Stone cross on green area just outside of town called Boltons Bench.

1914 - 1918

Pte. G.H.J.Baker. Devon.R.
Pte. F.J.Bartlett. Worc.R.
Pte. H.P.Bloomfield. Wilts.R.
Pte. H.Broomfield. Hants.R.
Capt. W.A.C.Bowden-Smith. R.Fus.
Pte. A.C.Bowers. Hants.R.
Spr. W.E.M.Buttars. R.E.
Pte. A.Cavill. Hants.R.
Cpl. F.Chislett. M.M. Som.L.I.
Pte. H.Collins. R.W.Surr.R.
Capt. C.N.Cory. R.F.A.
Gr. G.Cull. R.G.A.
Sgt.M.W.H.Cutler. R.A.O.C.
Pte. H.S.Dimond. Norf.R.
Pte. W.H.Dolman. 10.Hrs.
Spr. P.Ellery. R.E.
Pte. F.A.Elsworth. Hants.R.
Pte. R.Fisher. Hants.R.
Pte. A.T.Gates. C.Gds.
Pte. F.Godwin. Canada.R.
Pte. R.W.Godwin. M.G.C.
Capt. A.K.Hargreaves. D.S.O.R.B.
Capt. L.R.Hargreaves. M.C.I.Gds.

Pte. F.S.Harris. R.A.S.C.
Pte. J.Hayter. Canada.R.
Pte. H.Hoad. Middx.R.
Pte. A.E.House. Q.West.R.
Pte. G.Jess. Hants.R.
Pte. W.H.Kearl. D.C.L.I.
Sgt. G.E.Kilford. Canada.R.
Capt. G.S.Lindsay. Ind.Army.
Pte. A.Mascard. Q.West.R.
Pte. J.W.Mahon. Wilts.R.
Sgt. R.Morris. Hants.R.
Spr. B.J.Payne. R.E.
Pte. G.H.Pearson. Hants.R.
L.Cpl.P.Peckham. Hants.R.
Pte. A.G.Philps. Hants.R.
Pte. G.Pullinger. R.M.L.I.
Pte. J.H.H.Putt. Essex.R.
A.B. A.W.Read. R.N.
Pte. H.C.Read. Middx.R.
Pte. W.J.Read. Hants.R.
Pte. F.R.Roberts. Canada.R.
Pte. F.Rogers. Hants.R.

Sgt. F.H.Rowden. North'd.Fus.
Pte. F.Sheardown. Hants.R.
Pte. G.Sissa. Hants.R.
Pte. W.G.Smith. Hants.R.
Pte. F.Stockley. Worc.R.
Gr. R.J.P.Strange. R.G.A.
Gr. G.W.Strange. R.G.A.
L.Cpl.G.Sturney. Hants.R.
Pte. F.Sutton. Lond.R.
Pte. T.F.Turton. R.M.L.I.
A.B. C.Veal. R.N.
Gr. F.W.Veal. R.F.A.
Pte. F.W.Veal. R.Fus.
A.B. I.Veal. R.N.
L.Cpl.J.Walls. Hants.R.
Pte. A.Warwick. M.G.C.
L.Cpl.C.S.Whitehorn. Hants.R.
Pte. S.H.Whitehorn. N.Z.R.
L.Cpl.A.Windebank. Dorset.R.
Spr. F.White. R.E.
Air.M.J.A.Witt. R.N.A.S.
Pte. W.G.Last. Canada.R.
Pte. A.Broomfield.R.Sussex.R.

Their name liveth for evermore.

On back of memorial:

To the unconquered: Peace.

Marble plaque on wall in St Michael & All Angels Church.
(NB. There are 14 names on the outside memorial not on this memorial and 2 on this memorial not on the outside memorial)

1914 1918

Let Us Remember The Men Of Lyndhurst
Who Lost Their Lives Through The Great War

G.H.J.Baker. Pte. Devon.R.

F.J.Bartlett. Pte. Worc.R.

H.P.Bloomfield. Pte. Wilts.R.

W.A.C.Bowden Smith. Capt. R.Fus.

C.L.C. Bowes Lyon. Lt. Black.Watch.

A.C.Boyers. Pte. Hants.R.

W.E.M.Buttars. Spr. R.E.

A.Cavill. Pte. Hants.R.

F.C.Chislett. M.M. Cpl. Som.L.I.

H.Collins. Pte. R.W.Surr.R.

G.Cull. Gnr. R.G.A.

W.H.Cutler. Sgt.Mjr. A.O.C.

H.S.Dimond. Pte. Norf.R.

W.H.Dolman. Pte. 10th Hrs.

P.Ellery. Spr. R.E.

F.A.Elsworth. Pte. Hants.R.

R.Fisher. Pte. Hants.R.

F.Godwin. Pte. Can.Ex.F.

R.W.Godwin. Pte. M.G.C.

A.K.Hargreaves. D.S.O. Capt. R.B.

L.R.Hargreaves. M.C. Capt. Ish.Gds.

F.S.Harris. Pte. R.A.S.C.

J.Hayter. Pte. Can.Ex.F.

A.E.House. Pte. Q.West.Rfls.

G.Jess. Pte. Hants.R.

W.H.Kearl. Pte. D.C.L.I.

W.G.Last. Pte. Can.Ex.F.

G.S.Lindsay. Capt. 55th Cokes.Rfls.

A.Mascard. Pte. Q.West.Rfls.

J.W.Mahon. Pte. Wilts.R.

R.Morris. Sgt. Hants.R.

B.J.Payne. Spr. R.E.

G.H.Pearson. Pte. Hants.R.

P.Peckham. L.Cpl. Hants.R.

A.C.Philps. Pte. Hants.R.

G.Pullinger. Pte. R.M.L.I.

J.H.H.Putt. Pte. Essex.R.

A.W.Read. A.B. R.N.

H.C.Read. Pte. Middlesex.R.

W.J.Read. Pte. Hants.R.

F.R.Roberts. Pte. Can.Ex.F.

J.Roberts.M.M. L.Cpl. Can.Ex.F.

F.H.Rowden. Sgt. North'd.Fus.

G.Sissa. Pte. Hants.R.

W.C.Smith. Pte. Hants.R.

F.Stockley. Pte. Worc.R.

R.J.P.Strange. Gnr. R.G.A.

G.W.Strange. Gnr. R.G.A.

G.Sturney. L.Cpl. Hants.R.

F.Sutton. Pte. Lond.R.

C.Veal. A.B. R.N.

F.W.Veal. Gnr. R.F.A.

I.Veal. A.B. R.N.

H.A. Vince. Gnr. R.G.A.

J.Walls. L.Cpl. Hants.R.

A.Windebank. L.Cpl. Dorset.R.

F.White. Spr. R.E.

Private marble plaque on wall in St Michael & All Angels Church.

To the
memory of
Alan Knyveton Hargreaves.
Captain. Rifle Brigade
who fell in the attack on
Fromelles near Aubers Ridge
May 9.1915 Aged 33
and of his brother
Leopold Reginald Hargreaves.
Captain. Irish Guards
who fell in the attack on
Lesboeufs on the Somme
Sept 25.1916 Aged 33
Sons of Reginald and Alice
Hargreaves of Cuffnells,
in this parish.