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Stone memorial on village green.

In Remembrance of the men of Longstock
who served their country as Sailors & Soldiers
in the War of 1914 - 1919.
Nobely they did their duty.
These rest in peace.

William Judd. R.N. 1914.

Charles Judd. 1914.

Maurice Wynne. Lt. R.F.A. 1915.

Fred Mott. 1915.

William Snook. 1915.

Reginald Snelgrove. 1915.

William Waite. 1916.

Arthur Ellis. 1917.

Percy Coomes. 1918.

Raymond Holloway. 1918.

John Scivier. 1918.

George Grant. 1918.

Alfred Sackley. 1918.

Wooden plaque on wall in St Mary's Church.

For God, For King, For Country.

In memory of the men of this parish
who fell in the war 1914 - 1919.

1914 William Judd, R.N. 1915 Charles Judd,

Lieut. Maurice O.M. Wynne, R.F.A. Fred Mott,

William Snook, Reginald Snelgrove,

1916 William Waite, 1917. Arthur Ellis,

1918 Percy Coombs, Raymond Holloway

John Scivier, George Grant, Alfred Sackley.

"Their name liveth for evermore"

Also served with the forces.

Navy: Ship's Corpl, B.Carr, Ldng.Seaman W.Boswell,

A.B.'s A.Brock, R.Brock, B.Art. F.Cozens, Ldng.Stokr. E.Goater,

Army: Capts. A.Burnfield, R.A.Vet.Cps. R.J.Routh, S.Pers.Rfs.

Lieuts. C.Cozens, E.Holloway, L.Holloway, P.Northcott.

C.S.M. A.Jenkison. Sergts. H.Bugden, J.Morris, L.Morris.

Corpl. C. Mott. L.Cpls. F. Bugden, W. Caswell, J. Ellis,

W.Grey, F.Palmer, A.Ridout. Pts. W.Alder W.Alderman,

P.Bailey, A.Carr, S.Carey, E.Churchill, W.Coombs,

R.Ellis, W.Ellis, T.Fielder, A.Ford, W.Ford,

G.Gambling, V.Galmiche, W.Goater, G.Hart,

C.Hathaway, V.Jenkinson, F.Judd, C.Morris,

M.Major, A.Offer, E.Perry, H.Scivier, W.Scivier,

C.Scivier, A.Saunders, F.Smith, W.Savage,

C.Savage, B.Snook, S.Snook, W.Thomas,

P.Tibble, J.Waite, A.White, F.White, C.Yates,


"Their Glory shall not be blotted out"

Brass plaque on wall in St Mary's Church.

To the Glory of God
And in dear memory of two brothers
Herbert Longcroft Wynne
who died January 8 1914
Aged 28 years.
Maurice Okeover Mostyn Wynne
Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
killed in action in France
August 28 1915
Aged 24 years.

Death has no Sting: The Grave no Victory
Over those who love God and serve their King.

Book on stand under the War Memorial in St Mary's Church.

Shown below from front page onwards

The Men of Longstock
Who served in
The Great War, 1914 - 1918.
Ye who live on 'midst English Pastures green
Remember us, and think what might have been!

P.Tibble R.E. R.J.Routh W.E.Boswell R.N.

G.Judd W.Judd
H.M.S. Bulwark 1915

F.Judd. C.Judd.


R.Ellis. A.Ellis.
Prisoner of War 1914 France 1917


W.Alder. R.E. A.Saunders. R.E.

G.Hart. H.J.Keen.

C. Mott. F.G.Cozens. C.J.Cozens.

F.White. A.White.

H.Bugden. F. Bugden.

V.Galmiche. H.Savage

P.F.Coombs. W.J.Coombs.
France June 1918

A.Carr. B.Carr.

V.Jenkinson. A.Jenkinson.

W.Ford. L.Morris J.Morris.


E.Perry. S.Carey.

France 1916

J.Waite. F.Smith.

C.Scivier. W.Scivier.
Prisoner of War 1914

H.Scivier. J.Scivier.
France 1918

W. Caswell.

W.Goater. E.Goater. R.N.


R.Holloway. L.Holloway. E.Holloway. R.A.F.
France Aug: 1918


C.Yates. W.Grey.

R.Brock. G.Grant.
France 1918