Stone cross outside St Mathew's Church by road.

Photos taken 1985 2004

In Memoriam. 1914 - 1918.
Erected as an expression of
profound thankfulness to Almighty God
for a wonderful deliverance in the Great War.
As a tribute to the men from
Otterbourne and Allbrook who served,
and in proud and grateful memory
of those who fell
whose names are inscribed hereon.

For King and Country.

Edward Ball C.S.M. 3rd Hants.

George Bower Gnr. R.F.A.

T.E. Onslow Chamberlayne Lieut. R.F.A.

Victor W. Cooper Lce.Corpl. 2/4 Hants.

Herbert A. Edwards Pte. 1/7 Warwicks.

Percy Freemantle Pte. 8th Hants.

Percy Gallager Corpl. 1st Hants.

Arthur Hayes Corpl. R.G.A.

George Hayes Pte. 5th Hants.

Arthur Hopkins Pte. 1st Hants.

For King and Country.

George Herridge Pte. R.M.L.I. H.M.S. Invincible.

William Herridge Pte. R.M.A. H.M.S. Good Hope.

L.N. Jones Bateman C.M.G. Lt. Col. Norfolk Regt.

Thomas Judd Bombr. 1/1 Hants.

James Marks Pte. 1st Hants.

Ernest Monckton Pte. 7th Somerset L.I.

Charles May Pte. R.D.F.

Herbert G. May Sergt. 2nd Hants.

Walter May Pte. 2nd Hants.

Harry Newman Pte. 2nd Hants.

For King and Country.

William I. Parsons Seaman. H.M.S. Bulwark.

Charles T. Quelch M.M. Pte. 1st Hants.

Albert Redding Gnr. R.G.A.

Harry Redding Pte. 2nd D.G.

Arthur Stevens Pte. 1/4 Hants.

Robert Springer Corpl. 1st Hants.

Walter Shepperd Corpl. 2nd Hants.

William Southwell Lce.Corpl. 11th Middx.

George Turton Sergt. 9th Lancers.

Reginald S. Young Sergt. 10th Devons.

Marble plaque on wall in St Mathew's Church.

In gratitude to God
for deliverance
and in memory of the men of
Otterbourne and Allbrook
who fell in the Great War
1914 - 1919.

T.E. Onslow Chamberlayne

L.N. Jones-Bateman

E. Ball W. May

G. Bower J. Marks

V. Cooper E. Monckton

H.A. Edwards H. Newman

P. Freemantle W. Parsons

P. Gallagher T. Quelch

A. Hayes A. Redding

G. Hayes H. Redding

G. Herridge W. Shepherd

W. Herridge W. Southwell

A. Hopkins R. Springer

T. Judd A. Stevens

C. May G. Turton

H.G. May R. Young

Also to their memory
a child's cot is endowed in
Winchester Hospital

Brass plaque on wall in St Mathew's Church.

In memoriam
Cyril Hammond Elgee
Captain Bedfordshire Regt.
Born 1871. Died 1917.
Colonial Administrator for 20 years.
Hugh Francis Elgee
Captain South Wales Borderers.
Born 1878. Died 1915.
Killed in action at Gallipoli.
Both sons of the Rev. Walter Francis Elgee
formerly Vicar of this Parish.

Marble plaque on wall above churchwarden's pew.

Remembering various Chamberlayne's then:

And of
Thomas Edmund Onslow Chamberlayne
Lieutenant R.F.A.
Younger son of
Tankerville and Edith Rachel Chamberlayne
Born July 29th 1893
Educated at Winchester
and Merton College, Oxford
Killed in action on the Somme
August 18th 1916