Arthur
from the Great War.

Picture of good samararitain talking to Innkeeper showing him battered man.

Choose you this day whom ye will serve. Joshua XXIV.15.
JESUS, looking upon him, loved him, and said unto him........Come, follow ME. S.Mark X.21

Moses and Jemima Roud place this picture in Sherfield English Church as a thankoffering to GOD, for the preservation of their sons,
Harold Frederick and Herbert Leonard during the War 1914 - 1919.

Picture of Jesus with children of different nationality around him.

"All Nations whom thou hast made shall come and worship thee O Lord." Ps LXXXVI.9

A Thankoffering placed in the Church of St Leonard, Sherfield English, by
George and Rose Roude, for the safe return of their sons Percy and Ernest
from the War, 1914 - 1919.

Picture of Mary holding Jesus with three kings.

They presented unto him gifts Matt 2.11
What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits towards me? Ps: 116.11

The Gift of George and Mary Ann Morgan, to the church of
St Leonard, Sherfield English, a Thankoffering for
the preservationof their sons, George and Alfred, during the War 1914 - 1919.

Picture of Jesus praying.

"He continued all night in prayer to God."
"Watch and pray, lest ye enter into temptation."
"Is any among you afflicted? let him pray."

This picture is placed in St Leonard's Church, Sherfield, by grateful parents, for the returen of their sons from the War.
"Every one that asketh receiveth."

Brass plaque on Wall in church.

To the memory of Douglas King Macdonald
Lieutenant, the Suffolk Regiment younger son
of the late Rev. John Mosse Macdonald
rector of this parish 1892 - 1905
died 23rd July 1929 from wounds recieved in France in
1916 aged 34 years.