Stone cross on road junction set up on bank.

Inscription and names on four panels round bottom of cross.

Panel 1

To the Glory of God
& in grateful memory
of the men of Shedfield
who gave their lives
in the Great War
1914 - 1918

They died that we might live.

Panel 2

F. Amor
W. Ashford
A.E. Beaton
F.G. Blake
W.L. Boggust
F.C. Brown
R. Brown
H. Chequer
L.J. Churcher
A. Cottle
F. Davis
W. Daysh
H. Emery
C. Fry

Panel 3

W. Gamblin
W.B. Gardner
F. Hazzard
H. Holford
E. Jeffery
H. Kirby
C.W. Knight
B.A. Knights-Smith
P.A. Knights-Smith
C. Lacey
W. Lipscombe
W. Mears
G. Merritt
H.L.F. Nicholls

Panel 4

A. Pearce
J. Perry
M.A. Phillimore
J.P. Pink
D. Privett
B. Richards
A. Simpson
J. Singleton
C. Spencer
H.C. Stubbs
W. Stubbs
A.G. Titheridge
H. Wheeler
A.W. Young

Original wooden roll of honour on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

Roll of Honour

Nicholls Capt. H.L.F. Northd. Fus.
Spencer Cpl. C. 19th Hus.
Merritt Pte. G. 2nd Hants.
Knights-Smith Sec.Lt. B.A. Rif.Brig.
Gamblin Dr. W. R.F.A.
Phillimore Sec.Lt. M.A. 11th Essex.
Simpson Pte. A. R.Som.L.I.
Perry Pte. I. 1st Hants.
Emery Pte. H. 1st Hants.
Radclyffe Lt.Col. C.E. D.S.O. Essex R.late Rif.Brig.
Richards Rifn. B. Rif.Brig.
Stubbs Pte. W. 8th Devon.
Brown Pte. R. 7th Leic.
Kirby Pte. H. 14th Hants.
Blake L/c. F. 14th Hants.
Chequer Pte. H. 5th Hants.
Amor L/c. F. 18th Can.
Young Gr. A.W. R.G.A.
Hazzard Pte. F. 8th Devons.
Jeffery Lieut. E. 16th Can Scots.
Churcher Rifn. L. Rif.Brig.
Holford Chf.Stkr. H. H.M.S."Alert"

Roll of Honour

Fry Pte. C. D. of Corn.L.I.
Boggust Pte. W.L. 158th Can.
Cottle Rifn. A. Rif.Brig.
Gardner Capt. W.B. M.C. Wilts.R.
Knights-Smith L/c. P.A. Reserve Cavalry.
Sloane-Stanley Capt. H.H. M.C. G.Gds.
Singleton Rifn. T. I. of W Rifs.
Wilberforce Capt. W.R.S. M.C. R.A.F.
Lipscombe Pte. W. Glouc.R.
Lacey Pte. C. R.M.L.I. H.M.S. "Hogue"
Pink Gr. T. R.M.A. H.M.S. "Hogue"
Stubbs Gr. H.C. R.M.A. H.M.S. "Hogue"
Daysh W. H.M.S. "Bulwark"
Davis Pte. F. R.M.L.I. H.M.S. "Queen Mary"
Young B. H.M.S. "Empr. of India"
Mears Gr. W. R.M.A. H.M.S. "Lion"
Beaton A.E. H.M.S. "Black Prince"
Wheeler H. H.M.S. "Black Prince"
Pearce Pte. A. R.M.L.I. R.N.D.
Titheridge Pte. A.G. 1st Wilts.R.
Brown Pte. F.C. R.M.L.I.

"They shall be mine saith the Lord of Hosts, in that
day when I make up my Jewels -"

In Proud Remembrance of the Men of Shedfield
who gave their lives for King & Country
in the Great Wat. 1914 - 1918.

Wooden roll of honour on wall in St John the Baptist Church to both wars.
(WW1 names start on left, WW2 start about the middle.)

Roll of honour
1914 - 1918 1939 - 1945

F. Amor.
A.E. Beaton.
W.L. Boggust.
F.C. Brown.
R. Brown.
F. Blake.
A. Cottle.
L. Churcher.
H. Chequer.
F. Davis.
W. Daysh.

H. Emery.
C. Fry.

W. Gamblin.
W.B. Gardner.
F. Hazzard.
H. Holford.
E. Jeffery.
P.A. Knights-Smith.
B.A. Knights-Smith.
H. Kirby.
C. Lacey.

W. Lipscombe.
W. Mears.
G. Merritt.
H.L.F. Nicholls.

A. Pearce.
I. Perry.
M.A. Phillimore.
T. Pink.
C.E. Radclyffe.
B. Richards.
C. Spencer.

T. Singleton.
A. Simpson.
H.H. Sloane-Stanley.
H.C. Stubbs.
W. Stubbs.
A.G. Titheridge.
H. Wheeler.
W.R.S. Wilberforce.
A.W. Young.
B. Young.

Wooden plaque on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

To the Glory
of God
& in memory of
Matthew Arden Phillimore
2nd Lieutenant 11th Battn.
the Essex Regiment Born
17th March 1896 killed in
action in France 25th June
1916 This Tablet has
been erected as a mark
of affection and esteem
by the officers of the
251st Tunnelling Company
Royal Engineers to which
unit he was attached

Be thou faithful unto
death and I will give
thee a crown of life

Brass plaque on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

To the Glory of God
and in proud and ever loving memory of
Captain William Bristow Gardner, M.C.
2nd Batt: Wilts Regt.
killed in action at Foues, France
March 28th 1918, aged 29 years.
We asked life of Thee and Thou gavest him a long life, even for
ever and ever. Erected by his Parents

Brass plaque on wooden backing on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

To the Glory of God
in proud and loving
memory of
Edward Jeffery
Lieut. 16th Battalion
Canadian Seaforth Highlanders
who died of wounds recieved
the same day near Arras
July 28th 1918. Aged 33

Watch therefore, for Ye know not
what hour your Lord doth come

Commonwealth War Grave in churchyard.

404 C. Qmr. Serjt.
C.W. Knight
Hampshire Regiment
12th May 1920 Age 39