Stone cross with wall on green on roadside in village, two plaques on wall on left of cross, plaque in centre and two plaques on wall on right of cross. (Plaques have been redone and new ones put on top of original ones)

The two plaques on left as they originally were, any differences listed below.

(Plaque 1)

E. Adair Pte R. Highlrs.
F. Andrews Steward R.Navy.
S.F. Baker Sergt Hamps Rgt.
R. Beckingham Pte Hamps Rgt.
E. Benwell Cpl O & B.L.I.
A. Binstead LCpl R. Sussex R.
J. Bird Pte Hamps Rgt.
G. Blake Pte Hamps Rgt.
H.J. Blake Pte Dorset Rgt.
W. Blake Pte Hamps Rgt.
A. Bond Pte R. Marines
A.E. Bone Pte R. Berks R.
Arthur Bone Pte Hamps Rgt.
Albert Bone Pte R. Berks R.
E.D. Bone Pte Royal I. R.
H. Bracknell
C. Briar Pte Glouc Rgt.
H. Brown Pte Hamps Rgt.

(Plaque 2)

F. Butler Pte Hamps Rgt.
A. Carter Pte Hamps Rgt.
A.J. Clark Pte R.A.S.C.
W. Clark Mat A R.Navy.
H.G. Clinker Pte M.G.Corps.
A. Crocker Cpl R.W.Sur.R.
G. Draper Gnr R.F.A.
T. Eades Pte Hamps Rgt.
J. Ferguson Pte R.A.S.C.
A.C. Fulbrook Pte Hamps Rgt.
J. Fulbrook Csm Hamps Rgt.
S. Fulbrook Pte Hamps Rgt.
W. Futcher Sergt Royal Dns.
W.C.H. Gibbs Pte Colds.Gds.
C. Goddard Pte R.Scots.Fsrs.
G.H. Gotelee Lieut S.W.Bords.
G.P. Grey A.B. R.Navy.
R.E.H. Healey Lt R.W.Kent.R.

(T.Eades now T.Eads; C.Goddard now G.Goddard; A.C.Fullbrook Pte now A.C.Fulbrook Csm; J.Fulbrook now not on memorial.)

Centre plaque.

To The
Glorious Memory

of the men & women of the
parish of Odiham who gave
their lives for their King &
Country in the Great War
Proud and grateful their
fellow parishioners have
here recorded their names

The two plaques on right as they originally were, any differences listed below.

(Plaque 1)

G.W. Hill Pte Som.I.Ify.
H. Kersley Pte Hamps Rgt.
W. Kersley Pte Hamps Rgt.
J. McAvoy Pte Hamps Rgt.
A.E. Moody Sergt Border Rgt.
R.J. Moody Sergt R.A.F.
A.G. Offer Pte Hamps Rgt.
C. Paine Am R.A.F.
R. Peel LCpl Hamps Rgt.
A. Pither Pte Winnipeg Rs.
E. Pither Pte Hamps Rgt.
C.L. Porter Cpl M.G.Corps
F. Porter Pte Hamps Rgt.
G.E. Porter Sergt Rifle Bde.
Fredk. Porter Pte Hamps Rgt.
G. Potter S.Maj R.F.A.
T. Reddings Pte Hamps Rgt.
A.G. Sainsbury Pte Hamps Rgt.

(Plaque 2)

A.L. Sainsbury Pte Rifle Bde.
G.L. Sclater Capt R.Navy.
G. Silver Pte Worcs Rgmt.
J. Staples Pte Hamps Rgt.
C.J. Stocker Pte Hamps Rgt.
W. Varndel Pte Hamps Rgt.
S. Watts Pte R.Berks R.
W. Watts Pte S.Lancs R.
W.J. White Pte Worcs Rgt.
A.P. Williams- Shropshire
Freeman Major Light Ify.
P. Willis Pte Devon Rgt.
W.G. Wooldridge Am R.A.F.
F. Woolford Dvr R.F.A.
W.A. Wright Sergt Royal Fsrs.
Mary C. Brooks V.A.D.
Ellen Scarrott Munitions.

(E.Pither now L.Pither; W.F. Stone not on original memorial but added now; W.Varndel now W.Varndell; W.Watts S.Lancs.R. now W.Watts R.Lancs.R.; A.P.Williams-Freeman now A.P.Williams; F.Woolford now not on memorial.)

Framed & glazed paper scroll on wall in All Saints Church.

Roll of Honour

Their name liveth for evermore

1914 -:- 1918

Adair. E.
Andrews. F.
Baker. S.F.
Beckingham. R.
Benwell. E.
Binstead. A.
Bird. J.
Blake. G.
Blake. H.G.
Blake. W.
Bond. A.
Bone. A.E.
Bone. Arthur.
Bone. Albert.
Bone. E.B.
Bracknell. H.
Brian. C.
Brown. H.

Butler. F.
Carter. A.
Clark. A.J
Clark. W.
Clinker. H.G.
Crocker. A.
Draper. G.
Eads. T.
Ferguson. J..
Fulbrook. A.C.
Fulbrook. J.
Fulbrook. S.
Futcher. W.
Gibbs. W.C.M.
Goddard. C.
Gotelee. G.H.
Grey. G.P.
Healey. R.E.H.

Hill. G.W.
Kersley. K.
Kersley. W.
McAvoy. J.
Moody. A.E.
Moody. R.J.
Offer. H.G.
Paine. C.
Peel. R..
Pither. A.
Pither. E.
Porter. C.L.
Porter. E.
Porter. F.
Porter. G.E.
Potter. G.
Reddings. T.
Sainsbury. A.G.

Sainsbury. A.L.
Sclater. G.L.
Silver. G.
Staples. J.
Stocker. C.J.
Stone. W.F.
Varndel. W.
Watts. S..
Watts. W..
White. W.I.
Williams,Freeman, A.P.
Willis. P.
Wooldridge. W G.
Woolford. F.
Wright. W.A.

Brooks, Mary C.
Scarrott, Ellen.

(Now 1939-1945 names)

These died for their country -

Brass plaque on wooden backing on wall in All Saints Church.

To the Glory of God
and to the dear memory of
Geoffrey Harris Gotelee
Captain 7th South Wales Borderers
killed in action at the
Battle of Grand Couronne, Salonika,
on 18th September 1918.
Aged 25 years.
"A true and gallant soldier"

Brass plaque on wall in All Saints Church.

To members of the Sclater family and...

Also of
Guy Lutley Sclater
Captain, Royal Navy
third son of the above
Born at Hoddington 15. August 1868.
Entering the Navy in 1882 he served his Country
in many parts of the world and was distinguished
for his knowledge of the Applications of Electricity
in Naval Affairs. on the outbreak of the Great
European War he Commanded H.M.S. Bulwark
and lost his life with all his ship's company
when that vessel was blown up in the Medway
26. November 1914 he was buried in the
cemetery at this place 2. December 1914