Stone cross on pavement in High Street outside Church.

Inscription on front of cross at bottom.

To the
glory of God
and in
of the men
of this
who fell
in the
Great War
1914 - 1918

Four panels around plinth at base of cross
Front Panel.

Backhurst F Canadian E.F.

Bailey G G Sergt. Northumb. Fus.

Ball F E 2nd Lieut. R.F.C.

Banks T G Lieut. R.E.

Barter A J H M S. Bulwark.

Barter R H 1st Cl.P.O. H.M.S. Invincible

Barter W J Cpl. Hants Regt.

Broomfield B Devon Regt.

Carpenter C E Hants Regt.

Clarke A Hants Regt.

Clarke A R.E.

Clarke W D A.S.C.

Cleal J W Sergt. Dorset Regt.

Cooper S T C.P.O. H M S. Minotaur.

Croucher H H Dorset Regt.

Darlington E R Hants Regt.

Elliott E C Hants Regt.

Frampton E R.E.

Frampton J Royal Fus.

Ford R Hants Regt.

Fudge H O R.F.A.

Gannaway W Sergt. 6th D.Gds.

Gates C H Hants Regt.

Gates J R.F.A.

Gilmore W E Hants Regt.

Haines H S Devon Regt.

Haines W J Hants Regt.

Harris H J R Glos. Regt.

Right side Panel.

Hart E. L.Cpl. Hants Regt.

Hayter H. Scots Gds.

Head F.A. R.G.A.

Heaste W.J. Sussex Regt.

Hills T.J. Staff Sergt. R.E.

Holloway F.H. Hants Regt.

Hood C.M. L.Cpl. Middx. Regt.

Hurford S.M. Hants Regt.

Jenvey W.C. Devon Regt.

Jones S.G.E. M.C. Coy.S.M. London Regt.

Kindersley D.C.P. D.S.O. Capt. H.L.I.

King H. L.Cpl. Hants Regt.

King R. Hants Regt.

King W.N. Canadian E.F.

Back Panel.

Kingswell B Hants Regt.

Klitz E A London Regt.

Leonard H J K.O.Y.L.I.

Lewington G H Hants Regt.

Lewis G E Royal Fus.

Lock W G Sergt. K.R.R.

Loxton F W L.Cpl. Somerset L.I.

Lydford J S K.R.R.

Mac Gregor T C S 2nd Lieut. R.F.C.

Mansfield F R.F.A.

Mapes T H.M.T. Arcadian.

Marshman W C Hants Regt.

Miller E R.F.A.

Mutter G W Hants Regt.

Osborne C H J Hants Regt.

Overton T O L.Cpl. Sherwd. For.

Parsons R R.A.F.

Payne A G Sergt. S. Wales Brds.

Pearce W Oxfd. & Bucks L.I.

Pelfrey T W L.Cpl. Hants Regt.

Perry O Royal Fus.

Phillips J W Kings Liverpl. Regt.

Rickman E G Somerset L.I.

Rixon R Hants Regt.

Sainsbury C Lieut. Wilts Regt.

Scott A C Cpl. Sherwd. For.

Sherfield A R.F.A.

Shuttler W H Cpl. R.G.A.

Left side Panel.

Smith G.A. R. Warwick. Regt.

St. John S. Hants Regt.

Stokes E. Cpl. Hants Regt.

Tilley W. Glos. Regt.

Toms G. H.M.S. Narborough

Torah H.C. L.Cpl. R.M.L.I.

Tregunna J. Hants Regt.

Urquhart J. R.F.A.

Warder C.E. Wilts Regt.

Wearn A.G. R.F.A.

Wellman F.J. Glos. Regt.

White C.R. Sergt. Hants Regt.

Wild W.E. Australian I.F.

Yeatman W. H.M.S. Glory.

On memorial.

Edward A.G. Stone, J.P. Mayor.

Herbert E. Tigard, Town Clerk

Erected 1921.

Copper plaque on wall in St Thomas the Apostle Church

In grateful appreciation and remembrance of
of, or connected with the Parish of Lymington
who served their King, Country and Empire
by sea, land and air, during the
Great War, 1914 - 1918